Saturday, August 21, 2021

Sewing Saturday


this week in sewing... lots of sewing going on this week amid finishing the creativity course, and the writing/meditation course. 


Let's start with the rainbow scrap challenge color of the month, teal/turquoise/aqua. I made two more large hexi/kaleidoscope blocks.

I have finally this many months in corrected the original instructions I saw on a tv show. 

When you are dealing with angles that must come back together just right, even a 1/16th of an inch can make a difference. 

The teacher said to take two 5" squares, face to face, mark one and 3/16" in from top right, 1 3/16" in from bottom left and cut a diagonal line... well my blocks did not lay flat when sewn. 

When I changed to 1 1/8" they did

I chose not to do circles but hexagon centers

working in this broad color way was interesting too. I have a box of this kind of color but at it's heart it is in the blue family. Or the green family... or not either. 

This week I started adding borders to my Ricky Tims kaleidoscope center, but will show that top when they are done. 

There were times this week when I wanted to just sew. Not a masterpiece, just sew seeing color next to color, seeing lines emerge, seeing something finished. I went into the studio and tried to figure out how to finish all the scrap projects from that quilt. I couldn't decide, nothing looked right, then one day I went in and it was easy. I chose borders, finished some, and others just went together perfectly.

In my meditation/writing lessons this week we talked about the value of waiting... just letting things be until time to deal with them. 

This is not procrastination or dithering but waiting for the moment of readiness. 

Some of the tiny scrap things from making that have been on the wall, and this one turned into a coaster

as you can see it's small but it still has parts I liked. The angles repeating on the diagonal, the color splash of that orange, the tree fabric on the corners, that wonderfully vibrant star fabric repeating in the center carried out to the border. 

This is just a coaster but those principles would hold when making a bed quilt

I finished all the blocks for my bats and boos, I made a table scraps project to share next week at Joy's link party, and spent an amount of time designing that miniature.

At the moment I am banking back and forth between the fall projects and the RSC turquoise work. 

It's all good

and remember:

vaccines keep you alive (if anything will) but masks stop the spread of disease. We need both.

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  1. Good food for thought today!! I also feel like some projects just need to "marinate" for awhile, and then the perfect finishing ideas usually come to me. So you're right - a big difference from just procrastinating. And as I dug through my aqua scraps this week I did find some of the "greener" ones didn't look good with some of the "bluer" ones. I love the little hexie centers in your hexagon blocks. So cute!!

  2. Completely agree with the vaccine/mask sentiment. Love the hexagon centers on your kaleidoscope blocks. So fun. Your coaster is amazing - so much though put into it to make it a perfect piece of art. Love seeing all the creations you make.

  3. Fun blocks and a sweet painting, LeeAnna!! I'll be looking forward to seeing your TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry next week.

  4. Isn't it a delight when you finally figure out how to make a problem block work right. And the hexie centers are perfect. I'm lacking motivation and inspiration in coming up with an aqua table scraps project. I hate to skip this month since I missed last month already. I have that purple starry fabric. I really like the way you created the spiral effect in such a little block.

  5. Your hexies are so fun to see! And the little scrappy coaster you made, too. I completely understand the need to just sew and finish something!

  6. LA - waiting is so hard for me ... I seem to be hearing this message from so many places these days - I guess I need to hear it!

  7. Great readjust on the kaleidoscope blocks. They look great! I too, have that purple starry swirly fabric using in your coaster masterpiece! Good week all around for you!

  8. Waiting for the moment of readiness... oh yes, I love that, so true. Your kaleidoscope blocks are beautiful, and the center is cute! Thank you for sharing :))

  9. I love all the subtle shades of turquoise/teal. It is such a pretty color. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  10. So glad you were able to work out the problem with your kaleidoscope blocks, amazing how much difference it makes to the 'getting it flat' process. They are looking great up on your design wall.

  11. I love that idea of "waiting for the time of readiness." And I adore the sweet monkey centered in your tiny hexagon in the middle of your kaleidoscope block. Always so much wonderful inspiration here -- you ought to be the one TEACHING the creativity classes! :-)

  12. I always say to trust your gut. I think when things are right you just know. And yes, sometimes you have to wait! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  13. Great blocks - and so glad you figured out the right measurements!

  14. Your coaster block is beautiful. I see arms reaching out embracing the earth and the cosmos and pulling it to center. Thank you for sharing in my linky party ... :) Pat