Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall lights and colors

window box ready for Fall, just add leaves

Whee! I love orange especially in the fall. The summer flowers have passed on to the great garden in the sky. Replacing them are mums, pansies,  pumpkins and Halloween decorations.
Halloween  decorations are lots of fun!   We were pretty understated this year but then again, it's not over yet either, heh heh.
 This is another porch flower box with mum, pumpkin and Halloween house.

We also put up the front lights seen in
this picture from last year  
"voodoo poodle"  (It's just a click away!)

Fall has brought slightly cooler evenings, which are enjoyable to do a bit of porch sitting, wine drinking and now enjoying the twinkling light show.

See the poodle on his perch, watching the squirrels careening around the yard eating and storing acorns in their frantic attempt to prepare for winter. He watches the bird feeder just to the left of his bed lest chipmunks come to eat seeds. That's just not allowed in his kingdom.
Here are the spider lights hanging out back this year...
 They look especially festive under the solar globes Drew gave me for my birthday. I asked how he knew orange was just the right color for me, and he delayed... thinking... til I asked, was that the only choice?? (yep)
 Fall is a good season for me. I like cool temps. I love that leaves turn rainbow colors, the sky is usually bluer and less grey. It makes me feel like home is a good place to be. I kind of imagine I am living in an L.L.Bean advert. I could be baking lots of breads and soups.
 I'm not but I could be.
 For now, we three will be found on the back porch, chatting, reading, watching the twinkling orange lights, watching the leaves fall and squirrels acting squirrely and enjoying the nature show.
Do you decorate for Halloween? Thanksgiving?  LeeAnna


  1. Love your fall photos! I also am a shoeless sewer!!!

  2. Hi LeeAnna!
    Farmer's Market, Fall colours, pumpkin on a quilt, it's looking great over there!
    I love this time of the year, when the days grow shorter and are still just warm enough to be able to enjoy lights and candles outside!
    Take care,

  3. I decorate for Fall. That way it can stay up for two months:) (I use to decorate for Halloween when our girls were young....it was fun! Your porch looks cozy!!

  4. So pretty - I love shiny things :-)

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