Saturday, September 6, 2014

Orange you glad you asked?

one 3.5 inch unfinished block

Oh that's right... I LIKE sewing!! It's been a while since my machine and I had a moment.

The RSC (click here) color of the month is orange.
Ever since the panetone color of the year was orange I have been loving orange. So this is pretty exciting for me. I really like coral, and mixing fuchsia and orange is the best but golden orange is good too.

The  sugar cone block from Sew Precise  may look familiar. I've been doing the 6 inch version.

Look closer, this is a 3 inch version. I got a grand idea to do some four patches of smaller blocks to include with the larger ones!

Look above and see the little segments, at 2 in. unfinished. The whole little block is 3 in. finished.
Look to the right and see a segment being made. Some are pieced and some whole.
Here are four little blocks next to the larger one. So stinkin' cute!
 After I threw a fit sewed the little blocks together into a 6.5 inch unfinished block, it will fit nicely with the others, don't you think so too?

I didn't bring them all out this time, but I've been basically keeping up with the monthly colors.
It was harder than you'd think to match up all those little points where lots of fabric meets. I will have to take a break and drink some wine before tackling the other colors in tiny blocks.
This is the aftermath of a couple blocks

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  1. The little ones are wonderful - but what a trial to get them pieced!

  2. Too stinking cute just about says it right. Those little bitties will be so adorable mixed in with the giant bohemoths.

  3. I am so impressed! I love what you are doing, although I wouldn't attempt it myself.

  4. That orange is gorgeous and works especially well with your black and whites.The mix in sizes is a grand idea; I love that kind of variation on a theme.

  5. With fall on its way, orange is perfect! The small blocks are definitely stinkin' cute and gorgeous! I really love your prints.


  6. The little blocks are too cute. Love the orange with the black and white.

  7. You're a brave woman LeeAnna!
    Those small star blocks are super!
    Take care,

  8. I love orange with black and white!!!! cute blocks too!

  9. Love those blocks. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the straps.