Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lookie what I found!

Hi momma... let's go for a walk!
 If Cole was a little boy, he'd come home with his pockets full every time!
On this day, he spied a tennis ball and grabbed it.
I mean, with gusto!

He is so quiet and calm these days, it does my heart good to see him excited about anything. I half-heartedly tried to make him drop it.
 He would have none of that.
I tried pulling it out of his mouth, again, not too hard. Nope. Turned his head to keep it from me.

I'll let His Poodleness tell you the rest of the story...

Cole here... you know how you leave the house thinking another boring walk around the neighborhood? Then a miracle happens and you see treasure in the form of a yellow ball. Well no amount of begging by mom could entice me to let go of my treasure. It's mine! It's the rule. Finders Keepers.
Usually I find great sticks, either to carry, relocate or  chew up on the spot, and omg you should hear the complaints from the parental units... Cole come on, drop the stupid stick or bring it with us.
Some sticks need chewing up on the spot, and I know the dogs out there know which ones they are.

Today, I found the ball.
I said, COME! Mommy Come on! I walked with that ball the entire time, and let me tell y'all, one can pee while holding a tennis ball in their mouth. I didn't drop it once because I knew mommy wanted it for some reason. At the end of the walk I asked to get off leash, and felt safe doing it because Mommy only had to walk up the path to the door, she couldn't get lost in that short distance. Or, could she...
She kept walking, ignoring my pleas to play fetch or keep away. She is overly concerned with my shoulder. I mean if I don't mind why should she??
Well she not only found her way to the house, calling me the whole time,( how embarrassing)  but. went. IN.
Closed the door loudly so I could hear it.

 Probably thought I'd come running like a puppy. I'm 12 for Pete's sake!

She waited about a second, and I knew she was watching me,  then came back.
Now this is fun!! I'm in control! As it should be!
Notice I am still playing statues and holding the magic ball.
Then she came out again, down the path, to me, saying the words I hate to hear..." Uh, Oh"... in that tone of voice. I had to give it to her then. She can get so upset, and all doggies know when to give in. You don't want to upset the  beast  Mommy.

LeeAnna here again... well I put the ball down on the bench by the door. Cole walked slowly past staring at it the whole time. Reluctant to leave it. The next time we went out for our evening walk, he grabbed it and walked the whole way with it in his mouth AGAIN! Wowie, this ball must be beef flavored. He didn't even drop it when he petted Miss Maria, Piglet's mom. He just showed it to her.

He keeps it on the bench with his fave sticks for play time with Daddy. Does your dog pick up treasures along the way and become attached?


  1. OMG!!!! Chloe brings home pine cones! I have a ton of them in my yard and not a single pine tree!

    The Fabulous Bonnie Doon (Swissy) loved to bring her hedgehog squeakie on walks with us. She looked ridiculous with that huge hedgehog, but it came with us!

    I don't remember Dutch (Swissy) or the Basset Boyz bringing anything along.

    Oh, Chloe and Bonnie Doon got into it over a squashed squirrel one night! And Frank had to reach in and claim it for himself. He didn't realize what it was until he actually had it!

    That was hysterical!

  2. Cute :-)

    Lots of Woofs from Earl, Ethel and I at Earl's World!

  3. Our dog Sally used to be like that - sticks were a high value treasure, but tennis balls found on the street were like gold.

  4. That hat is too cute on Cole. Jax is becoming a bit of a hoarder on our walks lately. He is very interested in dragging something along the way - his problem is - he can't figure out what to hold onto! The next best thing is always on the next block!

    1. Jax is an adorable puppy so it's his job to taste as much as possible.

  5. That's cute. My dog Tucker loves his ball. He can do anything with that ball in his mouth, including bark!

    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  6. Yes! Rita does the same! She's brought home The Best Stick Ever and TWO (!) squeaky tennis balls! Treasures!

  7. So exciting to see him acting like a puppy with that yellow tennis ball. Great Story!

  8. Buzz used to love picking up tennis balls when we used to live close to several tennis courts...he's carry them proudly all the way back home, and also peed while holding them in his mouth. He'd only drop them to poop ;-) We got a nice tennis ball collection that way, by the way...

  9. Ziva stole a ball from a neighbors yard once, she was very sad when I returned it. :-)

  10. Oscar brings home friends. He was eager to go inside one night and I was slow opening the door, he looked up at me and I could see the porch light shining on the belly of a frog in his mouth. I whacked his chops from the side and the frog hopped away to safety. The grill king mentioned another frog incident where he found one in the family room about 20 feet from the back door. That frog was searching for a place to hide - Oscar apparently hadn't finished counting to ten yet. The game of hide and seek with a frog was called on account of ... well, you know, it's really an outdoor game.

  11. Ugh, my boys bring home frogs, snakes and rocks. A ball every now and then would be nice! LOL

  12. aww, cole in that first shot. so cute!
    wags, bailey unleashed