Monday, March 23, 2015

Cole loves a stogie!

I don't think you can see it in this light, but Cole has a scar on his nose just above his left nostril.
It's perfectly circular.
It's an old cigar injury.
Here's the story...
Cole grew up in this 'hood. One of his girlfriends is Haley, a year or so younger than him and cute as a button.
She and Cole have been running mates for 11 plus years. He kind of covets her life. She gets to live with the "Critter whisperer" Mike. All creatures love Mike. Mike loves being outside working in his enormous garden, or on his boat, or flying his corporate planes. Haley is his companion.
Cole LOVES Mike.
Mike smokes cigars.
Cole wants to smoke cigars because Mr. Mike does.
 Mike always teased him with the cigar because Cole would run up and sniff it. One time too closely and he got burnt.

 It didn't even phase him, or stop his love of Mike.
In fact, he would eat one if given the opportunity.

Apparently Cole has no sense when it comes to tobacco. We, his two parents, do NOT smoke.Yet...
We must be constantly vigilant to keep him from cigars and cigarette bits left on the sidewalk.

Yep, we learned of this monkey on his back when he urped up about 6 cigarette butts on the living room carpet as a youngster. We have had to break the addiction three times of his life as he's fallen off the wagon more than once. This involves constantly watching everything he sniffs on a two mile walk.

It's disgusting.

Makes his penchant for stick eating look downright wholesome...


  1. Interventions are always hard, but they must be done!

  2. Eck! I'm wondering how cigarette butts can be tasty! Glad you were able to step in and intervene ;)

  3. Cigarettes - wow that's a new one. And I bet they do really get addicted like people too.

  4. Ew. I don't know that my dogs have ever eaten cigarette butts. They don't have a cool neighbor like Mike, so the opportunity isn't there.

  5. Oh that would be so gross to eat!

  6. The no. 1 reason that mom won't walk Taffy and me together is that she eats everything in her path, before mom can even see it. Cigarette butts are not off limits. Glad that Cole and Mike are still pals! Love Dolly

  7. Have you tried the patch? or nicotine gum?

  8. The late great Fabulous Binnie Doon shared that disgusting habit. She would also eat lizards whole. She would come inside and upchuck it on my Indian wool rug. Then she would smile as we raced around like idiots trying to catch the slime covered lizards!

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  10. You're right. I think sticks win in a sticks vs. tobacco competition.
    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  11. Our foster pup tried to eat cigarettes. They don't seem that appetizing to me.

  12. Wow, that's so funny. I never heard of a dog that liked cigars and cigarettes before! They must smell tasty to him. Bleh! (Must be something about Mikes. I'm married to a Mike that all creatures, especially dogs, love!) :)

  13. wow, that is funny. I do not like cigarettes lol. I am stopping by from the blog hop, hope you will come and say hello.