Thursday, September 1, 2022

I Like Thursday #313


what is this pretty flower called?

welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with the ever changing wildflowers in patio pots, new things showing up each week

LOVE the coloring on this, each petal breaks into three points and they fan out. 

Like history? I do I do!

I love these three anthropologists who go back and experience real life as it was in ancient times

this show shows how floors were built, soap (lye) was made and how laundry was done, how paper and books were made, fencing, crops protected and harvested, and lots more. Entertaining!

this short video and it's star, black lab clarence NEVER fails to make me laugh (dh too)

"finger food" or garden news.... three Barbie sized bell peppers are growing, 3 months after planting seeds.


fine dining

when I have some ingredients that are approaching their expiration date, I go looking for a recipe that might use them together. This week it was OJ and sweet potatoes. 

I followed this recipe (only replacing allspice with pumpkin pie spice as it's same taste mix)  

usually I bake sweet potatoes but they take a long time to caramelize in a very hot oven which heats up our house (master BR is right above the kitchen, who thought that was a good idea?) so we tried soup. 

plus soup usually makes enough servings to have as a starter to lunches. 

 I used the rest of our OJ to make an orange sauce for chicken,( not Chinese style orange chicken) from this recipe  and saved it in a jam jar. It is finger licking good!

I baked a loaf of whole wheat again, the best

and tried a recipe for pepperoni bread from Joy... yum... but our turkey pepperoni were not oily enough so next time I'll add in some mushrooms, or artichokes, maybe olive tapenade before baking
see the size from my fingertip on the left

 Our prompt this week of something we like, is....
what school supplies do you still love and use as an adult? And what did you look forward to getting as a child?

for instance, I always got a new lunch box and picking one was a big deal. I still buy cute lunchboxes made of metal and use them to hold studio supplies.

H&I | The 11 best vintage lunch boxes based on classic westerns

Cute little Betty boop lunch box! ☺️ It has some... - Depop
holds beading threads

 Plus I got a new pair of school shoes each year since little feet grow over the summer. Then there was the important task of choosing a notebook to organize my lessons in... it was a big decision on my part.

Then and now I love colored pens and still do. I stop at the display of pens and leave with something! : 6 Pieces Colored Ink Disposable Fountain Pens Colorful Set  Assorted Color Writing Fountain Pens Extra Fine Point Nib for Calligraphy  Sketching Doodling, Holiday Christmas Gifts Office School Supplies : Office  Products

(link:disposable colored fountain pens  )always enjoyed writing with fountain pens

I collect college ruled paper notebooks, large or small, and prefer to write with rollerball pens as the ink flows so nicely. I like blue or black but own many sets of colored pens.

tell us about a favorite memory of going back to school, show us the
supplies you still purchase in the stationery section of Sams or Walmart
or Staples when you are there. Do you love the pretty selection of
colored folders? Special zip bags? what do you find it hard to pass up
when you see it?

I love all the pretty folders that now replace manila folders... and bought these bags to use in studio for projects

zipper pouch amazon

you get the idea... what stationery supply do you like and why? Let your mind travel back to how it felt to start a fresh new year at school.

I got my notebook set up. Covered school books with folded grocery bags and decorated them with marker. In Elementary school we bought lunch tickets for the week and stored them in our desks in flip top metal band aid containers. I always started the year with a new box of crayola crayons too.

When I started to Junior High it was a big change having to manage traveling to classrooms and deal with a locker, but fun to decorate it... the start of decorating everything in my life!

I'd love to hear your stories... what supplies do you still purchase and what sends your heart fluttering when you see it at officemax?

Milo's Moment

Gosh y'all... I was home schooled and couldn't hold a pen if I bit it, and paper is there to be torn up! 

I learned to catch a ball in mid air this week and want to practice it all the time now! Go me!

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rosie and the boys nature pics  


piecefulwendy said...

Oh, buying shoes for school! I went barefoot all summer, which might explain why I still have a wide foot? Haha. Pretty much any school supplies were fun, but brand new crayons was a thing. Yay Milo, for being able to catch that ball in mid-air!

Shannon said...

Poor Milo never gets the pleasure of school supply shopping!! I remember having a metal Holly Hobby lunchbox with thermos- it was my favorite!!!

Sara said...

Yup - I love history, which is why my undergrad degree was in history. The History Channel on TV is one of my faves. School/office supplies always seem to make me happy. I still go a little crazy when I see fun new pens or interesting paper clips. Or things to organize my supplies. I was a real enabler when taking my own kids shopping for school supplies because I just couldn't stick to the teachers' lists. I often tuck fun school supply types of items into the grandkids' Christmas stockings. The girls appreciate them more than the boys of course.

Cloudia said...

You really captured the spirit of back to school that I remember too! Isn't that flower at the top? California poppy? Aloha Milo!

Kathe W. said...

oh yum- that soup sounds delish!

Sandee said...

I love the lunchbox. I so remember those. All kinds of designs.

Aw on Milo. It's always good to see him.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

A new lunch box was always so fun, and I'm sure I used the thermos that came with it, too! Your bread looks yummy. I like colorful gel pens, too - they feel good when you're writing with them!

Sally Langston Warren said...

I still love school supplies too! Hard to resist graph paper, gel pens, college ruled notebooks. Many things you named! I usually got a new notebook (3 ring binder), paper, pencils, crayons, a few new pieces of clothing, new shoes. I never took my lunch, always bought it, so I never had a real lunch box. I suspect my mother was already overwhelmed with fixing meals for four children, so she somehow came up with lunch money for us each week. I specifically remember a pretty 3 ring binder I had. It was covered in a pretty calico fabric, a golden background with fall colored flowers. This was probably about 1969ish. I remember we could buy supplies from the teacher each morning, just little things like an eraser to go on top of your pencil, paper, etc.. it was a treat to be able to order something. I can remember what her order form looked like! She would fill it out, collect the money and send it to the office. They would send it back with the supplies which would be handed out.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love that you try different recipes all the time. I always stick to my old favorites but I should branch out. Wasn't it so fun to think back to when we were in school?? Thank you for the fun prompt! So nice to see Milo!!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Those flowers are beautiful! When I was in Junior High I was in a rock band and I met a young lady who came to one of our dances. We fell in love, dated through High School, got married and went to college. We both worked and paid our way though. Fifty years married and still going strong. Milo, it sounds like ball practice is going well pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Such beautiful flowers....and Milo, you look very comfy on the porch!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great to see Milo. he's looking well. The flowers look lovely especially the big red and yellow daisy. Have a great weekend hugs, Angela xXx

PaintedThread said...

What cute little peppers. My pepper plant suddenly wilted with a full pot of water. Not sure what happened and my poor peppers are never going to grow bigger than ping pongs. Fresh bread is always the best! I used to love my lunch boxes, although off-hand, I only vaguely remember one was Snoopy themed and cannot remember the rest. I love the feel of a good pen. And I remember picking my best stickers to decorate my notebooks. Ha!

Linda said...

I remember the Davy Crockett series and I may have had that lunchbox. Milo looks great. Have a good weekend.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Lovely post. I do have a special love for office supplies. We won tons of it in an auction and have enough staples, pencils, pens, etc to last out our lifetimes but yet, I still look through those sections in the store. Love stickers too.
Meanwhile, Great recipes you always try and lovely to hear Milo is mastering aspects of ball playing.

Angie said...

LeeAnna - I admire your creative cooking method - start with ingredients and find a recipe to match! That whole wheat bread looks so good - I can almost taste it with butter melting into it...

As a child going back to school, I don't recall getting much new as I was number 6 of 7 kids - many hand-me-downs. One of my favorite skirts was a blue and green plaid that my Mom made from a leftover Catholic school uniform that one of my older sisters wore.

As an adult, I love journals, pens that glide easily, lined loose-leaf paper and post-it notes - the brighter the color, the better!

riitta k said...

You show some lovely school items here. I never had lunch box, as lunch was served at school. I don’t have many memories from that time, but I put eagerly covers to school books, mostly transparent self adhesive plastic. Those coloured fountain pens do tempt me!

Andree said...

I still remember the smell of lunches in those lunch boxes. It was the best. As a teacher, I'm afraid I have the office buy the same old, same old every single year. Pencils and erasers (I teach math). No matter how many we get, we always run out!

The Joyful Quilter said...

That loaf of bread is beautiful, LeeAnna, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the pepperoni bread! Yours looks a lot different from when I used to make it, as I never added the toppings (except for a wash of olive oil.) As for my favorite school supply... I am currently going through glue sticks like water and pretty planners are what stops me in my tracks at Office Depot or Target! Those pretty planners never measure up to my old standby, the Mead Weekly/Monthly Planner in the medium or large size, though.