Monday, March 6, 2017

Abstract possibilities

I have decided to work on my nature abstracts during the color challenge this year at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
Remember the aqua piece?
I really love it. Right now I love it more than the Red one I'm still fussing with. Too much red actually but I have a specific goal in mind for these quilts. Anyway...
When I got stuck on the RED piece I pulled out some embellishments and scattered these dragonflies over the aqua piece. 
Lends it depth doesn't it? And focus? 
Then I found this
A quilted three layer scrap from my palm leaves quilt.

LOVE it!

so I played with the possibility of it going with the abstracts.

Oh, and Improv is a technique, a way of working. Abstract is more of a noun, the finished style.
Abstraction is a verb, a way of seeing the world.

So I tried it on this
What do you think? Kind of changes it from water to a mountain landscape now. Do I like the idea of ocean or mountains??? Hmmmmm
It's all wrong on here, and although the colors were pretty on the red piece, it was distracting.

Speaking of the red piece,
 I sewed the center sections and didn't have length enough to piece in the sidewalk across so I had to mix in a bit.
This setting was pleasing to me, but

Mr. Not Afraid of Color said it was too Christmas-y to him.

Blink, blink... really?

Now I've auditioned approx. a hundred other reds and patterns including this...

Which has a sparkle of glitter. I could do some straight line hand quilting with thick threads.
Or mix these two
I believe I want to engage the borders in some way, and this elongates the width. Can you believe this is nearly square? I don't love squares as shapes but these abstracts are what they are.
So I am enjoying the process now.

As I have "just done the work"
meaning going in the studio with the intent to sew, I am seeing a cohesive grouping develop.

 A sort of style.

I used to do whimsy most of the time. I still love to laugh at my art (or WITH my art) but I am growing.

The RSC has taken me out of my comfort zone. I like to work in colors of the season. Red would have felt much better in February, and Aqua this month as soft spring colors are all around us.

That being said

Each abstract work teaches me about art:
1. what I like
2. how to achieve a look
3. how colors interact
4. principles of design and their impact
5. the balance of "follow your heart" intuition and the principles of design (line, balance, color, etc) After all...

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  1. Oh yes, you have to keep that little strip--I love it...hugs, Julierose

  2. I like the mountains/ocean piece. As far as the red - what if (?) you add a single pop of yellow in there? That would edge out the Christmas response and allow you to incorporate more yellow with your quilting threads (as accents). Just a thought . . .

  3. I think it's a pity red and its complementary colour, green, have been commandeered by Christmas but there's no reason they shouldn't be used at other times of the year. As long, that is, you stay away from holly and reindeer!

  4. Ooh, that blue was so soothing and restful. I felt my pulse slow down and breaths deep and cleansing.

  5. I love the teal piece with the dragonflies...and then when you added that one extra piece...OH MY!!! I am in love with it!
    I'm trying really hard to do my reds. Um, I don't know what went wrong with me, or my sewing but neither of the pieces I did came out the right size! So, I packed them up and will try again today after I go into town (fighting every step of the way).

  6. Love, love, love that teal piece. The pop of red just makes it sing for me. I like Julie's idea of adding a little bit of yellow to your red piece. Can't wait to see how it develops.

  7. Just by adding that fun, warm hillscape to the aqua piece, my mind is taken on an adventure to a magical island where one of a kind jewel toned dragon flies live and flutter about joyfully! And the red composition is coming along nicely. It must be challenging to work within a single color, although the variations in tone are remarkable.

  8. You have given me so much to think about, so many choices and one builds on another. Like "The path not taken", all the what ifs..

  9. Two comments: red scrap on teal piece YES! And for Mr. NAOC, nothing is ever "too Christmas-y"! Late here, g'night!

  10. I love it... I like artworks with many details... it's a god feeling to discover a lot of different parts and colors... it is like a kind of meditation for me :o)

  11. The red on the aqua is delicious!

  12. I love the island red added to the teal. Looks like the dragonflies' home. I think a slight yellowish piece might make the reds pop more? It is just such fun watching you design.
    mary in Az

  13. Oooh, I like that little shot of red on the aqua! Looks like you're having a good time!

  14. Just one little strip of color changed the aqua piece...amazing when that happens! I kind of love the pop of color and the shape. Red can be challenging! But you will settle on the right mix!

  15. LeeAnna, I love your aqua piece for so many reasons! Amazing what happened when you added the dragonflies. Some strips of fabric turned into a place that I could really see! And then the little mountain piece completely changed it to somewhere else. I want to try something like this, but knowing where to start is slowing me down. I guess, maybe, I should start with a few strips of fabric! :)

  16. Love that scrap on the blue/aqua piece - it's a perfect fit! Hope you're keeping it on that one. Thanks for sharing

  17. Like I said - small changes can make a big difference!
    Love everything you do.

  18. I love that orange strip!!

    The red quilt makes me think of a bookshelf with good books and knickknacks.

  19. Love how you think, I all ways enjoy visiting your place its like a shot in the arm, takes me out of my comfort zone, but I love the teal piece with the dragonflies...and that wee touch of red ZOOM OH MY!!! I am in love with it! Its very very peaceful. Hugs Glenda

  20. Love where your 'pile of scraps' is taking you! Amazing how a little changes give quite a different look.

  21. What a difference that pop of color makes to the blue/green piece. Any chance of doing something similar, but different wit the red quilt. It needs a place for the eye to focus and rest. How about some glitz? A little gold?

  22. I love this post. :) First of all, the aqua piece is marvelous with the dragonflies and the mountainscape. Secondly, your thoughts about lessons of the abstract process are lovely.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been looking at landscape photos for inspiration on how to make the sky part of a quilt I need to get started. Now, I have a few more ideas.

  24. The teal, with dragonflies and mountain-y piece is perfect!

  25. I like the "leaf" fabric scrap on the aqua and green as a mountain... like in Australia. in their spring. got any kangaroos you could add in for character? heheheh!