Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Mischief and Food choices

 You're doing what!!??
You're going to be gone for the whole day?!
Without ME??!?
Oh, Miss Tammy is coming to walk and feed me... well then! Okay have a nice time! See ya!
Mr Not Afraid of Color and I went off for the day to Lancaster PA for a quilt show. We do this each year, it's sort of a ritual of Spring. We are listening to the second book on disc of a great trilogy. It is a story we both enjoy tremendously so it's kind of a treat in itself that we only listen to on the road.
Cole had not been eating much so we were a bit nervous leaving him but we trust Tammy to let us know if there is a problem.

I called her from the road and she said, "Cole is fine. He REALLY likes the canned food!"
Er, yes, because he never gets just canned food. I use it to nurse the kibble along with hot water to make gravy to make the allergy food palatable to a poodle.
To ensure he ate, and to give him a treat since we were gone we left him with a bowl of kibble, a dish of breakfast gravy, and she fed him a can for dinner.

He was happy to see us but when we fed him a late night dinner, he sniffed it and said, "thanks, but I believe I'll wait for Miss Tammy to come back. She gives me JUST canned food."

Welcome to reality honey. We're home again.
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  1. Oh FUN! QUILTS! Have a great time!

  2. He knows what side his bread is buttered! One time, I was making breakfast and Mr. N refused to eat his food which he loves. I realized he thought I was making eggs for him too!

  3. I don't have that problem with the baskets, but one of my Swissys had a picky stomach. Once I hit on a concoction he tolerated, it was the standard. Vet thought I wasnuts, but he did well!

  4. Spellcheck must know my bassets well........basket cases they are!

  5. Oh, somebody got spoiled while you were away! If you see him packing your bags and booking a trip for you, you'll know who's to blame! :)

  6. He's going to want Tammy to come more often. At least you know he will eat it's just got to be Can food! Dogs are smart:-)

  7. Too cute! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and for your kind words. We hope to "see" you again!

  8. That was great you got away for a few hours and did something fun. Isn't it amazing how much we worry about out furry little babies?