Sunday, June 3, 2018

Writing prompts... the lifeline

This Sunday's writing prompt from the Sunday Whirl
(the prompt from whirlagig follows that one! )

The words are

My first story is...


Blast it all! She forgot her phone! Racing back to the house, she hoped she had not missed the call.

Such an important call!

Crap! She dinged the car on that dang bicycle in the driveway, why couldn't her sister put that away?! She slammed open the front door, and raced into the house looking for her phone.

Aieee where was it? She ran around like a crazy person looking everywhere. She suspected the cat got it and took it under the bed again.


She crawled around looking under the bed, well, there was the missing link to her necklace but no phone! What bad luck, right now when she needed it the most!
Her life was over if she missed that call! 

Her phone was really lost this time, what were the chances she didn't miss the call? Good she hoped.

what was that?!
What did she just hear?
 Was it the sound track from Mama mia? Her fave movie! 

Her phone!

She ran around listening, oh don't stop yet, it's downstairs, keep ringing, I'm coming! She stubbed her toe and almost fell down the stairs and found it on the table next to the dang door, keep ringing!

"Hello? yeah... not much... what about you? ..."

Next story from Sunday whirlagig

the words this week were:  houses, protested, bed, month, reign, money, street, city, country, falling, chair, outside

OMG this kid!

Would she ever go to bed?! This whole protest against bedtime started a month ago when they moved into the new house. 

It's a nice quiet street, in the country, the birds chirp outside during the day and the frogs sing all night. 

It is a big difference from living in the city where the houses are crammed together with no room to breathe.

Just go to sleep! I read her a story, we had a glass of water and went to the bathroom, we checked under the bed and in the closet, turned down the tv in the other room. Look, all the other houses have dark windows because all the other kids are asleep! Go to sleep! 

Dad is tired, bone tired, tonight. He worked extra hours to make up for the extra money this house cost each month but it was so much better to raise kids in the country right?  

He sat in the chair next to the bed, and was falling asleep himself! 

He sort of remembered being a kid and hating to give up on the day, wanting to stay awake, being tired but not wanting to miss anything. Yes... now he'd love to let go and drift into oblivion. How life changes.


Mari said...

It's good to see your creativity coming out again in different ways!

Mary in Boulder said...

It's amazing how you so completely captured a scene in so few words in the second story. Love the last paragraph especially.

DianeLoves2Quilt said...

I loved your lifeline story. Such panick juxtaposed with such casual answering of the phone ticked my funny bone. You inspired me to try the wordle puzzle game. My first attempt is at