Thursday, May 11, 2017

I LIke #36

Welcome to this week's list of likes!

***I Like  Sunny Skies. I really like sunshine. I grew up in Florida so I work on solar batteries. When we moved to Maryland I had no idea it would rain days on end, and when it wasn't raining it would be overcast, cloudy, and so hot and humid. Ah for a tropical breeze!
Which brings me back to the current sunny cool weather.

I LIKE it!

***I like this tutorial on how to make an accordion bag and hope to make one soon result for shabby fabrics accordion purse

***I Like fresh ripe strawberries that are "in" right now.

 I wash and slice them, place in a bowl with a tiny bit of white sugar and they create a lovely saucy accompaniment to cake.

***I Like this book Dying to Wake Up  by Rajiv Parti, MD

He was living an automatic life of a successful doctor, wealthy, married with kids, focused on his power and money when a life threatening illness made him take notice of his own near death experience. He heard from many patients about their NDE's but he blew them off, as people do who only believe in what they can touch. Think about this, you believe in air but you can't touch it. You believe in radio waves but you can't see them. His story is fascinating. He also underwent subsequent therapy with Dr Brian Weiss which is exactly what I wish I could do.

*** I Like Diane P in Texas. I don't have a photo but she looks like an Angel.
She is a dog trainer who has also raised 13 Poodle Puppies. She has been an enormous help to me with this challenging pup. I know I'm not supposed to compare them but this one is very different from Cole as a puppy. I have the scars to prove it.

I am thankful for the help and guidance of friends like Diane, Eliza and Monika, and my spirit guides,
but, really y'all,  if I EVER mention getting a puppy again, shake me like a dog shakes a toy!

Check out these fine folks who likely have more available brain cells with which to write!
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  1. I hear ya. I grew up in Oregon, overcast, rainy, not much sunshine. Moving to Michigan, while a much different climate. Love the gorgeous blue skies, even after all the snow. Cute purse. I am reading Heaven is for Real. Strawberries are of my favorites. I am sure as a puppy mom you are sleep deprived. You will get there soon, just lots of love and patience.

  2. Hi, LeeAnna! How do I link with you?

  3. We stopped on our way from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach and picked fresh strawberries at a farm. Oh. my. goodness! They were so, so delicious! They will spoil me for the ones you can buy in the store around here. So sorry Milo has been having a challenging time lately. Will send some positive thoughts your way, as I'm sure all of your friends will!

  4. Oh, the biting... not easy. With Oscar, we stared him straight in the eye and said in a severe voice, "are you biting me?" and removed whatever part of our body was in his mouth. Over and over. He recognizes that phrase immediately and suddenly his tail wags and he releases his jaw, licks your hand, and he says in his own way, "nah, I was just playing." He still likes to play-bite, but we can always stop it from becoming aggressive with the question, "are you biting me?" Another friend advises simply leaving the room when the offensive behavior starts. Training is hard work. We screwed up on eating behaviors. While we eat, Oscar is on point, begging quietly but insistently. I sit with a bowl of his dog food and hand feed him. He sees me get it out of his bigger bowl on the floor, but it tastes better when we are eating and I hand him his food chunk by chunk. So spoiled. Good luck with Milo, he is a beauty and it will be worth all the hard work to teach him his manners.

  5. that are a lot of things I like too ;o) ...and no worries you will win the puppy challenge... I often feel lost and at the end of my wisdom, but we can make it... I'm sure :o)

  6. Funny how a list of likes can hit so many chords! I've been reading about NDE lately too; I think it's a little bit fascinating. We just had strawberries and ice cream last night and I keep watching videos of how to train the dogs and some have been very helpful. Good luck with it.

  7. A sunny day can make all difference! I've been buying a lot of strawberries too. Do yours come from California, or somewhere closer to MD? I hope Milo is being good for his mom today!

  8. Gosh we have had hardly any sunny days here in Pa this spring. But the cool weather has meant the flowers are lingering for a longer time. We've learned to have teething toys everywhere for Scout at this point...THOSE TEETH! :) But someday we will miss how tiny and compact they lap dogs :D

  9. LOL! hope your brain cells are expanding. Sweet post. I live in Az but twice I took a job transfer to other states and was shocked they did not have sunshine at least once a week! Even if it rains, we will have sunshine here the next day. The book and the doctor's experiences sound fascinating! Great post as usual. Thanks for including me in the list. Have a happy day. mary in Az

  10. Hi,
    I've found your place while visiting Canadian Needle Nana. Thought I would post and link up with you. Those strawberries look so yummy. Haven't read your book, I'll have to check it out. Good luck with your puppy...just be patient, he'll come around. Have a great day!

  11. That pouch does look awesome! Enjoy your new fur baby!!

  12. That accordion purse is so cute! I hope you have a chance to make one! I haven't made a new bag since last fall, but always love experimenting with 3D fiber art forms which is one of the things I like about bag making to begin with!

  13. I like sunshine too, if we could get some around here these days :(

  14. You would be fun to spend time with! You always have such an upbeat attitude! I like your post!

  15. I will have to add this book to my list. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  16. Blue skies and 300+ days of sunshine per year await you in Colorado. 😍