Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Like #29

From Newport mansions tour
Welcome to this weeks list of likes, please sit down with me on my chaise lounge for a chat...
*I do like old style furniture one never sees being sold these days, like conversation seats
and how smart is this? Recline, munch on  bon bons while you read French novels....
and write thank you notes for all the parties you attended last week.
So call me
*I Like this old phone's face!! It looks surprised to be ringing! Hellooooooo
or call me
*I Like these colors! I would adore a pink phone like these! I grew up with black phones like these, and one day my mother gave me a princess style phone for my room. (she still listened in on the kitchen phone with her hand over the mouthpiece. Hmph) In my life we went from dials, to punch buttons, to cordless, to enormous cell phones to the ones we have now I hardly know how to make a call on. Hmph again.

*I Like the new show on Bravo "Sweet home Oklahoma"
I watch the "housewives" franchise but they seem to think one must argue and fight, find reasons to argue and fight. That's not the way I am with friends, but Sweet Home Oklahoma is the way I am with friends.
Joyful, funny, no taking offense, openly wanted to be involved in each other's lives.
I mean, I laughed out loud so many times, my husband heard me from rooms away! Whee!

*I Like that John Leguizamo has a standard poodle!

this link takes you to a video of John petting and talking about his chocolate standard

Let's finish with one of my favorite videos... an orangutan and hound dog
Smile... go ahead.
 I mean, when two kindred spirits find each other it's magical isn't it?
(won't open here? try this link

Also sharing LIKES this week are:

7. https://craftscaviescontras  


  1. My first "portable" phone was as big as a brick! Sweet video.

  2. I like the conversation seat. Can't you see a couple discreetly whispering sweet nothings to each other?

  3. I'm enjoying writing this post very much, LeeAnna and enjoying reading them too. Amazing how many really likes we all share. Our phone evolution is too funny. I only know how to text on mine!I love chaise lounges but the style doesn't suit my wooden house. lol

  4. I'm back this week, and overwhelmed by work, but I had lots to like in the last two weeks. I love!! your antique furniture. That red sofa with the desk is great, but my favorite has to be the forward-backward chair! I can't help but think of teenagers making out while sitting in it (as unlikely as that might be!). I saw a poodle walking on the beach in California, it was a little one, not a standard, but it made me think of you all the same and I hope you're doing ok!!

  5. Oh my-I want a regular pink phone! And that first lounge! We don't even have a land line anymore. I purchased a very simple flip phone for my brother and of course I've had a "smart' (and I use that term loosely) phone. Fun post. Please hook up my post to see my sillies this week. Have a great day. mary in Az

  6. Interesting antique furniture. We actually have a phone very similar to the one in your photo. It was the phone from my husband's parents' old farm house. His mother gave it to him years ago because he is in the telephone business (telecom engineering). It's so heavy!!

  7. Remember "party lines?" And dialup internet? Try explaining that to a kid today. They won't believe you!

  8. Teddy looked like chewbacca when we adopted him! Thanks for posting the orangutan and dog video. I tried to find it after you told me about it, but never did. Now I've seen it and it is great!

  9. Makes you wonder about the secret lives or intelligence of animals... I understand orangs are generous, but right away and to a different species with big teeth? Do they have ESP? How did Surri know that the hound would be okay to play? Could she tell that the hound was hungry? I know dogs know more than we know that they know, but I didn't know that orangs were that intelligent. (I wonder - if we were closer to orangs in DNA would we be a more accepting and sharing species?)
    Thanks so much for sharing the video.
    I love the old furniture, too. It doesn't face the TV.

  10. Those chairs and old telephones are a hoot! We have had lots of different phones over the years, and now we are one of the few who still actually have a home phone, on the wall! It was so wonderful to meet up with you the other day, LeeAnna! I hope you guys enjoyed your trip to CO in spite of the weather, and that your trip home was smooth and uneventful! Hugs!

  11. yes we did enjoy it! It was sunny the last day and suddenly we saw the mountains! After 5 days of clouds they emerged! We have a kitchen wall phone too. The telemarketers know it well. LeeAnna

  12. Always loved those old conversation chairs. They're different. What fun. The old telephones are a lot of fun, too. :-)

  13. Those old phones..... so fun and whimsical, especially the pink one ;)

  14. LeeAnna, I love those pieces of furniture. What style and their own funkiness. As for the phones, I love collecting old phones. I have one shaped like a shoe and one that is shaped like a piano. Both work. How cool is that.

  15. My sister has gone backwards and has one of those old black phones. It works fine, looks lovely and means you have to sit still and pay attention to your conversation instead of walking around doing 3 things at once.

  16. I love the orangutan and dog video! What pals!!`Just like some humans, or is it that some humans are just like them? It's all good! The furniture is divine, although it just wouldn't fit in my lifestyle...messy ranch! I saw some cute poodle blocks today and wanted to share them with you, but couldn't. I'll have to find the address of the site and send that to you!

  17. What a great video ~ love the animals being friends ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  18. I so love that video! If I can remember, going to put it on my blog one of these days.