Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taking a walk around Mirror Lake

Pretty right? Every day on vacation I took a 3 mile walk around Mirror Lake in the morning and the evening.
Let's start at the end of the walk, shall we? Drew spent his exercise swimming while I watched Cole, and he did puppy sitting service while I walked. Cole used to be able to go around the lake both times for many years. Now he hurts too much so near the end of the walk, I call Drew and he and Cole meet me at the beach.
Look closely at the top photo, click on it, to see a poodle and and man walking to meet me. click on the pic at left to see man and poodle at the beach.
I made two videos of Cole playing in the water but haven't been able to put them on the blog yet.

He splashes around in the water, gets his toy, and saunters back to one of us. Until he's done. Then we saunter back to the hotel.

 The following are sights I saw along the walk...lots of pictures, so grab a cup of something...
This house always has a lot of  sounds coming from the secluded yard. Usually it's a chorus of dogs barking but one day, what's that:??

Pig squeals and grunts? For real?

Yep, I looked up at this tree and saw these...
and the sign under that says:
Old Dog...Young Dog...Several stupid dogs... please drive slowly

and now, several real pot bellied pigs! Now the weathervane makes more sense

 I love Lake Placid! I wish we lived here...

Look at the driveway.

(our driveway at home is broken pitted concrete)

The pattern is so quilt related so of course my mind went immediately to interpreting this in fabric

Fall was in the air up there.

The leaves were changing and the berries so plump and shiny. Boy if I were a bird... I love Fall, the colors and loved seeing the way these leaves changed, along the edges only. Again, nature is awesome. If I'd have painted those someone would say that's not realistic.


  1. Wow! It looks nice and relaxing there. Sound like you three had a fantastic time. Glad to see Cole enjoying himself swimming...Awe! So cute!

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    Looks like a lovely place!
    But where would you go on vacation then?
    That brick driveway is not a fun thing to weed!
    Trust me, there's lot of grass and weeds that lovew to grow between the bricks here in this climate!
    I didn't show a lot of the help aids that were at the fair yesterday, such as walkers, beds that go up and down, hearing aids and glasses! There were a lot of fun things! Crafts, hobbies, trips and travel agencies!
    Take care,

  3. What a beautiful place and fun to see Cole in the water! Those pigs in the tree.....cute!