Saturday, March 4, 2017

Working in Red

"Collections" & "curiosities" and "Time"
I feel most free to do abstracts when I pull fabrics from my scrap bins. These strips were very narrow, maybe an inch wide or less. I wanted to see where the scraps most people would toss, might take me

First... sort into like sizes, which is when I found the tiny odd shapes, and a number of very skinny strips which I sewed into these sections:
I also found this in the scrap bin

made in a previous abstract session last year.

Hmmmm could it be used?
Where am I going with this?

I told you before I usually see nature emerging from abstractions. This time I just sewed. One strip and one piece to another.

There that pleases me.

Oh I need a bit more here... ahhh that's it!

Which orientation do you like best???
or this...
I like them both... so it's not sewn yet.
One rule of my abstracts is to keep dithering to a minimum.
This is the time for snap decisions.

Laughing! Of course I had to stop when I got mired down in this decision, find embellishments and place them on for fun. Now I see it as the "old curiosity shop"
See the little walkway into the shop? the windows? the sidewalk in front?

I amuse myself!
See what scrappy goodness is going on over at http://superscrappy   which was my inspiration today
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