Tuesday, March 10, 2015

pull up a chair, and take two

Pull up a chair... to hold the weight of this quilt while joining a side border to the center!
The borders are about 15" by 78" each
I sandwiched them, quilted them, added the outside binding and whip stitched it to the back to finish the edge.

I used some vintage Hoffman fabric that I adored.
It's hard to use beautiful fabric in bindings as so little shows, and you've folded them in half so half the fabric is hidden anyway.
But when it goes, it goes and you use it.

I carefully folded back the un-quilted edge of the border, pinned it to the complete center edge. Many pins. Many pins that continually stuck me each time I touched the whole thing.
Took it to the machine, carefully sewing the quarter inch seam with the walking foot, removing the pins as I got to them.
For 78 inches.
Then realized I was out of bobbin thread.
Back to the table no time to cry over spilled milk, repinned, rewound a bobbin, put the quilt back in it's chair, and slowly carefully sewed the seam again.
You can see that pretty binding now
Back to the table to carefully trim away batting and excess material. Press the seam, fold over the backing fabric and whip stitch it closed. Invisible or nearly so on the back,

 And absolutely invisible join on the front!
The quilt is big and heavy and wadded up on the table here but you get the idea...

Lots of people quilt by check, which is their choice.
I am a quilt maker, a quilter, a possible control freak but definitely with an artistic temperament.
I know what I want. It's one reason I cut Cole's hair myself, as I am picky and want him just so.
 I want my quilting just so, and I  LIKE QUILTING.
 I have to figure out how to get 'er done each time.

I am also working on a paper pieced tree block quilt with pieced in words, and my Seurat Challenge piece but they will be for another day. Other posts on QAYG listed on tutorial page



  1. why, as recently as YESTERday i did the same, sewing after pulling out of pins just ahead and at the end of the run lifting pressure foot a loft only to find only one thread to clip and a whole lotta holes in my fabric. i sometimes use an ironing board, adjustable heights, for holding the weight as i quilt on my old Bernina 830 record, the Square mechanical one, though i don't do many as big a the one you wrangled!
    be well

  2. I feel your pain. Even my long arm does that bobbin thing.

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    I would love to pull up a chair! Wow what a quilt!
    "Quilt by check" ...I'm giggling..
    So many projects you'll be surprising us with! Super!
    Hope you didn't bleed on the quilt! I've got band aids!
    take care,

  4. You are right, it doesn't look like a quilt as you go on the front. :) I also seem to run out of bobbin at inconvenient times. I have learned to listen to my machine. It sounds different when I a out of bobbin.

  5. I'm very impressed with your quilt. It doesn't look like QAYG. Congratulations. And I agree with you; I like the entire process of quilting. Every step. Even when it's a pain.

  6. Great idea to QAYG with a heavy quilt - well executed too! Helps use up those scraps of wadding too which is always a good thing. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  7. Your quilt is adorable! Great idea about using a chair to support the weight and bulk of your quilt. I was struggling against the weight of a Minky backed quilt that I was trying to quilt last night and getting pretty frustrated. I'm going to try your idea of a chair or a laundry drying rack or something next. Thank you!

  8. I would never have thought to QAYG borders! It looks seamless on the front!

  9. The binding goes really well with the border fabric! Bobbin thread always seems to go just as you're reaching the end of a seam or quite a while before you realize it's gone. :/ Tricksy bobbins! ;) Looks good!

  10. Beautiful! One of my dearest friends, Madeline, made me a beautiful, colorful quilt as a Bridal Shower gift. I cherish that quilt so much - quilts are such special gifts!

  11. I hate running out of thread and not realizing! But after everything, the quilt looks wonderful. Love the backing fabric.