Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Like #26

pattern from Fusion Beads

*I Like being so enthusiastic about a project that I take one more look at the design wall before going to bed, I want to do one more block, or with beading /knitting, one more row.

"Just one more row, then I'll stop and walk/do the dishes/make the bed" or whatever.

My pal Cindy and I got together again to do beading... our new group is called "Just Bead It" and we're the co-leaders... and the only members, lol. I started this adorable bracelet with a new to me technique, 3 drop peyote.

Luckily I learned 2 drop peyote making Nancy's leopard bracelet, so this was one baby step new.

 I went for a lovely walk under the pear-blossoms and blue sky and 60 degree temp. After that, I thought it's such a rare day, the kind I LIKE, so I should sit on the back porch again. I know..." I'll read a magazine then recycle it". I couldn't pay attention, so I thought, heyyyyyyy all this daylight should help me read my beading chart, I'll just "do one or two rows"

Bwaaaahahahaha. One, then another, then another til I ended up beading for an hour!

*I Like freshly washed sheets. It's an event changing the sheets on our king-sized bed. I remember taking home-ec in Junior High, and learning how to fold hospital corners as there were no fitted sheets. All were flat, and had to be ironed. I remember the feel of crisp fresh sheets.

Although we use unscented detergent now, and no fabric softener we use the dryer which leaves them soft. I love the first night in new sheets. No ironing for me.

We are still using flannel but the time is coming when we must change to regular ones.

*I Love pretty sheets. Floral, stripes, colorful, clean white with a touch of lace, anything pretty. It makes me happy to see them each time.
I found these vintage sheets EXACTLY LIKE MINE!!!

When I went away to university I had bright yellow sheets with tiny flowers. The image above from pinterest says its vintage from JCP. Yep. Vintage... well I went to university in the 70's.

My granny's yellow scrap quilt went to school with me. I loved that room so much. I still have the twin sheets but some thief in my family absconded with the quilt and won't tell me! Grrrrrrrrrr.

* I Like folding clean laundry and putting away clean dishes.
Image result for folding clothes humor
from pinterest
I think it's like sorting my buttons, my fabric, and beads. I love to sort things, and so I don't mind the sorting kind of chores. Not as good as beading, just one more row but I don't mind those chores. After living without a dishwasher in Tampa, I LOVE having one now. As to the washer.... well I like a washing machine just not OUR washing machine that takes walkabouts in the basement.
 It also displays lies.
It says, time left: 10 minutes. HA! 10 "washer-minutes" maybe. That last 45 min.
Image result for  folding clothes humor
It's kind of satisfying isn't it? Turning the higgeldy piggeldy laundry basket into stacks of towels all tidy, bundles of matched socks, etc.
(you all think I'm crazy don't you lol!)

*I Like Temple Oranges.

Image result for temple oranges
They are in season right now, and it's a very short season. We got a box from the Lion's club. They are sweet and tart and juicy and full of seeds.
My very favorite Florida Orange.

*I Like COLOR!
 This site shows you fresh combinations derived from nature... enjoy it! I'll go back time and again...

*I Like bossa nova music... and Astrud Gilberto's version of it might as well be Spring... enjoy!
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  1. Oh my goodness, where do I begin. The lovely sheets (that I never really had), JUST BEAD IT-how funny -hope you listen to MJ while you craft the beads. I also stopped using softener and found out 1 c white vinegar really works. The mysterious house members' laundry is also at my house. It's only my brother and me! And yet, I spend days doing laundry. Is that Stan Getz on that Bossa Nova album? CLASSIC. Love Herb Alpert's Bossa Nova also. I so enjoyed this today and thank you for including my posts. Have a wonderful day! mary in Az

  2. I, too, go back for one last look at the design wall and sometimes put myself to sleep thinking about what I'll do next. I call that last minute on my washer the "world's longest minute."

  3. I laugh all the time at how things I got for wedding presents are now considered vintage! The one I have looked up is my set of Pyrex mixing bowls. I probably do have some vintage sheets still in the closet! :). Dishwasher... Um, no, but laundry yes, although I do have to admit that I have been known to leave those clean socks and towels in the basket for a day or two before actually folding them! Happy Thursday, LeeAnna!

  4. As always, your lineup is such fun! The bracelet is gorgeous. I'm a sorter too. It's satisfying.

  5. I so often lose track of time doing just one more thing. Washer minutes sound an awful lot like football minutes. lol

    Your bracelet looks pretty cool!

  6. So funny, LeeAnna, I had oranges in my I Like post too which I've just linked to you. (I took mine out because I have lots of other I Like things!). My daughter does beading and a little jewelry making; I wish she'd do more as it's so nice. I love that Design school link because how wonderful it is to derive a palette from nature...really the best. And yes for just the two of us now, I can't believe the laundry especially in summer when we get into the garden. I guess that's all good though. Have a great Thursday.

  7. Qood morning list read! i thought i was the girl from ipanema when i went to college near the ocean and took my surfboard though i was not allowed to keep it in the dorm so i had to stash my Hobie pin tail(teal green) in a Seal Beach surf shop... I love my lined dried sheets, and everything regardless if they get a second rinse from trade showers!! will try the vinegar trick if i can get out in time,no soften here either!! Color and beads and fruit and fresh air .... YIppY!

  8. I, too, like to take a last peek at the design wall before getting between the sheets. Fresh ones are the best and I do sometimes iron them.

  9. Getz/Gilberto...takes me back to Saturdays and Sundays with my Mom and Dad at home cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, giving the dogs a bath, washing the car. (Oh and laundry, and dishes. Good times!
    Funny, I love doing the dishes, but I don't like having to put them away. My aunt used to tell me she would come and fold all my laundry, she loved doing that. I don't mind it, except my cats think I am doing it for their entertainment and unfold it all for me so I can do it again for them! I love my kitties!
    (I like Thursdays, because it is when I go to WeightWatchers to find out how well I did the week before...I am down another 1.4 pounds for a total of 29.2 pounds since the beginning of December! YAY!

    1. so you lost lbs, but I found them....

  10. Happy six month anniversary for "I like".

  11. What a wonderful post! Beading sounds like fun but I don't dare bring in another hobby. One of my best friends likes doing laundry so much we call her "Monday, Monday." Gosh, I had forgotten about ironing sheets--YUCK. Love the whole post! Thanks LeeAnna!

  12. You DO like color!
    You are the first person, besides me - to admit enjoying folding laundry and putting clean dishes away - (I really like doing laundry and dishes . . . )

  13. what a fun list! i am laughing at that laundry cartoon about the amount of laundry i'm doing and not having met everyone who lives here! i feel the same! i don't mind doing laundry and then when i fold it i sit and watch a show at the same's the putting it all away that bugs me! same with the dishwasher, don't mind loading it, hate to unload it! thanks for linking and have a great weekend!

  14. I did enjoy that color thing...I always say any color goes with any color if you like...if you watch nature you see everything together and it is all beautiful! I enjoyed reading this post...

  15. One thing I've noticed this DST is I feel like I'm shortchanged more hours than I want to give up. Seems like I just get up and already I'm missing time I need to catch up and do all the things I want to accomplish. Perhaps that's the sign of an older person recognizing their mortality? While I enjoy folding laundry with its fresh clean scent, I washed all the summer season clothes and now have to iron forever but will be glad to have 'new' things to wear, I was getting tired of the winter uniform. 😇