Thursday, July 25, 2019

I Like Thursday #151

Welcome to this week's list of likes! I found this plant holder at Lowes.
by the front door, your flamingo pic of the week!
Lots to like this week around here, starting with the temps dropping from 105 to 90. Yea!

I like that most of my vegetables survived the extreme heat, the zucchini have all but perished, but I have this wee eggplant growing...

it's about 4" long at the moment!
 there is a little pepper and a couple little green tomatoes. I hope the bunnies leave them alone, it would be great to actually be able to have our own vegetables.  The marigolds died, the beans died but some flowers are hanging in there.
I like that I admired my friend Sarah's dill and she pulled a section out by the roots for me to take home.

I wanted to paint it, or try. While I was taking the photo, I noticed it's shadow...
and thought how pretty!

I haven't felt like writing up my stored posts on artists, or my trip to the lavender festival on Saturday
It was nauseatingly hot, but we enjoyed the park, touring the original ranch, seeing the butterfly exhibit,

meeting our friend Monika there, seeing the woven sculpture, listening to music, looking at crafts, and leaving with some peaches. I'll just have to show you some of the terrific pics really soon, as it was photographer's dream.
Of course I had to show you a cow outside the ranch built mid 1800's and lived in by family til the 1970's. I have some cool pics but have to share the sewing machine
I love treadle machines
and lookie at this brahmin bull.. 
What a big guy he was. I asked this guy about him...
and he said the bull just drank 21 gallons of water, stores it in his hump, and is very gentle now but as a young'un he was very naughty. Like a certain poodle around here.
I loved this tubular shaped flower, anyone know what it is?
Joanne in the Netherlands just told me this is "Nicotiana Sylvestris"

I like the book I'm listening to on disc, in the studio. The American Agent, set in WW2, told from the viewpoint of England needing our aid. It's a mystery but teaching me a bit of history as it goes.

I'm still enjoying the third librarian book for nightime reading. I'm loving the TV show Songland, and watching Master Chef.

I liked DH's home made card for our 25th anniversary... a perfect sentiment that he wants to spend all the seasons of his life with me... awe....

I'm painting and quilting like crazy to avoid the heat. I still walk with Milo at least twice a day, but we've taken to walking at 8 pm when it's less hot. I'll do a post on painting (fabric and paper) tomorrow and one on quilt making on Saturday.

Milo's Moments
Hi Yall, I have been playing a lot with my friends this week. Mama trimmed my leg hair even closer so I am cooler. She then trimmed my feet hair, Oh my dog. It was awful...
Mama: Milo! Why do you have to be so wiggly and resist me shaving all that hot hair from your feet? Why do you have to fight with me, and push me with your feet?
Milo: Um... well... I won't hold it against you that you touched my feet!

One day, it started hailing and raining and booming noises so when Mama said, "Look outside!" I ran out, and barked to the four directions, grabbed my toy and came back all wet. I don't know what I was guarding against but I takes care of the mama!

I like having a whimzee every night to chew on, and to sleep on the big bed with my pawrents.

Now visit mama's friends keeping it paw-sitive this week with their own lists!


  1. Wow - that is one huge bull and he sure does drink a LOT of water! LOVE Dill!

  2. I love that plant holder. A lavender festival? I would be in heaven. I gagged on the thought of 21 gallons of water. Congrats on 25 years of marriage! That dill photo would be fun to paint. I haven't painted all week so I'm anxious to get back to it. Enjoy your day! mary

  3. Your new plant holder is so lovely--wonderful way to welcome guests...hugs, Julierose

  4. Hi LeeAnna,
    it's a greaat plant for in the garden!
    Nicotiana tabacum, or cultivated tobacco
    Temperatures of 20–30 °C (68–86 °F) are best for adequate growth; an atmospheric humidity of 80 to 85% and soil without a high level of nitrogen are also optimal. Wikipiedia

    39C today! too warm for me!

  5. 21 gallons of water?! I have a hard time drinking much of anything! Congrats on 25 years of marriage! The weekend was very hot here also. The humidity was the worst part. Hoping for better weather this weekend!

  6. Good Morning! Lots of likes but most of all I'm happiest for you that the weather broke. Good grief, 105 is way too hot. Awe - what a nice card from DH. And Milo - well he's just the best. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Wiggly! Yes! Mine are super wiggly when getting their toenails trimmed. And I have Anna this week- she is super wiggly (and wonderful) always- but especially when having her hair braided in the morning. That bull is gigantic- glad you guys got cooler too- we had the same thing this week and it's been a fabulous respite. My flowers are thrilled.

  8. A lavender festival sounds so intriguing! Can't wait to see and hear more. We've actually had 3 really nice days - low 80s, no wind, no rain. Until this morning when a thunderstorm woke me very early and now the heat and humidity is coming back. Oh well. The good news is that the heat has finally allowed the farmer's market to open because their tomatoes and cukes are ready. Yay. I'm headed over there after lunch to get my first LOCAL ripe tomatoes of the season. BLT for supper?

  9. Your flamingo pot with the pink and green plants is fun and pretty! Interesting about the bull and how he stores water - I never knew that. Looks the lavendar festival was in a beautiful place!

  10. Our garden was basically a bust this year. Between the squirrels and deer, we got precious little corn and NO BEANS AT ALL! The tomatoes are hanging on and I hope the squirrels leave them alone. Temps cooled into the low 80s here so we turned off the AC for a few days. I love sleeping with open windows. I think I'd love to be in the middle of a field of lavender! The scent would be heavenly. Cabo is featured in my Thankful Thursday post today..

  11. Good to see you (even if only briefly) at the Lavender Festival. It was toasty Saturday and probably will go back when it cools down. I love exploring Chatfield and hope to take even more photos of the Stickworks exhibit. Wasn't that incredible? I somehow missed that steer (hard to believe, he's a big boy!).

  12. A lavender awesome! I've never seen lavender growing in abundance! Enjoy your week!

  13. We had to do the same walk schedule with Scout early in the morning, then twilight to night. Fortunately, our heat wave broke (until tomorrow they tell us). Great likes and have a wonderful week! Keep painting and sewing!

  14. We've had a heat wave too, so I understand about walking later at night. It has been terrible. Milo is looking great and I like the planter from Lowes. Something I would buy :) Thanks for linking up!

  15. We had a few days in the 70's (54 degrees at 7 AM this morning) so I got some weeding done outside. But back to the upper 80's this weekend. I need to plant some old-fashioned nicotiana plants which are very fragrant (also very tall). The dwarf hybrids ones I bought have no smell at all. The deer have eaten most of my day lilies buds again even though I sprayed them with deer repellent. I've already given a lot away, but think I will just dig up the rest and stop driving myself crazy trying to save them. Milo is looking very handsome.

  16. Your pink beaded curtains are so pretty.
    I love that very large coleus you have in your welcome first photo. I keep meaning to buy some as they are a great perennial.
    All that lavender...and did it keep the mosquitoes at bay? Was the smell wonderful?
    Milo, what the heck is a whimzee?

  17. Yum, fresh dill! That sewing corner looks like my kind of (old-timey) place!!

  18. Ooh - shiny eggplant. I love the dill, too. Bovines and sewing machines - it's an eclectic mix this week!

  19. Hello, I would love to go to the lavender festival. Your plant holder is cute. Milo is always looking good. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!