Thursday, June 27, 2013

gift quilts, so hard to give away

These two little quilts are gifts to the quilt show organizers that chose me for their Invitational Quilter 2013.
I met so many wonderful people and renewed friendships with others. You know how I feel about connections between people!
no way, nuh uh, turn around!

Cole flatly refused to walk today... "mama, have you lost what's left of your mind?? It's over 90 and 9 AM!"
He stopped at the foot of the driveway so back in the AC he went.
Thank Goodness someone invented AC.

I walked without him, and no doubt the neighbors wondered how I could walk-without-poodle.

 I got a grand idea for a quilt, looking at a special tree along the way. I'm partial to trees anyway and have been making tree art for years, design, not actual tree trunk rubbings or anything like that. Although I did suspend a small mono print from a twig...

I added some studio pics, click on button at top.
Hope you are making something

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