Saturday, March 11, 2017

Seeing Red

Red sparkly shoes, Hon!
There's no place like home if it's Baltimore, Hon! Especially red "Wizard of Oz" shoes!

Still working on my three abstracts this week.The color is RED at Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month.
See the post with my progress on all three HERE

(I am also knitting, reading, beading and meeting with friends, walking, petting dogs, having phone chats, watching survivor which started this week, playing video games, and a few other things! )

In between that and writing blog posts, I've been working on the three abstracts.

It was slow going.

I tried yellow as several people suggested. It did not work. I think I will settle on this:
It's mostly pieced already, the black and white strip on the side was supposed to be slanted but it doesn't read slanted.
I placed a few black and white raw edge pieces in the side for some reason.
I may border it in the spiral.

Whatever happens, I think the next step is heavily quilting it. Probably pink and orange threads maybe neon.
Then embellishing with extras and maybe beads
If there is one thing I know it's that it ain't over til it's over!

Now for a bit of fun...

 I took this quiz to see what color represented me... I am a blue even though I love red.
It was so much fun actually to have to choose from the interesting possible answers as well.

I found this page very interesting about color types. I'm a green here!

A few quotes

Image result for red colour quotes
Imagine the shade of red:
red shoes
red popsicles
red lipstick

red convertible
red apples
tricycles and wagons

"Color is like Food for the spirit... Plus it's not addictive or fattening!"
 Isaac Mizrahi 

For more normal scrap projects in RED visit
also linking to:   sewcanshe Saturdays


  1. The cow in ruby slippers! Ha! :) Love the addition of the black and white. It adds just enough.

  2. Thanks for the color quiz! I'm Violet. Very interesting questions.

  3. Love that final quote! Adding black and white to your reds made a LOT of difference. SO good to see you experimenting and having fun with it.

  4. Oh... color quiz! Off to follow your link. Thanks!!

  5. i'm a fool for red tennis shoes! with 2 pairs currently!!

  6. I am a blue in the first one, and kind of a combination of blue and green in the second one. But I love red, too - especially your red abstract! The black and white check accent looks great in there, really catches your attention!

  7. Love that cow with the sparkly shoes!
    Red really pops with black and white accents.

  8. Well they say I am a "green" personality--not my favorite color at all..hmmmpfh! But I can see many of those traits in myself actually--how fascinating--thanks for the linky and I LOVE your RED RED RED piece--(P.S. I like blue best also) Hugs, Julierose

  9. I love your finished red piece. Black and white always goes with bright colors! My color quiz results were exactly the same as yours, no surprise there!

  10. Amazing cow! Your red is not a WIP, more of an experimental ongoing experience, in other word, fun.

  11. I love red and your abstract piece is going to really show off those reds. I like that little touch of black. I remember some interior decorator on TV years ago saying every room needs a touch of black to make it pop. Good job!

    Red personality for me. Red is my favorite clothing choice. Even my computer bag that I carried the past few years was red.

  12. So pretty! I'm a sucker for scroll prints. I look forward to see where it goes next.

  13. I like how the black and white on the left narrows to the top and am glad it doesn't slant. The bits on the right side seem to slant. Having the same effect on both sides wouldn't work as well, IMHO.

  14. Love the b&w addition, perfect choice! Off now to check out your links.

  15. The black and white check is just the right amount of contrast amongst the reds. Sounds like you are ready to have lots of fun with the quilting.

  16. I'm blue as well! Love the addition of the black and white fabric. Just enough!

  17. When in doubt add black and white. The touches of these two in your improv block are just right. Have fun with the quilting and embellishment.

  18. Love your blocks. I love red too, but per the test I am yellow.

  19. My quiz result is blue, too. (I always wonder which questions in those click-bait quizzes trigger the answers.) Your abstract design needed the strong contrast of black (with white) to balance the red. Just the right touch!

  20. Love red! Love the yellow beading on the side, it gives it movement!

  21. Love the B&W pops to the gorgeous red. Fabulous!

  22. I love all red quilts! So rich and surprisingly peaceful to look at! I've made several. It seams the red scraps never completely go away! LOL!

  23. Now that's a fun idea about color. I took the one quiz, and it said I'm blue - I can go with that. Thanks for sharing!