Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Stories a moment in the rain

From a prompt on The Sunday Whirl

A Moment in Time

They sat on the front porch, listening to the gentle summer rain. Safe and comfortable,  listening to the drops hitting the tin roof, like they'd done for years.

Listening together, sitting together, still together.

Her mind wandered a bit, as her hands shelled the peas in her lap. She remembered stories of adventures they'd shared through the years, and smiled to herself. Did she know in her youth, that she'd find a mate and go through life's changes with him for so long? Probably not, since those lessons can only be learned over time.

She was still her, maybe more so now that she had lived and loved so long.

The long pea pod in her hand had 7 peas in it! She had 3 peas in her over the years, giving her 3 precious children with this lovely man next to her. Now her children were off changing the world, developing their stories, learning and living and growing in their own humility after life taught them their own lessons.

Where are they today she wondered. Deb was doing a craft show in her hometown, Rob was no doubt running for his tranquility, and Dan was writing the great American novel in his little studio space.

They were safe, as safe as could be in today's frantic world. They were grounded and decent and cared about others. She was so proud of them. She was also proud of her life, her choices mostly reflecting her values. She worried a bit about today's greed replacing the adage "do unto others the way you'd have them do unto you"  She knew respecting others was the key to accepting herself, that there was room for all, and recently learned about energy flow being circular, much like a long string winding around a ball.

Rain was letting up, the smell of ozone was past them, she saw a rainbow forming over the tree line.

Her husband reached to hold her hand, making her feel included and loved as only he could. She turned to see his eyes seeking hers.

"well darlin', let's get going on this day!"


  1. Peaceful, contented. Thank you.

  2. I love watching the rain... unless we're worrying about a hurricane.

  3. THis was needed. Thank you.

  4. A cozy, comforting feel-good story. I feel like I'm snuggling under a blanket after reading it. Thank you, LeeAnna.

  5. Oh my, I can feel the love between them. Simply beautiful!

  6. This poem was so comforting in its subject and tone. I actually felt calmer after reading it.