Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Chalk Festival 2018 in Denver

We love a festival or event!!!
Last weekend we ventured out into the heat and sun to see the chalk festival in Denver
200 artists spending their weekend making temporary art on the streets of Larimer Square, a historic area of Denver...
It was very crowded with people interacting with the artists. The art was sponsored by local companies, and there were several paid international artists as well. The sun was broiling us from above, poor artists crawling around the hot streets and all of us looking over their shoulders
It was a sea of colors for me! I only wish we could have talked to the artists but it was very crowded.
Here are some pics...
Drawn from this inspiration
look what black and white will do for you! A real attention getter in the sea of colors!

Drawing, blending with hands fingers and brushes... each person had their favorite materials to work with. I loved the strong shadows...
 Well, it's legal here!
I liked this view of the mountains surrounding the city
...and hearing the children's squeals on this jumping thing of bungees and trampolines
yes there was music...

and food trucks...

pictures of food... for polar bears...

Of course I include a cow... there must be a cow! See the little inspiration photo the artist used at the bottom? I love the shadows of onlookers in this one!!!
We looked in stores after the festival, and found another street fair going on a block away.
I admit we got a box of beignets to share... it was hot work enjoying ourselves and we were tired and hungry! Hope you enjoyed the show.
More pics on tomorrow's list of Likes post!
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  1. Very, very cool. So many artists! So many different styles. What a fun event.

  2. Oh I love all the chalk paintings! What a cool festival. I can only imagine how hot it must have been with all the people and concrete! My favorite cow artist is Sharon Markwardt, if you haven't seen her work, google her name plus cow. I love it, and I don't even have a particular affinity for cows.

  3. Chalk artists are amazing and being on their knees on that hot street. Thanks for the photos. Let me know if you guys will trek up to Berthoud next weekend. We will be there when they start as we have another engagement in the afternoon. Our daughter is probably going to come too. Sharon

  4. Wow those are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Festivals in Larimer Square are soooo fun. Absolutely LOVE that elephant chalk drawing! Thanks for sharing the cool artwork.

  6. It is amazing what these talented folks can do with chalk!!! Long way from my days on the sidewalk with my little box of chalks!

  7. oh gosh, I would've loved to walk around there! Thanks for giving us a glimpse :-)

  8. I am planning a trip to Denver ( yes, I like that legal stuff, lol ) I can't wait, I really want to move there but not sure I can afford it. Love the chalk art pictures, grand work from everyone and I love the crowds of people watching!

  9. Fun, fun, fun! One of the things I like about this time are all the festivals and fairs that I might stumble upon.

  10. LeeAnna - this comment is from Jesh StG since she is having trouble commenting on your (and my) blog and also had trouble contacting you via email:

    Have seen images in the past of another CO blogger of this festival - and it looks like so much fun (and it must cost the participants a pretty penny in materials!). Thanks for much for sharing this fun art event with All Seasons - a beautiful week to you:)

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