Thursday, August 12, 2021

I Like Thursday # 257


It's apparently too hot for tomatoes to flower here, but my wildflowers are doing well and I am enjoying them a a pot... on the pot-io

4 bat blocks done and pumpkins are being made!

I'm doing a mystery quilt called Bats and Boos provided by FatQuarterShop... lots of fun because I'm using my stash of cool fabrics and the pattern tells you exactly what to do. Of course my fabrics might not work in the finished design but then I'll just do my own thing with the cute blocks!


I'm taking an online creativity workshop this week... from Elizabeth Foley ( are guest presenters and all are giving us ways to overcome roadblocks to creativity. 

this week's coloring page on the calendar:

I like how the bottom roof came out. Layers of color. Start with ocher gold, add in yellow, red, gray shadows, and it looks like I'd like it to. Watercolor pens and pencils with water added to blend.

enjoying on tv:

well, the 70's are baaaack with Fantasy Island... (dvr'd it for later) I like Miracle Workers, NYC housewives, Potomac Housewives, Love Island, Big Brother, movies on Netflix, the bachelorette showed her worst side this week in the finale... I should stop watching but it's a train wreck.


These Tangled Vines - MacLean, Julianne 

a very good story about a woman who discovers her birth father left her a vineyard... 

Listening to the 5th in series of kilts and quilts books, good to listen to in studio

The Trouble With Scotland - Griffin, Patience

I like this video a quote from this short video says their pack taught them it's okay to be friends with someone who is different from you... they taught me more about love

fine dining... this recipe for french toast... I never liked the french toast I had as a child but this is a yummy miracle of breakfast food! 

crispy on the outside, we all three decided to finish it off in one go! I did make a half recipe, which made 5 slices. Milo wanted to know why he got only one... sorry, greed and gluttony darling!

wine we enjoyed this week was Stella Rosa Watermelon... a bit sweet with a taste of melon


I've been watching videos on how to look more vibrant as we age... this one was very very good for knowing just how to part your hair, how to balance an uneven face because lets face it, not many of us are perfectly symetrical!

Milo's Moments


"cat"??? Where!???
 I like my mama but something weird is going on here. Mama sits and stares at a little talking thing sometimes(zoom on ipad). It talks, then she talks, and sometimes the voices say "Hi Milo!" 

I mean what am I supposed to do, bark back to make Mama feel like she's not crazy for talking to it? 

This week she was talking to one, and I hear " meow!" and the word "cat", which means "small furry thing that runs away"

(Mama: Suze in Florida showed me her rescue cats and her home)

I ran to the door but didn't see any cats! I mean, Mama can't see as good as I do, like she can't see critters in our yard at night like I do.  I kept hearing "meow" and "cat" but no cats were in the yard and Mama just kept staring at the computer like she didn't care there was a cat in the yard! 

I just don't know, maybe she's gone crazy being alone too much. There is only so much a poodle can do to keep her occupied! talking to machines...

pray for her y'all.  

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Kim at

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Great seeing your version fo Bats and Boos :) Have fun creating your own style !
    hugs, take care,

  2. I have been saving the patterns for Bats and Boos. I love French toast if it is made with cinnamon raisin bread, or apple bread, great now my mouth is watering. LOL Milo is worried about you and talking to no one, that is too funny, because Bobbin gets that way too sometimes. Love your coloring it is gorgeous.

  3. Bats & Boos - thats a perfect name for that quilt - I'm going to love it!!!

  4. You do find the best videos! I have never seen a cat behave like that. Most cats hate the car, being in water and walking on a leash. A great story!

  5. Those bat blocks are neat! Sounds like a fun QAL. Yummy on the French toast, too! You do have to wonder what animals think about us talking to screens.

  6. The Bats and Boos are darn cool and that pack video is wonderful. Milo, we all send you some meows pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. I had to laugh at the Milo Moment - because I'm sure zoom really does confuse animals. Our cat used to hear Dave's voice on the phone when he was on the road. He would come and sniff that phone and push on it with his head. Weren't those bat blocks fun? I wasn't going to do these but dove in when I saw hoe cute they were. I have pumpkins partially cut out today, but have to work this afternoon. Work hours are increasing again and it's cutting into my sewing time. Hee Hee!!

  8. I love to art journal, but it's been a while since I have indulged. And those books look so intriguing!

  9. I’m intrigued enough to go look at Bats and Boos! My stitching group was just talking about Halloween Quilts! I don’t have one! I need one!
    Poor Milo! He thinks you might be a little crazy! Our daughter’s cat has to be right in the middle of the Zoom calls! Like a toddler!

  10. Very Cool Colors and Milo Leave those cats be!

  11. Love those bats. I enjoyed the cat video. Hey Milo! Meow! LOL

  12. Poor Milo, phantom cats, a mama with questionable sanity and too little french toast. How is a poodle expected to put up with all that?

  13. LA - love the bat squares - so clever. I think we had a bat in our house this week - I took one of the screens out of a window and whatever it was, flew out! It was 5.30 in the morning, so it was too dark for me to see properly. Your coloring page is gorgeous. Tell Milo that there has never been a question that humans are crazy!

  14. Your bat squares are perfect! What fun stitching and your colouring is fun too. Love French toast, thanks for the video. With three dogs here just now, one or the other is alerting to something all the time. Keeps me on my toes!

  15. Those bat blocks are so cute! You've had some fun discoveries this week. I didn't get a post written, I've lost my blog mojo I think.

  16. Your wildflowers are gorgeous! The bat squares are really fun! Oh my gosh, Milo's adventure this week made me laugh and laugh!!! :D Thanks Lee Anna, I needed that chuckle!

  17. Your wildflowers are so pretty. The potted tomatoes are setting loads of blooms here and hope they all turn into yummy little tomatoes. The cherry tomato plant has half a jillion orangey tomatoes on it, hopefully they'll start turning red soon. They make me drool whenever I water them. Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Your wild flowers are so pretty and I love Miles contribution today.
    Annie x

  19. Love wildflowers! The quilt sounds like it's a lot of fun to work on and the creativity workshop sounds so inspiring too.

  20. What a delightful video of the cat and the husky. I loved it!
    Of course I enjoyed Milo's story. He's probably still looking for the cat...
    French toast. My hubby loves it, but because it is so unhealthy, I refuse to make it. (Poor man!)
    Your Bats and Boos are looking good. It's such a fun name for the project.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  21. Good questions to think about concerning creativity. I've never thought about it. Checked into FQS Boos & Bats, both quilting and Xstitch. Someone at guild just talked about the cross-stitch too! Loved the "face" video. Guess I need to grab my mirror. I'm not getting any younger and should be at least trying to look better! Haha!