Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Poodle Feeding times are...

I'm reminded of the Little Shop of Horrors! movie, where the plant says, Feed me Seymore! and sings,
Movie video of the plant singing
Cole is a challenging dog when it comes to food. He has developed so many food allergies that we are limited mostly to Science diet ZD and a few vegetables. He has become skinny because he hates kibble.

"Mommy, I want to eat a chipmunk or bunny"  (Cole sends message telepathically)
 I am opposed to catching said animals and frying them up.

He must eat to take his pain meds, so we are often doing a song and dance to get him to eat. (come on, you like this)  As my friend Pat says of her dog Mindy, we all gather around to observe the miracle that is Cole eating. He will eat by himself at his raised feeding station half  of the time at least.

 He will eat kleenex anytime he finds one. He has been known to eat toys and  dance shoes.
(see the carnage here in this post showing remains of shoes)
 His preferred feeding method is being fed by spoon, one kibble at a time, heated with a bit of canned food mixed in.

He also likes finger food.

The blue bag on the floor is an ice pack, that was just held to his shoulder as he's had an upset tummy  so I haven't been giving the pain meds.

My husband has hurt his back lifting this poodle into the tub for a bath. I have a serious back injury that requires coping, and now the dog...

Well, we are a family, we three, and a family pulls together through thick and thin and illness.


  1. Oh how I can relate! One of our dogs has been battling a bacterial infection for over a year.....now she has been diagnosed with 50% kidney failure. We thought we were going to lose her last week but our vet told us to give her an appetite stimulant and give her anything that she will eat. One day it is meatballs, the next it is liver wurst and we just keep trying things.

    Good luck with your pup.......sending good thoughts for all of you.

  2. Is there a walk in bathtub in your future?
    My last dog used to just walk into the shower (tail down) with me. She was addicted to licking the water off my legs after a shower and couldn't help herself. I need to try showering with the new dog. He needs a bath. Badly. Last one was outside with a hose because this dog likes to lick the sprinkler while I water the plants. He didn't like the sink. What we won't do for our pets...

  3. You forgot to mention that Mindy is also a poodle :-| She has been a fussy eater since day one in our household. Eating is the time she gets our undivided attention and with her it's all about attention. Should I also mention that she is about 7 or 8 inches off the ground and weighs only 7 lbs.? She is about the size of Cole's head but commands our attention down on the floor with her. Have to say .... it is a whole other view from down there looking up. Even I a (all 4' 10" of me) look tall to Mindy.

    Best of luck getting Cole to eat and finding something he will actually like!

    Oh, one good thing about little Mindy. Her baths happen in the kitchen sink :) Pat

  4. Oh poor Cole! Your pug cousins LOVE to eat. Anything. Even poop. Can he eat boiled chicken and white rice?

    1. mores the pity, no. He is allergic to chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, turkey, venison, peas, asparagus, and more... LA