Saturday, September 24, 2022

my creative week: watching paint dry , sewing, and weaving


For this week's creativity round up I have quilt making, drawing, painting, and weaving to share! 

The finished top of X blocks above is pressed and ready to pin baste then quilt. Still not sure what to quilt. I've been seeing stars this week in studio. The color of the month at RSC is light blue and here is my  twinkle block for the month.

pattern source superscrappy

I use scraps and find some botanicals to use when I can. The center was a scrap I tried out a stamp on. 

uses the tri rec tools
 see the group of colors so far... how shall I fill in sashing for these? I need ideas since I'm not very traditional and this is a traditional quilt setting. Help me to not put the finished blocks in a bag for "later"

I also made in blue scraps, the pattern


"wish upon a star" pattern
all are being done in color of the month, from reproduction feed sack scraps. So far...

It is a lovely block, makes a pretty quilt, but sadly isn't too fun to make. Very fussy with templates that curve so are challenging to cut and sew, set in seams etc. I do love the look and don't know why I'm having so much issue with it lying flat on some blocks. I'm not new having made quilts for about 40 years and watching my granny make quilts before that.

next is a bit of drawing....pen and ink

I tried gesture drawing (on my desk calendar page) in brush ink pen... love them. I got the idea after seeing a stencil for sale online with similar but better done shapes. Stencil Girl store, the designer selling stencils is Valerie Sjodin. I realized it doesn't take much effort to do a simple gesture drawing.

Next up is an index card painting. The idea was to draw around your watercolor paint lines, that are not usually noticed. Where one color bleeds into another. Outlined here in either stabilo crayon, black ink, or pigma ink in blue. I used quinacridone gold (my current favorite color) fushia and coral. 

after that dried, I followed the blended color lines with ink, then added in marks with brush pen, white gel, and gold gel pens. While it's not my usual style, it was interesting, making me look closely at blended color lines. After I finished I looked for recognizable symbols... I see mountains and distance, petroglyphs found on mountains, an old gold mining map.... gosh. The colors blended into a southwest feel from really saturated ones when wet.

it's small, didn't take long but kept my interest to the end. Looks different horizontally

So I finished all-but-sewing-binding-down two more wall quilts this week which I'll share next week for Table scraps reveal. I broke down and used a rich beautiful rust color for the fall piece, and blue scrap strips for the other tropical UFO, a sample from teaching a kids class years ago. 

While cleaning off the cutting table and studio space, I came across a baggie of these string scraps

I questioned my own reasoning in keeping them, and decided they were pretty. But I felt like using them that day and thought....what if I wove them. So I did, and put fusible scraps on the back

and hung the group on the design wall... O. M. Dog. I LOVE them! I instantly saw a tree...

and that's how the next project came to be born! 

I'll do that again I think, it's such a surprise to see what shows up since I wove it upside down so I could put fusible on it. I love the impressionist feeling. I like that one longer strip of green was used over and over instead of different fabrics each time. I see the value in repetition, an art principle. The challenge will be to make myself leave the straggling edges instead of tidying it up. Can't wait to quilt it!

last up, a card made for a friend...

and my mark that goes on the back of all cards

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Kathy said...

Sashing for your rainbow color blocks could easily be piano key striped or random strips of the colors in the blocks. You know if you put it away it will never get done, so making sashing as you go along will keep it moving toward a final end goal! It's such a pretty pattern, you need to finish it and display it!

Sara said...

Of course I love your star blocks! And it reminded me that I have a whole box full of twinkle star blocks. So I plan to pull them out and count them this weekend. Maybe I have enough for a quilt now. I forgot about making one in light blue this month so that might happen too. I enjoy seeing what you've experimented with each week - and that little woven piece is so cute and will find its way into some future project when you need just the perfect little touch of color.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE that woven tree, LeeAnna!! Your stamped flower is just perfect for your Light BLUE block for the RSC. Those expressive drawings are fabulous!! I just might have to give that a try.

MissPat said...

The weaving was inspired (aren't you always) and I love the lavender-like flowers on the card.

grammajudyb said...

I really like the twinkle star blocks and can't wait to see it as a top/flimsy. Your X quilt is going to be spectacular.
Your drawings and index card painting make me want to "just jump in and try". I really like the colors in your index card work.

The woven tree is really awesome. I never would have thought of that for that pile of slivers of fabric.
So much to see, so much to like. What a great week you had.

My name is Erika. said...

I love your bold colored quilt design on the white background. It's traditional and yet modern too. Looks like you had a wonderful arty week. I'm ready for a good arty week coming up. It's time to get back to some projects and try some new things. hugs-Erika

Susie H said...

I love your RSC blocks but I will admit that when I saw the 2nd set I knew it looked too difficult for me. Yours look great! Have a fun week! The weaving experiment turned out great!

Frédérique said...

Beautiful RSC blocks! I love the weaving of string scraps, such a great idea, and result!
Thank you for sharing your inspirational work, and linking up!

Kim said...

I especially like the random weaving of scraps. What a fun and serendipitous discovery!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

You have such a creative mind. It is always interesting to see what you make and how you put it together. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

AnnieO said...

Very pretty star blocks. A variety of skinny sashing strips might be fun, or a skinny striped sashing.
Love your scrappy weaving.

piecefulwendy said...

So many fun projects! I love the quilt blocks! And the weaving - so cool!

Ann said...

As usual, many fun projects and quilts. I'm always amazed how you keep up with all those colors each month. The gesture drawing looks so interesting and your weaving sparks another idea. Way to go, LeeAnna.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

I was questioning those teeny scraps until I saw your woven tree! So clever. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

Sandy Panagos said...

All your work is such an inspiration. That postcard is amazing. Love the little woven "tree". Can't wait to see how you work that into a project!

Susan said...

Great looking blocks - you're so creative!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You had me at *Watching Paint Dry* haha!!!
Your BlueBlocks are lovely - and they look great with all their friends!!!

Justinjesus134 said...

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