Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Like Thursday #220

I like cows and poodles (and pink)

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Lets get the party started
I had some mighty fun conversations with friends this week, from zooming with my art quilt group , and Joy, to talking with Lane from Tampa, Cindy in SC, Bonnie in Maryland, Rose and Mary in Colorado, and Suze in Florida. Also I heard that one of our I Like friends is recovering. Thanks y'all I needed that!  

This free pattern from  createwhimsy makes a little dish, to be a pin cushion or coaster

fine dining

I'm tired of my own cooking. This may look like a hot mess but it's a chicken parmesan sandwich for lunch one day.... leftover chicken strips, pasta sauce, melted cheese, on a bun with blue cheese dressing instead of butter. 
cabinet doors can hold your recipes
 I tried a new cookie recipe for chocolate banana oatmeal cookies... OMG so good! Because cookies get hard here in high atmosphere, I added in about a quarter cup of milk. 
recipe LINK
 Of course they got hard by the next day so I put a damp paper towel in the tupperwear container and they are back to chewy. We feel it's justified to have them for breakfast as they are just basically cereal with bananas and oatmeal, right?


so many shows returning... This is Us, The good doctor, Amazing Race, Dancing with the stars, Great British Baking show drops an episode once a week, last series of Escape to the Chateau, Real housewives of Salt Lake City... heh heh guilty pleasure... I lived in SLC for several months with my sister while I got a Canadian work visa. Pretty town. 


back to this book, finally available for me to finish.... 


but one I waited months for came in just before it, so a "sophie's choice" had to be made... finishing the meet your baker, then reading what I can of this one and back on the holds queue... oy vey


LOVE this series about a librarian in VA. Love the characters and style

listening to this terrific book in studio


So engrossing... mixing the ideas of science (I love science and facts) and theology into a mystery 


 I fell in love with these videos and there are many of them... the man makes the most intriguing baskets with bamboo and then shows us how to cook a meal... all with lovely music. It's kind of mesmerizing and peaceful

 cute quick Christmas decorations to make

1700 people are DYING, a day in America from covid. It is real. Put on a mask, do not mingle with other people (just this week I heard from a friend she is positive for covid with no symptoms at the moment) and wait for a vaccine. When it's developed get one, because it's okay to help other people. That's not been promoted for the last 4 years but it is true. 

It's okay to do something for others, and while you're at it, thank God if you're healthy at the moment. 

Let it be...

 Milo's Moments

so windy I almost lost an ear!

I am doing my best to keep Mama on an even keel... she seems on edge but I do funny things to make her laugh... like when I come in from a walk I immediately look for her. When I have to look upstairs, and find her I leap in the air and land in front of her laughing. 

She always says good boy! and pets me and hugs me which I like a lot. 

At night I bring toys specially picked for her out of my toy box.... just to tease her and help her get exercise by chasing me around the table.... 

Last night I surprised her by getting into my jim-jams and falling asleep on her side of the big bed!!! 

Mama: yes... that was a surprise! I had a hard time getting you to move over so I could squeeze in!

Milo: yup I'm sure a good little sleeper... once I am out, I don't like to wake up til it's time to get Daddy out of bed. I do that by pushing on him harder and harder til he has to get up or fall on the floor!

Daddy: yesssss, thanks for that Milo

Milo: It's work taking care of you two but I love you! It's not really hard work when you love someone

my friend Bonnie from MD sent this to Milo this week


Milo: I hear you sister Hound.... I get it... RIP! 

Now please visit these people keeping lists of their own this week

A new person this week, KnitbyGod'shand  has a wonderful list to share at: 

I liked her recent post full of books and shows to watch here:



  1. we love the coow-dle it has something what got me immediately ;O)

  2. Your pink cow/poodle is hilarious!! This is Us episodes were SO GOOD, but now we have to wait a couple of months for more!! That is cruel. I've totally enjoyed the Bakeshop mystery series. And that Dan Brown Origin book is actually on my nightstand. I started it and got about 1/3 of the way through before getting sidetracked with something else.

  3. That chicken sandwich sure looks yummy to us. We'll have to check out Origin, sounds interesting. Looking good Milo, no destuffing today though. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Hi LeeAnna,
    Cookies ! and I just finished my cup of coffee .
    The Queen's Gambit on Netflix, maybe something for you both ? We tried not to bing watch as there are only 7 episodes.

  5. I added the book about the librarian to my wish list on Amazon. Hadn't heard of that one but it sounds like I ought to read it since its place is my back door!

  6. Your cookies sound yummy! I find cookies will soften up if you zap them just a few seconds on a low power in the microwave. I love Dan Brown - haven't read anything by him in a long time, so will have to look for that one. Glad Milo makes you laugh. Good boy!

  7. Love to hear you are zooming with arty friends and baking great tasting cookies that can double as breakfast. I wish Tony liked parmesan as much as I do. Thanks for the video links too. Loved how Milo is taking care of you two in bed and out!

  8. Oh love the cowoodle? Glad you got to zoom with friends. Your cookies look yummy. Glad Milo is keeping you two in line. So do you remember when we were younger and people would dye their poodles pink, blue, lavender?

    1. I remember white haired ladies doing that! a "lavender rinse"

  9. Ha! I am so tired of eating things I have cooked myself too. Take out is rarely appealing to me. Your pink poodle reminded me of my sister's room when we were growing up. Poodles were all the rage. She had poodle-themed things galore - even poodle skirts and poodles emblazoned on her tops. Milo would have loved it! :)

  10. I like that little pattern you shared the link too! And I always enjoy the same type books you do. Thanks so much for your concern for me and your sweet comment. I treasure our friendship! Now I'm off of the computer for a bit and will check on the new blogger next time I get back on! Hugs!

  11. I'll have to check out your book and tv recommendations, thx! I've been watching Upstart Crow.

    I'm still having people tell me this is no worse that the flu. When I ask if that's so why do we have 2 new extra hospital expansion sites just in case the hospitals run out of room. I'm told they're over-reacting :(

    Milo sounds like he's got this encouragement thing down :) Good boy!

  12. Great quick craft ideas! Too bad I'm not looking for party favors this party, hopefully next year.

  13. I will check out that basket maker guy on youtube. I always love watching videos like that and there is so much good stuff on youtube! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  14. I once got a pink poodle skirt for Christmas. Milo is so black that I can't tell if the pictures are of him or his shadow!

  15. Those cookies!!!! mmmm....
    I always love watching Great British Baking show during the holidays but I hate they drop a new episode each week. I'm waiting for more (all?) of them to come out before I dig in. :)

  16. Oh, that cowoodle. If I had seen that I would have had to buy it for you. I haven't made any cookies since last Christmas. At least it will soon to time to make some more. I'll add both those books to my Goodreads list. I've read the other Gilberts, but not any of Alexander. I need some new series as some of those I've followed have gotten boring.

  17. Love the cowoodle! I've been cooking a little more lately, just trying to make a few new things. Some recipes work but some don't! I'll have to check out your book recommendations. They look good!

  18. Sandwich and cookies look yummy. The Christmas decoration video is cool. It's been windy here, too - threatened to be blown away while walking this week.

  19. Another wonderful list LeeAnna. It made me smile even though my Province has increasing numbers and we are back in lockdown mode. Be safe my friend!

  20. Love your pink cowoodle! That chicken parm sandwich is calling to me☺

  21. I like Milo's report! And sounds like a good week. I've been watching a lot of shows and reading a lot too. Plus art, of course. Smile.

  22. You made me hungry. Now I must find something to eat. I want to read the mystery and the book by Dan Brown. I have two others he has written. Loved Milo's report and enjoyed the image sent to him, too. Have a super weekend, dear LeeAnna.

  23. I will have to go back and read Milo's report. I see him and that's it he's so distracting, such a pretty boy. Loving the video too, very clever. I'm right with you as regards the caring for others. So many times when we walk the dogs in the park we move over to give other people space or walk in single file and they look at us as though we are strange, only occasionally do other people do the same or thank us, it's very sad. My parents both had covid with no symptoms and by the time we knew my father died three days later, that was in April. My mother survived it but is still suffering with some after effects, she has little sense of smell and gets very depressed at times but she is managing with help from us and carers visiting four times a day, just wish some people could see her and they might be more understanding and look after themselves and others better. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs to you both, Angela xXx

  24. I like what you said about thanking the Lord for good health. We need to be grateful for that always, but especially now.

  25. Waving at you and Milo! Been a crazy week caring for Brad but am trying to catch up with everyone now. I think we all suffer from cooking fatigue :( Your cookies look yummy!!! Have a great week and stay safe!

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