Friday, September 12, 2014

Orange stained glass blocks

Still doing the RSC (superscrappy)  rainbow challenge, orange.
Above pic is my line up for chain sewing. It's fairly fast work when you get organized. I made 5 orange blocks this month. They are looking very exciting!

I also finished up some lime green blocks from last month. I wasn't thrilled that there are two shades of green chosen as colors of the month. When I use color, I use all shades together, so the previous green blocks had a bit of lime.
Here is a shot of the fabrics used this time...

note the fabric on the right is pumpkins, very seasonal right??

That fabric and the one to it's left have been used in several of my quilts over the years.

Scraps last almost forever! There are certain fabrics that find their way into many quilts. Maybe it's the mix of light and dark, or the pattern, the shade or saturation of color. I don't know why.

The fabric on the bottom has coral, orange and purple with a flower graphic so I expect it will surface more than once.

Hope it's not to jarring to switch back to the lime green blocks but here they are.
I'm having a lighting challenge in the studio. They stopped making the bulbs I used for years in the spotlights. They gave very natural light and were GE reveal. We replaced them with GE Reveal bulbs that are LED and they wash out color. It's no longer light daylight.

I hope to find an answer to be able to take good color pictures again soon. I know there is a way to check white meters, but then I have to change the camera in every circumstance and it used to capture correct color wherever I was. It's all about those bulbs.

I also thought I might amuse you with this picture of a poodle...
picture from sister baird's blog

and this picture of my flowers with two little candy corn people I bring out to decorate each Fall.
I have actually made 5-10 Halloween inspired quilts so I'll show those in "shock-tober"
Happy orange y'all!


  1. I am loving those orange stain glass blocks. They are just so bright and cheerful, like sunshine coming through on a fall day.

  2. I favor the lime green ones. Stained glass quilt blocks are a favorite. I love the look of the black between the color.

  3. Those stained glass blocks are great. I love the orange and black together.

  4. I love all the different fabrics, so pretty!

  5. You have been very busy. Sorry to hear about your lighting problem. I hate the light on the new LED's, but I guess we will just have to put up with it.

  6. Oh, those stained glass blocks look like a lot of fun as do your candy corn decorations.

  7. I'm always partial to orange. Do you have a tut somewhere for the Stain Glass block?

  8. I have trouble with lighting too, as my design wall is on the back wall of a long basement room. My new camera (still just a point and shoot) seems to do much better about adjusting for lighting, which makes my life so much easier! I hope you're able to find some bulbs that work soon.

  9. Oooooo!!!! Pretty blocks!
    The poodle is a quilt by itself.

  10. I do like those stained glass blocks, both the orange and the lime.
    I photoshop all my photos before putting them on the blog. If I don't, it doesn't seem to matter whether my photos are taken inside or out, night or day, the colour is never right.
    BTW Did you know you were a No Reply Blogger? Let me know if you need help to fix that. I discovered this when I went to answer your comment on my post.

  11. You always have such lovely projects to show. I love your stained glass blocks!

  12. I love your blocks, colors and the poodle!!

  13. Hi LeeAnna!
    Orange! Fall! Leaves!
    This stained glass project is growing with leaps and bounds!
    Love the lime green fabrics!
    Take care,

  14. LURVE orange!! Your blocks are awesome! I really really like green to. . . but there is just something about orange in a quilt :D Cannot wait to see your stained glass project all sewn together, it is going to be all kinds of wonderful :)

  15. I love watching your stain glass progress. The candy corns made me smile!! SO cute!

  16. Great looking stain glass blocks. I have to say poor puppy for the orange, but it is kind of cute, My dog is Black so no dyes.

    1. oh that's not MY dog!! He is black and way to fashion conscious to allow green ears!

  17. I love your orange blocks. Great blocks for this challenge. The corn people are CUTE. Looking forward to seeing pics of you Halloween quilts next month.

  18. Yay orange! I love it. :)

    I bought some 100w equivalent daylight bulbs at Home Depot. The they home depot branded and super cheap (little over $1 each). They've been awesome. I think most of the lights in the house have them now.

  19. Love the orange blocks! LOL the orange on the poodle is funny!!!

  20. Orange stained glass blocks are looking good!