Saturday, June 29, 2013

breakfast alfresco

I could eat

 Cole has food allergies. File that under "It's ALWAYS something"
He wants everything we're eating, but he's allergic to everything we eat except, for the moment, brussel sprouts. That is his favorite thing to eat at the moment because it isn't Science Diet cardboard  kibble.

This morning he said he wanted to have a bit of yogurt and or cream cheese. So far he can eat them, but doesn't always FEEL like eating them. He's a moody poodle.
dining Al Fresco

We all ate Al Fresco this morning,
"Bone" Appetite!
Would you just look at this palm leaf after last night's rainstorm? Beautiful. Now that's going in the queue to be made into a quilt!
spiders think they own the world/Ants think they do

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