Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beaded bracelets times two

Pattern source Fusion Beads
Today's post is brought to you by the word BEADS! 
I made the bracelet above for my good friend Nancy at pugmomquilts

She loves leopard print, pink and purple, shiny sparkly, and treats made by friends. She is a giver, she makes many quilted items to give to others. Now it's her turn to receive...
I started with these:
Here's a secret... I saw a finished purple bracelet made from crystals, and liked the components but not the design so I bought it for the beads and cut it apart! I buy loose beads, why not something finished that can go back to being loose beads?? It was brand new, nothing wrong with seeing potential in something.

I used those purple crystals on the outside edge.
The  bracelet was done, bead by tiny bead with peyote stitch
I learned how to do two-drop peyote stitch and reading a chart backwards while s l o w l y making this. I used matte finish pink, irridescent purple seed beads that are like a dupioni silk, blue/purple depending on the angle.Bright metallic gold added sparkle. I tried many different fringe options til I settled on this drop crystal, purple crystals and gold sort of picot design.
Just like with quilting, sometimes you try and discard designs or beads til you find just the right one. The clasp is just the perfect touch I think.
Of course I HAD to try it on...
Ooops, shouldn't have done that... now I want to keep it! Thing is, I never would have thought of making it if it weren't for Nancy. I had fun, learned a lot, played with pretty sparkly things, and am happy to send it off to her for her birthday. Let's all celebrate the fact that such a good woman was born while we were here on earth.

Then, my good friend Cindy, my beading and quilting partner, a woman with talent and great kindness tempted me to add to her bead order at Fire Mountain Gems.
Twist my arm
Well, it's always more fun to shop with a friend, even on-line, so when the order came in I was surprised to get this...
Cindy went to the Hampton Quilt show and said this bag sang to her... "take me to LeeAnna!" so she did.
Perfect colors, turquoise and fuchia and gold and dogs. I was so excited then she said, it's got stuff in it...

 Huh:?? What's this!?!
The beads I ordered ...
plus, this!! A bracelet made for me! Out of shiny silver and bronze and black crystals...
 and the cutest clasp. Cindy takes great care with details, and she put little seed beads inside the links to the clasp
 and the company sent a little Barbie-sized carrier of bead soup that she passed on to me. Oh my stars! I am a 4 year old in a grown woman! These are so much more sparkly than anything I own! 

And who doesn't love a little plastic container?? Of any size? 

What is it about plastic boxes that makes us all think organization is within reach??
So I had to put on my new bracelet right away and admire my too fat wrist now embellished with a little bit of love...
One more bead related item... for my friend Cynthia W. who gives me  absolutely  terrific scraps, a little thank you gift.

She works large, and I work smaller and she gives me glorious Enormous scraps. In fact we met at a workshop when I was hovering over her table admiring her fabric choices. When I saw her trash pile I asked if I could take them. They were so big to me! She said, wait and I have more for you.

As it turns out she and I became great friends She is a rare gift to me. Smart, well read, human rights activist who stands up for her beliefs. She loves travel and history and art and we never run out of things to talk about.
So I took a fat quarter and folded it into a square, brought the four corners up together
around this little string of beads
sort of flatten the bundle and fold the top down, tie a nice ribbon and you have a gift wrap a quilter would enjoy. Nancy's gift will be wrapped in funny fabric too.

Just writing this post reminded me how important my women friends are to me. Each person brings a connection no one else can. Each friendship is so very important to me. It's not something we regularly talk about but I am sentimental.

Eliza and I often note that we are very sensitive which some people see as a weakness but we realize makes us even stronger in a way.

After all, the important thing in the world is what we love and what makes us vibrate with love.

It  is circular to me...
Loving and being aware of loving. Receiving love and being aware that we are loved.

It is so important.



  1. oh I bet that was the song this bag sang :o) love the colors of the bracelet it can be the it-piece for any black shirt or dress...

  2. What fun! Every picture had more eye candy. The beaded bracelets are so pretty. I've never really worked with beads before, but had a Native American (Lakota) girl in a high school class I was teaching about 15 years ago who often brought beading projects to class to work on if she had her assignments done - which she usually did. She did beautiful beaded items and it was fun to watch her work.

  3. How exciting! For you and for your friends! So much pretty pretty and sparkly stuff!

  4. "happiness runs in a circular motion,..." made me recall that Donovan song. thanks for that! this wednesday wonderful post of yours is bursting with color, creativity, informative photos and friendship,kinship and joy!

  5. All just incredible. You and your friends are so creative; I marvel at all the ways you guys look at things and make them beautiful AND different. 💗

  6. What a sweet idea! Love your bracelets too!

  7. " A circle is round, it has no end, that's how long that you and I'll be friends!" You post today reminded me of a girl guide song we used to sing!

  8. Friends are the best gift we can give ourselves, it is wonderful to see friendships blossom as time goes by.

  9. Beautiful beautiful beaded bracelet you made--love the colors...what a lovely gift. And what a fabulous surprise you received--I'm happy for you. great to have such terrific friends...hugs, Julierose

  10. What wonderful gifts, both given and received!

  11. So many little beads to make that leopard print. Wow! Love the pooch pouch. And yes, little containers make me squee. lol Beautiful shiny stuff. what fun.

    I was just thinking of love this morning, and how lucky I am for the love I have (incoming and outgoing).

  12. That zip bag with the dogs and butterflies is perfect for you. Friends who know what will delight you are the best. Little gifts for no reason are so special.

  13. I love that you know exactly what your friend would like and that your friends know the same about you! Your bracelets made me think of one that a friend made me for my birthday not too long ago, and I am going to get it out and wear it. Sweet gifts from sweet friends!

  14. I was enthralled by your stories of your women friends and all the lovely treasures you plan for each other. I cannot work with tiny things such as jewelry but I so appreciate those who can.

  15. I am so excited to see my new bracelet! I can not wait to get it and wear it!!! It is quite fabulous, as is my friend Lee Anna, the maker extraordinaire!

  16. What wonderful gifts (and treasured friendships) all around! Many years ago I received a necklace in that style of beading made by an aunt. At that time, it wasn't common, and when she passed away, I had it in my head that the skill was disappearing. I'm so glad to see it isn't. Beautiful work!!

  17. Sew important! Your beadwork is lovely! Love the bracelet you received, too. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love your pink and purple bracelet! It reminds me of a fabulous undersea creature.

  19. super pretty pouch for the beads! I'm in awe of folks making such pretty bracelets. I don't have that aptitude. :D

  20. It is not possible to have too many beads.

  21. So true! And that pouch does scream your name :-)

  22. And you BEAD, too? Wow! You, my dear, are one talented lady! I love how you saw potential in a finished product! In my humble opinion, being sensitive is a rare gift that should be nourished, treasured and shared. You are a precious gem. :)

  23. What's not to love about beads? Let alone pink, leopard-print beads!

  24. Love the little bead soup container. I rarely bead anything but several years ago I was given a container of bead soup and I love to play in it.