Saturday, March 4, 2017

Working in Red

"Collections" & "curiosities" and "Time"
I feel most free to do abstracts when I pull fabrics from my scrap bins. These strips were very narrow, maybe an inch wide or less. I wanted to see where the scraps most people would toss, might take me

First... sort into like sizes, which is when I found the tiny odd shapes, and a number of very skinny strips which I sewed into these sections:
I also found this in the scrap bin

made in a previous abstract session last year.

Hmmmm could it be used?
Where am I going with this?

I told you before I usually see nature emerging from abstractions. This time I just sewed. One strip and one piece to another.

There that pleases me.

Oh I need a bit more here... ahhh that's it!

Which orientation do you like best???
or this...
I like them both... so it's not sewn yet.
One rule of my abstracts is to keep dithering to a minimum.
This is the time for snap decisions.

Laughing! Of course I had to stop when I got mired down in this decision, find embellishments and place them on for fun. Now I see it as the "old curiosity shop"
See the little walkway into the shop? the windows? the sidewalk in front?

I amuse myself!
See what scrappy goodness is going on over at http://superscrappy   which was my inspiration today
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  1. I like the layout in the bottom picture better. It has a better sense of balanced.

  2. What FUN you've had this week!! Personally, I like the "windows" on the right of the piece. I'm sure it will look good whichever way you decide.

  3. I vote for orientation number 2! Love the reds!

  4. Improv, abstraction. Call it what you will. You're having fun and it looks good whatever the orientation.

  5. That little curiosity shop is really fun, the tiny aqua heart, the dragonfly and those skinny strips make a real miniature place fit together. Keep having fun.

  6. I like bottomm orientation. love your experiment with red

  7. So fun to see your abstraction in red! When you wrote about the walkway and windows, I went back and could see them. Love the embellishments, too! That made think about a mini I'm working on, and what I could sew on there for a little doorknob! Of course I have the perfect thing for it now that I've gotten inspiration from your post!

  8. The little curiosities take this quilt to the next level. Good job, LeeAnna.

  9. Great job taking red photos! Your camera, and what I see here on my screen makes these red quilt photo's look great! THe quilt looks fun! Embellishments! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I like the top layout--it moves more, to me--lovely work hugs, julierose

  11. Scrappy and joyful with those fire engine reds!

  12. I love that your husband commented on your blog. I think this is what I need to do with all the little scrappy triangle scraps I've accumulated. I hate to throw them out but they're pretty small. When I get home, I'm going to get them out and play.

  13. I'm generally quite literal so probably prefer left to right orientation with the small squares on the left). Must be my Teutonic DNA acting up again. Seriously thought, both orientations are quite lovely and you gotta love the red! ❤️

  14. I like the second option, with the squarish blocks to the right. Fun post - hooray for snap judgment sewing!

  15. Beautiful! I love playing with fabric to see what I can come up with too. I like version 1 - for no particular reason, it just appeals to me more.

  16. Either will be great. Love all of the reds.

  17. #2! You are having fun, aren't you?
    Love it!!!

  18. I like the second version. A very vivid project and I can so see that curiosity shop.

  19. So cool. I like the second photo with the addition on the right.

  20. Great scraps, I like what you are doing with those little strips.

  21. I think I would choose the second layout.
    Great use of "bits"... xox