Friday, July 19, 2019

Paint party Friday.... fabric paint

I like paint... on paper and fabric.
This week I wanted to try fabric painting here in CO. The paint behaves differently on fabric here, maybe the minerals in the water, maybe the drier air, maybe the 105F temps.

I took 3- 12" squares of white fabric, some supplies i a limited palette,  some round brushes, freezer paper covered foam core, & spray bottle outside to a tall table. I like to paint fabric while standing
Using dynaflow in gold, salmon, and fuchia, I started painting big petals, letting the paint colors flow into each other. Watching paint move and blend is very cool to me. The brush above is a fan brush. It leaves little random lines of color, see the effect on the petal below

and the green lines to resemble grass. Some painting was done wet on wet, some dry brushed after the original color dried. No sketching first, just putting down color to see what happened.
Keep in mind, this will look very different with the quilting lines of threads.
the second square was swirled into a knot, then I dropped gold, then salmon then fuchia and allowed to dry, hoping for spiral lines. I didn't see any so I gathered it up a new way
and put it in the sun
and got this

 good for a background for a word, or more stenciling or stamping, doodling with a permanent marker, cutting up and piecing into another fabric.
The final piece was thoroughly wet, scrunched into a ball, and paint basically poured onto it to blend and merge all by itself.
 When dried it looked gorgeous in person, like a batik fabric. I hope to doodle with black thread over it something like the way I doodle with pen on painted paper.
photo doesn't capture the vibrancy
I liked the freezer paper images when I removed the fabric, too!

Saved those of course
The broken image of a flower intrigued me enough to do another day of experiments, this time with very muted tones, but that will be another post. It is a very different effect...
I'll leave you with a tiny daily painting reflecting my mood that morning...
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  1. the colors are super!!! full of energy ... the other project could be me I'm in what? mood today too LOL

  2. Love all the colors. This made me smile.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  3. Loving the colors and the tips on how you created this gorgeous painting! I, too, love color and its energy.

    Happy PPF~

  4. How interesting to see how the different techniques ended up with such different results. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise - the chemistry of baking changes at high altitudes and high humidity, so the chemistry of painting would too.

  5. I hit send, but wanted to say THANKS for explaining each of the processes so clearly. Just in case we might want to try this at home ourselves.

  6. I haven't tried any fabric painting. The second one reminds me a lot of tie dye. Do the paints leave the fabric stiff or are they special ones that don't? - Margy

    1. dynaflow is soft, and most textile paints like Seta or Jacquard are soft and permanent after heat set. I do tend to dilute them a bit for flow, but the dynaflow is already thin like airbrush paint.

  7. I LOVE these summery flower colors!

  8. Such pretty colors. I like how they look!

  9. Love the tie dyed-ish effect! That pink is fabulous.

  10. Wow this is really pretty. Love the colors.

  11. Happy PPF! I really loved seeing your fabric art and how flexible you were with getting the results Leanna. Thanks for sharing all that with us :D) xx

  12. Wow! That is such a cool technique and the colors you chose are amazing. Happy belated PPF!

  13. Absolutely stunning and perfect for Pink Saturday!
    Wren x

  14. Very pretty! Love the watercolor effects

  15. Oh, now you have me itching to get out my paints!

  16. How Creative you are! Wow--and the results are wonderful.

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