Saturday, March 28, 2015

Time for some Spring Stuff! Aqua anyone??

 I wanted to show you some pics I took at Cracker Barrel in Lancaster.
AQUA! I love Aqua!
So many Spring like items, so artfully displayed to make me want to take them home to my messy house!

I used to collect salt and pepper shakers because there are so many whimsical ones but don't have the space to show them off. Maybe in the new house!
That's forward thinking my friends!
Green glass bunny casserole dishes, Chicks mugs, eggs, and... hey wait!! Someone get that stupid snowman out of the picture!! We're done with it right?
Stupid weatherman says it will snow here today. AGAIN. It's end of March in the mid-Atlantic for Pete's sake! We don't do snow now, we do rain and lots of it.
Couldn't resist dog stuff... Love the color mix of Aqua blue and lime green cups. We have a layer of dog nose art on our sliding glass door.
I don't know what's going on here... but it made me stop and take notice. It's a water fountain for
"just that special place" in your home.

Imagine choosing your dishes on a whim, changing them out with the seasons!

Whale sign would be for the home on the water... Sonja in Hawaii?? sonjahagemanndesigns
 For my international friends, Cracker Barrel has Southern food like I grew up with, and tons of fun stuff to buy as well.

This vase looks like something from the 50's

Maybe if we East Coasters pull out the bunnies, and tulips and egg items, the snowman will get the picture, that it's time to move on for this year.
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  1. I love Aqua, too. Sorry about the snow...we got some in MI but it melted right away.

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    So good to see the fun colours of aqua with tints of Easter to cheer up the winter weekend! Snow! That's just not enjoyable this time of year! April is just around the corner!
    Take care,

  3. Honestly, haven't thought about aqua...LOL!! So love that nose art sign!!!

  4. Love the Cracker Barrel store... It's so fun to look around there! I love Aqua too.. Very beachy color for me. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful displays.
    No More Snow!!!!!

  5. I love Aqua too, so many pieces of my work contain that Aqua and those beach glass color tones. some are waiting for me to start up the Bernina record 830 and
    even in my whale work!
    Nose ART, what a hoot, i mean a woof!

  6. That store looks like fun. I love aqua, very seasonal too.

  7. I like the "nose art" Riley is an expert at it