Sunday, September 7, 2014

now what am I gonna make with this?

  Now what am I going to make with this??  Or this?
There have been times when fabric store employees ask what I'm going to do with my purchase.
Who knows?? 
I'm going to buy it, take it home and add it to the stash. It's the possibilities that keep me excited about buying fabric. 

I'm an ENFJ personality type. It's hard for us to commit to a decision because it stops all the other possibilities.

I got the top fabric at the Joyful Quilter in a little prepackaged bag, pig in a poke, for $2. I used a similar fabric in A MOO HA Go ahead and click here to see that one!
I let it simmer in the stash for years, then poof! there was the perfect place to use it. A non quilting husband of my friend said he didn't hoard 2x4's so he didn't get a fabric stash concept. I said Hoffman doesn't limit production of your slats of lumber does it?

The black and white fabric was found at Adirondak Quilts in NY on the sale rack. At first I thought it was Betty Boop, which would be enough reason to buy it. Then on closer inspection it was sewing ladies from the 1930's! Score! I love a black and white anyway because of graphics and you can hand dye them. But fancy vintage ladies hand sewing while wearing heels?? Come on!

Now these were unearthed during the great clear out of the archeological dig dining room. I asked DH what in the world?? He said they were mates to the ends that hang off the dog beds. In case you want to strap the dog to the car seat. Did we want to toss them?

Are you kidding me?? Have we met ?? OMG the possibilities abound!
I opened the orange scrap bin yesterday, took out fabric to make the sugar cone blocks, and now the bin won't close again. There is less fabric and yet it won't close.


  1. aren't those sewing ladies fabulous!

  2. Why are those scrap bins like that? Mine do the same thing. At least we'll never have to worry about running out of scraps. :)

    Haha! What are you going to make with that fabric? I've never answered "add it to my stash". Usually I just say whatever random thing pops into my head, but you know it's going in the stash.

    Happy quilting!

  3. Good thing you have a whole month of orange with the RSC, maybe the bin will close by the end of the month. That orange bin sure does look pretty.

  4. I got rid of some fabric from my stash a few years ago and I still regret it! I just worry that my house might look like a hoarder's place, but my OCD hubby says he will not allow that to happen. I am jealous of all those gorgeous orange scraps!

  5. I'm sure you'll think of something and it will be fantastic! :)

  6. I have the same problem. When I use fabric, the remaining fabric expands and it feels like I've acquired more fabric.
    Those b-and-w ladies are a real treasure! I'm not so sure about the doggy seatbelts....

    1. well what about tote bag handles? They are strong

  7. I totally love that first fabric print you purchased. If you had 5 more you could do a one block wonder quilt, and I'm sure it would be a lot of fun. And I have the same problem closing stash boxes. It's just something about my organization, I guess. My drawers are overfilling, but I swear I'm using up some of that fabric.

  8. Andrea, I looked that pattern up and it would be great! Like most good leftovers, there was only the one panel. I made a stack and whack quilt once tho, and it was fun. LeeAnna

  9. Chuckling because I'm familiar with the storage container that won't close after you've taken something OUT of it. Can't wait to see what you do with those dog bed straps. And that vintage sewing ladies!!!!