Thursday, July 4, 2019

I Like Thursday #148

Welcome to this week's list of likes!  I love the flamingo towels I found at Joann's 75% off! Lookie at the fringe ball trim!
I like my fushias on the back porch
 and the butterflies visiting my hanging baskets

It's been so hot, this bunny hopped into the shadows to rest on the driveway, while a certain poodle watched.
"Oh, nothing, just lying around in the shade!"
I liked finishing my patriotic table runner (pattern source stitchin' therapy)

and decided to add on some little gold sequin stars!

I liked that this little fledgling who couldn't fly, found a way to hop to the shade, and Mama finally responded to his loud chirps with a fat worm she pushed into his little mouth. I'm so glad he wasn't forsaken!

I like the new PUR water system we got... the filter works even better than the britta, it pours better with no drips, and tastes a bit better. We kept the Britta for coffee and tea water, and keep the PUR in the fridge because cold water just tastes better in this heat.

I love the scent of this tree... like gardenias. I smell it in the heat while we're out walking, so I want to plant one so the wind will blow across it toward us on the back porch.
anyone know what it is?

I liked these flowers seen at the garden center
... "Mexican Hats" but forgot to buy them!
I like that little beans are growing in the veg garden. Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and eggplant still just flowers. I am not interested in artificially inseminating them so we'll see if there are enough pollinators to do the job. Since it rains daily here, there are certainly enough bugs around.
Would someone please train the mosquitoes to do the job, since all they do is pester us?

I like painting daily and doing the paint party Friday posts

I like the latest novel, third in Vicky Gilbert's series, Past Due for Murder

I am enjoying videos on painting, beading, and the stonehenge series from BBC (all mentioned in Monday's post) I'll try to find the one I saw comparing 10 paint brands and put it in the post tomorrow.

I like that our neighborhood has a mystery murder night planned for Sept. and that we're invited to a party tonight by one of the coffee people! It's so important to create a support network of friends near one's home.

One of the guys and I found out yesterday that we were both in marching band, and in theater. Fun!

I liked painting from stamps. I'll describe the process tomorrow but it's really an easy way to create art for non sketchers. I liked writing a new story for Sunday's Stories, I haven't done that in a bit.

I like putting a fresh white tablecloth on the kitchen table to make it seem cleaner!

Milo's moments

poodle in profile (see his ring toys?)

I like my toys. I especially like my ring toys now that I've skint the yellow skin off. I keep the three of them together. Sometimes one of them rolls off the porch into the yard, so it has to be brought back. I keep close watch over them, take them for walks, and last night insisted on bringing one to bed with me. I guess they are my pets, or children.

(LeeAnna here... I guess that makes them my grand-toys)
got my paw on one of them and my eyes on the othe
 This week Mama put one on the porch table, and I had to stand guard watching it til she gave it back. I could have been blown off that table in our big winds!!! My little baby! They are my babies and must be watched at all times except when I nap in my chair or eat. 

please visit these people keeping an I Like list too! There's always something during the week to like!
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  1. A little bling on the table runner. This would be cute as a door banner too! Enjoy your holiday bash or such.

  2. Love those "Mexican Hats"--such a gorgeous color...Happy 4th hugs, Julierose

  3. I've never seen Mexican Hats but I love them! Very unique! Your table runner is perfect for today. I hope you enjoy the 4th of July! I'm sure Milo will help you! I did post I Like this week.

  4. I love how your table runner turned out - those were the perfect blocks for it! How lovely to see that butterfly on your flowers, too! Happy 4th of July!

  5. I love how much happier your posts are (which I suspect means you are feeling that way, too).

  6. Hi and a very happy 4th to you. We both loved your chipmunk painting! Thank you again.And your Primrose is so pretty too.
    Milo has his work cut out for him keeping an eye on so many things.
    I really like the table runner and how that baby bird was not abandoned!

  7. Nifty butterfly! pretty flowers. A murder mystery night! that sounds like so much fun. I'd love that.

  8. Beautiful fushias even after your crazy weather! I've been thinking of getting a Brita again but might try the PUR system.We are using way too many plastic bottles in this house. I've never seen or heard of Mexican Hats! Sooo cute. Have a wonderful day. mary

  9. Great likes. Gorgeous pic of the butterfly and your painting is gorgeous. Happy 4th Milo keep safe. Bobbin is staying near. The mexican hat flowers are awesome. I have a filter in my water from the fridge which is a pur. Love it!

  10. Fantastic capture of the butterfly! And, I love your patriotic table runner. Strategically-placed flowers can make a lot of difference in our moods. I used to have dwarf lilacs and could smell them throughout the house. My Korean Spice viburnum comes close. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. Cabo had a spa day and I just finished brushing him....for our Independence Day celebration...which probably will only involve sitting on the patio and watching our pyromaniac neighbor shoot off 50K worth of fireworks tonight. :-) Hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day holiday. xoxox

  11. Love the table runner. I've been looking for some nice long ones but they are hard to find and the ones I've found have been to, well, elegant for what I need them for. Apparently there's not a market for long plain white table runners. Thanks for linking up with Thursday 13! Have a good July 4!

  12. That tree is a Linden. Isn't its perfumed scent divine? There are loads blooming now in my hood and walking in the cool early morning hours is intoxicating when passing these gorgeous trees. Nice score on the flamingo towel! A happy and safe Fourth for you, DH and Milo. 🇺🇸

  13. Happy July 4Th. Hope you have fun at the party. We are joining some friends for cards and a BBQ later today. And we played golf this morning since it was nice and cool for a change.

  14. We love mingos and that wonderful pink. That bunny sure was a hot one. Hey Milo, love those shadows pal. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and Happy Independence Day from all of us!

  15. I love your pretty painting. I'm trying to do some wildflowers every day now! Love those sweet hand towels! Happy 4th!

  16. Pretty and more pretty and Milo too. Milo is the very best part.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  17. Milo looks pretty relaxed :) Always a good thing, I think. I like those Mexican Hats. Make sure you go back and get them! Thanks for linking up and have a great 4th!

  18. A great variety of things to like this week. That rabbit laying in the shade is just too cute!!

    My Corner of the World

  19. Love your table runner and your paintings! You do such beautiful work! We agree - nothing is more pleasant than a stroll when the Aire is so beautifully perfumed with the scent of flowers!

  20. Ooh, you are so lucky to be visited by such gorgeous butterflies! Congrats on finishing up that runner right on time for Independence Day.

  21. I've never come across either of the flowers, but they are both beautiful! Love the little bunny resting in the shade and your poodle. Have a lovely weekend.

  22. Hello, cute photos of Milo and the bunny. I love the fuchsia too, beautiful butterfly and flowers. The flamingo towels are pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  23. I love your adorable post...Just amazing!

  24. Your runner turned out great.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Cottage Blessings,

  25. Scout isn't that found of one particular type of toy. She's an equal opportunity ripper of her toys. Your painting is fantastic! Keep going! Those Mexican Hats are new to me! Not a northeast flower but pretty! Have a great day!

  26. Happy Pink Saturday, LeeAnna. Thank you for making Pink Saturdays special. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye". Flamingos always grab my attention.♥