Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday's flower show... Lana, lana, how does your garden grow? Petal by petal

Purple posies!
My improv flowers are growing !
I needed some sew time, so I dug through my tiny purple scraps...
Nope, too regular... but I picked out the odd shaped ones to start sewing. I do not measure or worry I just sew angle to angle, curve to curve and they come out kind of lumpy...
til I spray them with water and press them with this
the big iron
and bend them to my will til they are terrifically flat
this one is way too interesting to be a flower so it goes back in the box as starter dough for a quilt
Don't you love how the curves look? I do, and love how skinny the middle piece came out but still shows the color. Hee hee! Improv is so much fun!

then I get out the alligator scissors...
chomp chomp chomp!
just hanging around...
I also did an orange and two blue ones yesterday...
Funny how close the blue looks to the purple ones in these pictures, but seem pretty distinct in person.

I'm beginning to see them in a quilt now. Not your grandmothers quilt, not all regular and organize, more like life, random and crazy and out of place a bit, kind of cuckoo which most lives are. Lots of greenery too. Can you picture it? More is better so I'll keep landscaping my garden.

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  1. love it!!! you have such wonderful ideas... and your post reminded me that I have the sewing machine on the table too... I forgot it totally while reading blogs LOL...

  2. Lot's of little pieces. They're lovely.

  3. I just love these petals. Blues, purples, STRIPES!

  4. I'm loving these colors together!

  5. We're getting ready to pack up and head for my home province, British Columbia ("Beautiful British Columbia to most of us) and plan to visit one of my high school friends I've probably mentioned before to you: she has lost all of her eyesight except for one small spot in one eye, so she focuses that bit on her quilt pieces, so that she can continue with her favourite pastime! I love her all to bits.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. I can see it! They are a wonderful start to a rainbow project.

  7. Yes -- these are just SO much fun. Can't wait until the greenery starts making its appearance.

  8. lovely flowers, you made a lot!

  9. Gosh, those flowers are pretty, LeeAnna! Those will be spectacular on one of your joyful, color-drenched quilts!

  10. You've got a beautiful wildflower meadow growing there!

    :) Linda

  11. I can just picture it! Great idea!

  12. they are so you! colorful and cheerful. I can't imagine sewing those itty bitty pieces but it looks like it's worth the effort.

  13. So pretty! By the way, my name is LeAnn and one of my family's nicknames for me was Lana...

  14. I can absolutely picture the quilt - can't wait for it!

  15. OH How fun!!! And now I want to play with flowers! :)

  16. First, you achieve such wonderful stylized flowers with your improv piecing that I was drawn into reading about what you were doing. Then your writing - what a great turn of phrase - starter dough for a quilt.

  17. A lovely example of art imitating life! Bring on the random and the higgledy-piggledy!

  18. They are just lovely.
    I didn't know you called them alligator scissors though. Here in the Uk we call them pinking shears - potato pertartoe!

  19. I love your improv flowers! They are really cool looking!

  20. Your work is always so amazing and inspiring. I'm just always in awe! The flowers are stunning and I love seeing the process too!

  21. They all look pretty, but I do favor the blues. Amazing use of fabric scraps.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  22. Delightful. What a creative use of scraps.

  23. I really do have to start playing with all the little triangles and odd shaped pieces I've been throwing in the scrap boxes. Your posies are inspirational.

  24. cute flowers!

    thanks so much for linking up!

  25. Beautiful colors - thanks for sharing your creative talents at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! :-)