Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let's discuss art...

Let's talk about art... each of us has their own definition of art, which doesn't bother me a bit.
After all being individuals, we all have our own preferences.
When making art, I want to express myself, when buying art I want to feel something. There is an emotional content to it's enjoyment for me. And I want to enjoy it in the making and the viewing.

What do you think of this composition?? On Saturday I took the ripe nectarines, in that rosy coral golden richness of color, put them in the bowl bought at a craft festival years ago in the Adirondacks. It was sitting on the teatowel and before putting the bowl on the pass thru, I sat the lemon down for a moment.

Suddenly the artist in me was engaged. The lemon turned the tide. We try to have water each morning with some lemon juice squeezed in, and I always enjoy seeing and smelling the fresh lemons. On this day I loved the interplay of color and line, then added in the cup also bought from a craft show, holding a tea bag.
I like the old school Constant Comment tea, using them to make iced tea.

Now the rule of three elements was in play. There was a mix of line, straight lines repeated in the towel and the spoon handle and the horizontal lines on the blue bowl. There were curves repeated in the fruit, the cup, the carvings on the cup, the edge of the bowl, the hearts.

The color scheme is almost analogous, but the blue bowl brings in complimentary color, blue with orange.

My artist's eye was happy. I love this picture for the homeyness, for the balance and sense of moment. It captures a moment in time, and is as good to me as a painting of the still life would be. My husband came in and asked "what's the deal with this stuff on the counter?"

It's still life with an artist I reply.
Please tell me what you think about the whole concept? Does real life sometimes stun you with it's beauty?
This is a cropped image of the above scene and I do not like it nearly as well...


  1. LOVE this post because art is in the everyday. Life could be awful right now and yet, there before you (or me, or anyone) is a beautiful composition if we just see it. I like the uncropped image because it is so ordinary and yet so beautiful.

  2. On my first quick glance I actually mistook this for a still life painting! I too am totally fascinated by the art in our everyday lives! BTW, I am another quilter with a gorgeous standard poodle- my Ollie is brown, and definitely a bit of a clown! (look under QuiltAuthority on IG, if you are interested!)

  3. Love those moments that just enchant us with the beauty around us. It's like a deep breath of pure air that enters our soul. Thanks for sharing one of those moments.

  4. I like your little study. I think its charm comes from the differences in textures between the elements.

  5. I enjoyed your analysis of the art principles at work in the composition of the still life. The cropped image of the still life cuts into the circle in the blue and white bowl so you lose the repetition of the circles.

  6. Love your ice skating comparisons. I like your composition. If you Re not totally happy, try a new angle. That is what the skater would do!!!

  7. This just illustrates how different an artist looks at the world. Most people would see a snack where you are seeing color, design and calming balance. Thank God for artists for it would be a bleak world without them :-)

  8. Mary said it for me. The complete circle of the bowl is essential for the entire composition. It is wonderful to see beauty in the "ordinary" because nothing is ordinary if we really take the time to look.