Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nearly Wordless--- Create and have fun

I'm busy gathering supplies and making step-outs for my two upcoming workshops.

Words on quilts and Bindings 12 ways

I'll do more posts soon,
                  when I surface!
I have been creating and making stuff...
"your visit is important to us, please leave a message at the tone..."


  1. Have fun with your workshops. :)

  2. Hi LeeAnna.....This is Joanne over at Teatime gardening. Great to hear you're sharing your great wisdom of words and bindings! I'm sure you're creating some very cool stuff! Would love to hear your stories, read your posts when you get back! I'll check in again later! Bye!

  3. Both sound like great workshops! I've never done words but it's on my 'must try it some time' list.

  4. I haven't tried words on quilts yet, but it's something I've thought would be an interesting challenge. I like your play on it here.

  5. Beeeeeeep! Hi La Paylor, glad I stopped in today. Interesting word art. I just made a sign for my blog off of my name with paper pieced patterns from the Harry Potter alphabet at Fandom In Stitches. One of your kinds might be paper pieced.

  6. workshops are sooo much work and soooo much fun! lucky are the folks that attend!!!

  7. I'm so sad I can't attend one of your workshops. Actually it would be more accurate to say I am totally bummed that I can't go to both of your workshops! A. I would get to meet you. B. I would love to put words on quilts C I haven't put binding on a quilt yet and I'm so intimidated! Sigh. Well, I'm stuck in bed right now but I have two dogs and a cat for company with me (Dora Dog is snoring very loudly!) and the good news is that, on average, I am more active. Yay! Now I hope you are taking good care of yourself and not working too hard! I'll try to check in so that you know I'm still stalking, I mean by that, of course, that I am staying abreast of your doings as often as I can. (Junior High guffaw) abreast! What a word! Ttyl!