Thursday, April 18, 2024

I Like Thursday # 398 flowering trees, chewy foods, entertainment and a poodle

 welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with blooming trees. It's much warmer two months early here in Colorado... our new normal? I like cold weather... but I also like the look of white blossoms on trees. 

not the pollen. 

love this rendition (group) playing flower dance    play it here or link follows

link to youtube

on audio books

the library took back the italian lessons... and since there is only one book for the whole area I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the next lesson. "Cavolo!!!" 

next and last in the current series by ellery adams

 Sauces home made

I made zucchini bites again this week, and make a sauce for them with a big spoon of yogurt, a big spoon of sour cream, onion and garlic powder, and chives... so good! 

I also made more sweet and sour sauce... 

gooey, sweet tart, orange juice base, and these ingredients ( I sub arrowroot for cornstarch, and aminos for soy sauce)

I keep jam jars for times like this... then the sauce is obvious on the fridge. 

We like it for chicken strips, on veggies over rice, and oh lots of uses.

It's been too hot to bake much and the cooler weather they promised has been delayed so far for three days... 

watching on tv

just finished The Traitors UK  season one... fun. The only drama left on commercial tv is The good doctor. Otherwise we watch BBC, Canadian or Aussie shows. 

Any survivor or amazing race fans here? I LOVE them both, don't have a fave contestant yet. On deal or no deal island, I like Rob. On American Idol I really like so many of those talented kids. 

sewing and painting

I enjoy both, and both take me away from reality for a while which is a good thing... I usually do those posts on Saturdays...

I like my snoopervisor

he finds lying between me and the design wall gets him more attention. AND he's close to the other bedroom window to keep a close eye on the neighbors who won't stay in their houses!

what is mama doing in here so long?

Prompt this week   "crunchy or chewy" 

my answer... chewy and crispy  like Twix or wafer cookies are good


I like chewy... before so much dental work, I loved caramels. I like pie over cake because, chewy. I actively dislike crunchy, it feels too jarring in my head. 

I do like crispy... THIN potato chips that break easily, crispy crust, chewy cookies. Mac and cheese. Sticky buns.

Gooey is best for me... yep, pasta coated in sauce, sauce on everything! 

Milo's Moment

wow it's bright and hot out here!

 Hiya I like crunchy. I'm young, I'm a dog, I have big teeth to crunch through anything, for instance this week Daddy totally burned the veggie burgers, and mama couldn't cut them with a knife, so I stepped up. Took one for the team. I agreed to eat them, out of the goodness of my heart. 

Milo likes crunchy, even challenging,  food!


Mama has been giving me a chunk every morning and I love it!  Taste like beans, beets, sweet potatoes. 

They are un-beet-able! 

(like falafel says daddy) 

Mama oohed over this trunk this week...
Mama: I don't know, it just is so pretty to me, the bends and lines, the leaves that look like hair on a face, made the artist in me happy. 

Milo: I just see a new place to leave pee mail

or some other business

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Sara said...

I do enjoy Ellery Adams' book series. That type of mystery is easy reading.

No favorite team in Amazing Race, but I'm starting to like Hunter or Maria in Survivor.

Guess I'm a fan of food, period. I like crunchy, crispy, gooey - all textures.

Helen said...

I'm watching with you on Deal or No Deal Island... unless Rob gets kicked off, then I don't care any more. i do love American Idol. I think it's a fantastic top 14. I love about 10 of them and will be so sad when it's their turn to go.

Cloudia said...

Oh Milo you have such a full life! Aloha

Angela said...

Oh, yes to the pasta with sauce! Always!

Duke said...

I watch The Voice rather than American Idol. I liked it so much better when Simon and Randy and Paula and Steven Tyler were judges.
Yes, for pasta and the more sauce the better!
Butt scritches are coming your way, Milo!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Yummy sauce. Oh, since I can't have dairy I'd take any kind of pizza! Hello Milo, you look pretty happy out there checking your peeMail. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

PaintedThread said...

Pretty flowers! We have a few daffodils up, but trees here are just budding, at best. I like crunchy and chewy both. Your orange sauce looks a lot like mine - I need to make that sometime soon. Yum!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Another delightful post! You look like you are in full blown summer. Here the green shoots are just showing. Love the sauce recipe. I have a pack of spring rolls that need something. I must check out Traitors. Kudos to Milo for taking one for the team!

Lisca said...

I love the flowering tree. Spring is here. Here in Spain we have had some unseasonal warm weather but today it's back to chilly.
I smiled at Milo eating the burnt offering. It sounded really nice if it hadn't been burnt. Like falafel. (I like falafel).
How do I like my pizza? Thin and crispy.
I don't know any of the programs you mention but the BBC do a program called Race Across The World with five couples traveling without a mobile phone, with a limited budget and they are not allowed to fly (have to travel over land or by boat).
I also remember seeing Deal or no deal many years ago (with boxes that need to be opened).
I don't watch that much tv but what I watch is usually streamed. And sometimes BBC normal broadcast (like the Race Across the World).
Have a lovely weekend,

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Way to save the day (or the burger), Milo! The flowering trees are gorgeous with now and after those warm temps earlier in the week, the other trees seem to be leafing out...finally.

Lillian "sognafaret" said...

I love the white flowers. What a lovely dog waking

Lillian "sognafaret" said...

What a lovely day fora walk. I love white flowers

Michelle said...

Love seeing Milo. Aren't dogs the best companions?! I copied down the sauce recipe. Will be using it this week. Made the pizza cracker crust recipe last night that you shared a while back. It is our go to crust recipe now. Thanks for linking up and have a great week.

Tigger's Mum said...

I just love the way you annotate your recipes. My Grandmother had a handwritten recipe book, favorites gathered over a life time with loads of extra notes and cutting pasted in etc. I wanted to keep it because it was so personal and thought my mother had kept it safe after Narna passed away but when I got home it was to find that it had been thrown away. The cover had disintegrated, the pages were falling out but I could have saved it.