Friday, November 6, 2020

A small quilt for the mantel


12" X 14"

Today's offering is painting with fabric collage. 
One day I looked at the HOME quilt that was originally to go over the mantel, only I have plans for Christmas so I placed it to the right. I thought, I need a fall quilt on the easel!
so now I have one for November. I thought, something fun, listing things we like... 

gather fabrics with fun motifs

Like HOME I wrote out Thankful with a calligraphy pen, enlarged it to the size I wanted, 

transferred the word to fabric... using saral paper over face up fabric, then put the word over that and pin in place so you can trace over the word. Time for the sharp scissors to cu

Time for the sharp scissors to cut out the word...
then cut out motifs to use, gather word fabrics and background fabrics and start the collage design process. Trying different placements, ratios and lines...I cut the peltex stabilizer to size, and start laying possibilities onto that...
not right...
getting better!

the winner!

secure it and quilt away! I love the vine for harvest time! 

The things that we like... pretty teapots holding cinnamon tea, poodles, flamingos, words, a home, bounty of food, cows, painting, and the flamingo is playing the guitar!
my husband plays a blue guitar!
I like the words gratitude, thankfulness, and the smaller words include time to dance! time to Laugh!
The finishing touches were iron on crystals to draw your eyes to the pretty motifs
shiny metal hearts in surprise places
I added in a tiny scrap strim that says pure love

leftovers for the next quilts

I made this in one afternoon. Quilted it in a couple hours, and it was on the mantel! It looks pretty next to home, in the same colorways. It reflects us, and reminds us of things we enjoy. 

Quilt making is so much fun... such an expressive art form. I recommend it as an exercise for a day, and do not let yourself worry about it, just put it together. 

I usually discuss painting on Fridays but I have been too stressed to paint. I did add color to a printable calendar free on the shabbyart newsletter. 
black and white becomes colorful!

at least I painted a little, right?

this one got daubs of paint... I doodled over the paint while listening to music on youtube this week. 

Fun, no pressure, useful for the coming year.

I find art to transport me from anxiety of the election, but when the anxiety won I didn't pressure myself to produce. I did finish the two small leaf quilts this week, and will share them tomorrow on Sewing Saturday.

friday smiles at a stitch in time


  1. super!!! it is great and it speaks to us ;O)

  2. The little quilt is WONDERFUL!

  3. This is wonderful. I love how you mixed your artistic sense and those different techniques. A good thing for the season.

  4. Very nice, LeeAnna. Thanks for showing all the wonderful details added with care. I know how hard it is to make these improv pieces. I'm quite taken with that red house.

  5. That little quilt is so pretty, and thank you for explaining how you did that. It is so timely for this time of year of course and as a bonus it helped you relax from the stress. Although cutting those letters would probably add to my stress.
    (At the time of writing this you still don't have a definitive election result.)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  6. I truly enjoyed that quilt. I loved the flamingo, but missed the pink poodle in the final quilt. It DID turn out fabulously, though. Simply adorable and lots to be thankful for.

    Let's hope the election results are a bit better this morning and we might actually have a REAL winner by this time tomorrow. Have a super rest of Friday LeeAnna and a great weekend, too.

  7. That little quilt is just as cute as can be. Love it!

  8. Oh what a pretty little quilt, you have made it look easy to do,Stay Safe, Hazel (Didos) x

  9. What a charming quilt. So much to see and to find cute things. Love it ♥️
    Have a wonderful weekend 🧡😘

  10. I love little things made smaller. So cute to put on a mantel

  11. That is fabulous!! Everywhere my eye looked there was another surprise.

  12. Love the thankfulness. The quilt is beautiful! Happy PPF, stay safe! Valerie

  13. remember what Twyla Thorpe said
    " Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”
    .....or painting, reading, making a quilt......

  14. Thankful it's a very precious word and looks fabulous all finished in those Autumnal colours. I hope you find peace to soon paint again, times are very trying but art is always a good friend to have by our side. Take care & Happy PPF Tracey x

  15. Lovely quilt and great collection of fabrics too. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  16. Thanks for the visit to mine LeeAnna. Like you I have been very reluctant to socialise with others which is why this is the first time since January that I've been to the Craft Club however, we do live in one of the few areas in the UK that still have a low level of the Covid virus. We live near Lincoln city but it's one of the smallest cities in the country and there is more farm land than anything else. The Craft club takes place in one of the church halls and they are very strict about everything being cleaned down before and after we meet but sadly we don't know when we will be able to use it again so back to crafting at home again. Hope things get better where you are too. Take care, Angela xXx

  17. beautiful quilt! I admire anyone with such fabric skills. Happy PPF!

  18. I do hope the pink poodle from the first draft gets used in another creation, maybe the Valentine quilt?

  19. Awesome use of LIGHT Neutral fabrics and whimsical prints, LeeAnna! Thankful made a great companion piece for your Home quilt. Enjoy!

  20. What a wonderful piece! Thanks for going through your process. Love the flamingo playing the guitar :) I need to practice making art for the sake of making more often. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I really love your quilts....especially the size and how you hang them up. What a lovely way to use up the smaller pieces of fabric.
    Annie x

  22. That's a lovely quilt, very autumnal! :)

  23. Thankful is the word of the day!!!! Love your sweet quilt, and isn't it perfect timing!

  24. You are so talented in so many ways! Love how you came around to getting exactly what you wanted in your Thankful piece. Glad you had a chance to dabble in the paints too!

  25. Very nice little Fall quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  26. What a beautiful piece, especially appropriate for this month.