Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Penchant for Poodle Pin Cushions and Pigs

When my blog friend, Martha Ginn (blog) in MS decided to sell a few things, this was among them...
the tongue is a retractable measuring tape! The tail is a thimble holder!
 and she thought I might want it.  Of course  I wanted it! Made in the 50's, like me. Black poodle, like mine.

This little boy brings my black poodle pin cushion collection up to two :

 I'm on my way. This is how the flamingo collection and the cow collections began and look at them now...

Here is a link to my Collections quilt post that showcases the cow, flamingo, poodle, & Betty Boop collection.   Wanna see?? click   its-not-tacky-its Kitsch!  If you want to see other poodle art of mine, check out the link to the STAT quilts label. Fun stuff!

The post that follows under this one, has a pic of two piggie-pinatas in Lake Placid. I'm not pig-crazy but...

I do enjoy a piglet in real life.Once a little piglet at the county fair nuzzled my hand with it's wee little dirty pink snout. (like a tiny suction cup!)  It caused my heart to beat faster. Another time, I observed a history reenactor at a farm pick up one of two little piglets to get them both back to the house, and the one in her arms screamed squeals louder than a siren causing the other one to trot along in solidarity... well I love a little pig now.
Louie the pig
read about Louie here www.dailymail.

My friend Pat sent me this video of a comedian telling the story of the three little pigs in Shakespeare-ese.
If it doesn't open, try this link


  1. I'm so glad the little black poodle found a home with you. And it is interesting that you discovered his tail is a thimble holder. I suppose that's the reason it is blunt instead of having a furry ball there. He's happy to be out of a dark closet at my house!

  2. Funny! Great way to start the day!
    I'll forward this video!

  3. That poodle accessory was made for you. Glad it found its way to you.

  4. What a fun pincushion! I had never seen one like it before. My daughter loves piggies ever since she was a little girl. They are adorable.

  5. Cute pincushion, especially the tape measure tongue!!! I love a little pig too :-)