Thursday, April 11, 2024

I Like #397 morning person or night owl


this is a lamp
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listening on audio

the next book in the pieshop myteries

reading on ebook

Italian for beginners on Pimsleur


Io verrai comprare perfavore  ( I want to shop please)

Attempt failed

I took a free workshop on Resonance and play this week. A TOTAL letdown but I stopped trying to make myself fit in at day3 at least... deleting all notices happily after that. I consider that an improvement over trying so long to make something work for me... Self awareness builds, right?

 on TV 

still enjoying American Idol... I liked the entire group on the second night this week. Talent!! One boy is 15 and has the maturity and depth of a much older decent man... I'm impressed with each person overcoming something in their lives to do this show

Survivor and amazing race... yep I kind of like all the contestants. Deal or no deal Island... I like Rob 

The good doctor is a good show, and the last drama on commercial tv I watch, and it's ending... 

I found The Traitors UK and am now watching that... love the complexity of that show and the challenges. 

I am relying on TV to sooth my pains at night, and doing hand sewing while watching. Or playing IPAD games while it's on. 

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Prompt: Morning person or night owl?

Funny thoughts and jokes.... - Funny ...

seems like a lot of people think morning people are somehow "better" than night owls. I see it as energy... when do you feel the best, when are you most productive. left without demands would you lean more toward getting up early or staying up later?

I've always been more of a night owl.... even as a child it was hard to go to bed when others were still up talking, watching tv, etc. 

Funny thoughts and jokes.... - Funny ...

It's hard to wake up and get functional. Coffee helps but that's the drug caffeine's job. 

That said, now that I'm at an age when a lifetime of injuries and wear and tear have taken a toll on my body, I have to do things before the extreme pain starts. Ironically the pain stops me from resting/sleeping well too. So I'm being forced into being a mid day person. 

Night Owl Or Sweet Dreams | Funny good night quotes, Sleep quotes funny,  Cant sleep quotes funny

Add in bad dreams lately, from a state of chronic anxiety, sleep isn't as restorative as it should be. 

I have a memory of going to the Paducah quilt show with my older sister. We shared a room with two beds. I woke around 6 AM  to see her sitting on her bed, completely dressed purse on shoulder, hair done, looking at me. 

Crikey! what the heck? Let's go she said

I get chores done as early as possible now, to get them out of the way, knowing after lunch to 7 ish I want to be in the zone in my studio. I read at night or sometimes when I don't want to face the new day, I read before I get out of bed. If I'm into a handwork project, I do it while watching tv at night. I like it when dh and poodle go to bed, and it's quiet for me to watch tv without interruption. I might even check the computer for messages during those later hours. 

I think I'm a night owl still 

fine dining

tried this "healthy oat, apple, banana, raisen loaf with no sugar" recipe 

 I found it tasteless with a slightly gummy texture. All good ingredients that didn't work with oats. 

Oh we will still try to eat it, I don't like waste... toasted with some peanut butter helps

youtube show

OMG we don't get this show here but it's Repair Shop with Dame Judy Dench, Dawn French

 Milo's Moment

I like water in my raised bowl

 (editor's note, Milo pushes his nose out of the way on the far side of a bowl to drink. I never had a dog do that)

Hiya! Milo here... it got weirdly dark this week during the day. My problem with that was all the people outside... I had to guard and bark from the windows to wake them up and force them back into wherever they go when they aren't bugging me. 

I don't have any grand thoughts this week for you...but... some guidance for pups out there

 I guess I'll say watch your peeps' faces to see how it's going... if they are laughing I wag my tail since I rarely if ever actually laugh. If they have hard faces I leave the room and lie on the green sofa til they soften back up. 

I'm not brown, the color is off. I'm a mix of black and gray, called a blue poodle

Their faces tell a lot about their moods. Oh and if the mama makes noise in that sing song baby voice, that means she loves me and there might be treats. 

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Night owl or up-with-the-Larks? It's an age-old dichotomy. I'm a Morning Lark myself.

grammajudyb said...

It’s a difficult thing to Benin pain and there for unable to sleep! Mr Busy is often up during the night. I think you have to take your rest how you can find it. Napping midday if necessary..or reading or watching TV. Thanks for the video! I love Dame Judy and the whole thing was hilarious!

Cloudia said...

I used to be a night person. In fact I worked overnights. Now I can't stay up past that and I'm up at 5:00 in the morning!

Hi Milo!

Angela said...

Good for you. I too let go of a free workshop that was doing nothing for me. It felt really good to let it go.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your little lamp! I bet it's pretty at night. I'm so impressed that you're learning Italian, too. I love your theory on night owls compared to morning people - it's such an individual thing. I still have plenty of nights where I can't go to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night, and then wake up bright and early anyway. Happy Thursday!

Sara said...

Survivor and Amazing Race have both been good this season. And like you, I like all the racers and don't have a favorite yet. I don't have a favorite survivor yet either.

I'm sorry you aren't getting good restful sleep. Since my hip surgeries, I find that I sleep so much better because the pain is gone. Feeling thankful. I'm definitely a night owl by nature. Now that I'm "mostly" retired I can stay up reading as late as I want. Th weird thing is I seem to need fewer hours of sleep, so I'm up fairly early most days even though I don't have to be. One of my daughters is a morning person - gets up at 4:30 to go to the gym before work. And my other daughter's husband does the same thing.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I'm more of a night owl but not as late as when I used to work crazy shifts at various hospitals. I hope you're feeling better. Thinking of you!!

Brian's Home Blog said...

I'm pretty much a night owl too, always have been. I don't watch much network TV, I'd rather stream anything that doesn't have commercials. Milo, that's a very clever way to not get water up the old snout! Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

I like your flowering tree lamp! Definitely a night owl - all my life. Get my best reading done in the middle of the night. Now that I am older, the aches and pains wake me up, too, so I sleep late. Curiously, the dogs have adopted my schedule! For many years I had to get up so early with the family, so I am enjoying my natural schedule now. I am with Milo - Keep your nose out of things and always read people's moods. Hope you have a good week with some warm sunshine. Hugs xo K

Tigger's Mum said...

Hilarious Red Nose Day skit. Sorry to read that you are battling the motivation sponge.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Those memes are spot on and funny. You are so clever and fit such a lot of creative/productive things into your days even if you don't feel quite as motivated at times. Good sleep is vital and we all stive for it these days it seems. Love Milo's musings. You take care now.

sonja said...

as a younger person , i would often sleep in what i called "split shifts". Way way back, i worked as a long distance operatorat general phone company, Redondo Beach.I picked the 8am-12pm...4pm to 8pm shift so sometimes i could go to the beach and go dancing...all in the same day! (as a 20 something, one has much more energy, tons more!)!
And now, i might sleep a block of hours, potty tip, then sleep some more til sun rise, if i am lucky.
"Good sleep is vital and we all strive for it these days."so true.

Ruby the cat likes to sit in the utility sink, where i keep a bowl of fresh water for my cat girls. She often dips her paw in the water and lifts it to her lips, taking water in... wish i could sleep/nap hours like they do!!

PaintedThread said...

Gah - I hate when I'm tired and wired at the same time. I'm a morning person, although I don't always get up right away (I like snuggling in bed with a book).

Lisca said...

I love your (night) owls. I have always been a night owl. And I loved doing night shifts because of it. Nowadays I really have to be disciplined about going to bed at a decent time because if left, I would read, tidy, do computer stuff, make lists etc until the very early hours. My brain works best then.
I had a good laugh of French and aunders taking the mickey out of the Repair Shop. I love the Repair Shop (the real one). It's a shame you don't have that. It's very interesting.
Sorry I'm so late. I've had a fab but busy week with my friend from England.

Annie said...

I’m definitely an early bird. I do all my best thinking and like to get all my sewing done before lunch. I like to go to bed by 10 pm and always turn off techy things by 9 at the latest or it makes my head too busy to sleep.
Annie x