Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Quilt Show and a few purchases

a few vendors
My husband, the "Quilt Widower" went with me to another quilt show. He is so good and it's really fun to share time with him something other than clearing out house problems.
He has a man's perspective. He has a non-quilting perspective. He has a different perspective that makes events like this fun to discuss with him.

The top picture is the sum total of all I bought at the show.

My husband's  advice to me when I leave for a show is "Show great restraint"

This time he shopped along side, and helped me choose this:

 I know!! Another pin cushion!! I first asked for poodles, then flamingos, then cows, none.
But the little burro that started life as a candy dish:? Chocolate karma? I'm in. Plus it reminds me of the poodle pulling a cart from my, er, collection. Anyone know anything about it's history?

The two books were the first purchase and on sale for $5 each, at Dover Books.  Christmas!!

The thread is Presensia, and the sampler pack of small spools was perfect to take in my hand sewing kit with my hexie project. I get to try their thread, and use colors I didn't have. I opened the pack on the way home, sewing my hexies while Drew drove, and we listened to our new book on tape by Rita Mae Brown. Back to the show...
 I started with vendors, but did look at the quilts. I love seeing the World quilts  and this one by Teri Cherne won best of country (USA) this year. I like a circle design, and these exuberant colors and intricate quilting made my heart beat faster.

I also enjoyed the New Zealand quilt where the artist saw a picture of the land and saw a woman's figure in it!
Ideas come from all sources, the muse finds you if you let her!
Wendy Ward

There was a group of small Celebrate the Day challenge quilts.

Each artist chose an obscure holiday, a real on the books holiday like popcorn day! Walk your dog day or Mole day.

This one,  for Cow Appreciation Day and in case like me you want to celebrate a cow each year it's on July 15th.
By Stacey Koeller. I took lots of pictures of this exhibit since it was my favorite one.

Whimsical and just plain silly, right up my alley!
Oh and by the way, they had a Nerd Day quilt and I asked my resident scientist if he wanted it on the blog. He said no, and acted like he had no idea why I would even ask. It had a pocket protector with pens.


  1. Hi LeeAnna!
    You'll have to send me the picture of Nerd Day quilt! I'll post it! LOL!
    That's a great theme idea! "Celebrate the Day!
    Souds like you both had fun!
    Take care,

  2. I love Nancy Halvorsen Christmas stuff! Pin cushion is really cute!

  3. My goodness, what gorgeous quilts! I love seeing international quilts, too, but don't get many opportunity other than via blogs. How lucky you were to see those in person!!!

  4. Nerd day - I know plenty of people who might like to celebrate that one! Personally I'm with you - Cow appreciation day is right up my street, and I love the little quilt, so sunny.

  5. Great additions to your stash LeaAnna and the cow quilt looks neat!

  6. You have inspired me to start collecting pin cushions! How fun is that! Thanks:

  7. Looks like a fun day with Hubby! I like that Celebrate the Day Challenge - neat idea! And I like your pincushion collection. I have a Lamb planter that I plan to - one day - turn into a pincushion.

  8. Sounds like a really fun day! Adorable pin cushion :)