Thursday, December 1, 2022

I Like Thursday #326 and December! Holiday movies


Decorating the mantle for Christmas

Welcome to this week's list of likes!

 Our prompt this week is Holiday movies you love to watch again and again. Which ones did you love as a kid? and are there any on you to watch list for this year? We all know Hallmark has made a brand out of Christmas movies. Here's a list of 100 good movies to see:

On my list is

Holiday Inn

White Christmas and Holiday Inn.... an old set of movies with favorites Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, 

love the music and dancing and love along with pretty views of New England covered in snow

Love Actually.... yep I can watch it over and over

Miracle on 34th street.... the original movie as I love vintage things.... and it has the most magic in the eyes of little 

Harry Potter.... anytime I see them on I must stop and watch. We have them on disc but still.... magic

As a kid it was anything Disney.... I fondly remember "Babes in Toyland"  and any Charlie Brown

Babes In Toyland (DVD)(2002)

This year my friend Cindy said to check out The Noel Diary on netflix so we will!!!

Have you noticed religions around the world have holidays this time of year? Do you have a cultural view I might not be aware of that has movies?  If so I hope you tell me about it. 

Learning and experiencing

I'm taking a week long workshop on creativity, painting and  life with Marina Tselner Creative Arts Apothacary  find  out by being on her newsletter

Join here (for free)

Things that worked out

Dr. Andrew Benson, OD
Dr. Andrew Benson, OD
Denver, CO
dh has had eye irritation for a while now, which intensified over Thanksgiving,  but visiting an eye doctor here where no one but us wears masks is terrifying. I needed an eye exam to renew my drivers license by mail. We found a lovely doctor who visits you at home!!! He was concerned about dh's symptoms and made time that day to come out. 

Turns out dh has a corneal ulcer/infection that needed antibiotics and steroids. Getting delivery of the meds turned into a massive ordeal as Walgreens totally messed up, and we finally 30 hours later got the prescription from Sams club. I will not use walgreens again. 

the I Like for me was passing the tests, and the doctor said my redness and inflammation was allergy,  which plagues me in general (EX: allergic to vaccine) and ordered pataday drops for me. 

Go Finding

in looking through some decoration boxes this week I found two porcelain Christmas mugs we can use for our coffee or tea! So lightweight ad pretty, and old.... I don't remember where or when we got them

I also found the prettiest ornaments sent me by friends, Cindy and Shannon. I love seeing them and thinking of how lucky I am to have you for friends.

Just for fun

I enjoyed this list of party questions...

If you are brave enough to attend a gathering this year, this could make for more interesting discussions than the usual family fights/resentments  lol

 fine dining


we got some mini sweet peppers in our groceries this week, so I looked up how to bake them. 

stuffed mini sweet peppers 

guess I should have artistically arranged a few on a plate to show you but they were so stinkin' good we stood over the hot pan, picking them up with a fork to try them!!! We had enough left for appetizers for the week too! I'll be making these again.

Of course I changed the recipe... I used what I had, cream cheese (3oz) feta (about half cup) cheddar (what was left in the bag) with some minced jalapeno slices in half. I sprinkled some garlic powder in too. The peppers were cleaned cut in half, and drizzled with EEOO and a bit of salt before stuffing. 

I overstuffed some, some have jalapenos, some just cheeses, some nothing but the oil/salt. ALL GREAT! 

I used a new to me recipe to make real green bean casserole this year, taking a page from Wendy's book and trying a new recipe at the holiday. It turned out better than I've ever had. I used (frozen) french green beans steamed a bit, made the best mushroom sauce, and sprinkled fried onions from a bag (target) on top, it was the best ever. I used this recipe, skipping frying my own onions and using it for the mushroom soup recipe... sorry we dug in so fast didn't get pics. I'll make this again! ( Oh and of course I added in my touch, some marsala wine as the mushrooms simmered)


the good ones get stored in a big looseleaf notebook
 I tend to print out recipes to hang from cabinets above where I'm working... and don't need the nutrition facts so I have been drawing over them... more on Saturday

 Milo's moments

 Milo here.... I like walking on fresh snow, so I always make a new path!  Hey Mama I'm an artist! 

Mama: no kidding, how inspirational! I love the lines you created! 

Milo: I know right? just watch your step when the lines stop, heh heh


Is this my best side?
Milo: I'm a magician too Mama! I turned the octopus toy into a ball! with my enormous poodle teeth!

 Mama: about those toys.... I pulled them out this week just to take inventory and 

you seem to have a lot of chicken legs... all with squeakers in the feet

leg mandala plus octopus with two legs, broken ball and treat wishbone

"Mouth o' legs"

Fun! It was really easy to pull the cap off the ends, and one is loose already but I like it! 

gotta go play now.... just like I won't let you two turn into statues staring at the tv for long, I gotta bounce! 


hate doesn't solve anything. Nothing good comes from hate, and it grows so beware. Hating others makes the hater unhappy too as well as we are all connected for better or worse. Hating someone for their culture, religion, skin color, gender (women are being disrespected too) sexual orientation, is a waste of all we could be experiencing. Stop it when you see it being done. 

Long ago in college, I took an anthropology course that mentioned the peacefulness of the Hopi people. When someone acted out, the tribe would correct them saying, "that's not the Hopi way" I never forgot the lesson that a group can correct hateful behavior, and should.


please visit these folks to see what they liked this week and their lists of movies!


Susie H said...

So glad to hear there's a doctor that cares enough to make house calls! Kind of like my sewing machine repair guy! Anyway, glad he could clear up DH's eye problem and give you a little insight on your eyes too. The Christmas cups are almost too pretty to use but that would be silly. Enjoy that cup o' joe in the pretties. Good lists of movies. I wish I could stream Holiday Inn for free. Bonnie Hunter has also mentioned that one in years past as one of her favs.

easyweimaraner said...

milo we agree.. that is like being da furst and only dog of the world when we make a path in da fresh snow.... enjoy it!!!

Helen said...

We actually saw a (traveling) Broadway play version of White Christmas last year. It was good... but no one is as smooth as Bing...

Home Sewn By Us said...

Good morning, LeeAnna! Oh gosh, I forgot about Holiday Inn!! I'm going to look to see when that movie is on right now. Your porcelain mugs are gorgeous and just the ticket to enjoy a warm beverage of your choice. Oh, those mini peppers look yummy! I'll check out that recipe for Christmas Eve - it is definitely gluten-free and come with a high recommendation. I love Sally Baking Addiction. Way back when Sue and I took a hands-on class about making a pie crust. She is so nice and I have all of her cookbooks. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Sandee said...

I love Christmas movies.

Those peppers look very good.

I always enjoy seeing Milo. He's handsome.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

grammajudyb said...

So many Christmas movies! Something for everyone ! Thanks for the list! And the recipes! I’m definitely going to try the stuffed mini peppers. I buy them often and we use them as dippers for hummus!

I agree with Milo! Being the first to walk in new snow is the best!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I had forgotten about Miracle on 34th St when thinking about Christmas movies - I love that one! Your stuffed peppers sound yummy - I'll have to try those. I'm not a big fan of feta cheese, so it's good to see you used other cheeses and liked them just as much. So great that you found the traveling eye doc, and got some things figured out, too.

MissPat said...

I'm so glad you found an eye doctor to make a home visit. An untreated eye infection could be very dangerous. The chicken leg mandala is hilarious as is the mouthful of chicken legs. You make the most interesting recipes. It's hard to cook for one.

Shannon said...

I love that Babes in Toyland is on your list! It's on mine too- I loved watching it as a kid even though by then it wasn't new. It's still one I love to watch.

Angela said...

Oh, yes Holiday Inn is also a favourite that I forgot to mention.

Cloudia said...

Thank you for this brilliant post which is more like a two-day vacation!

sonja said...

"it's a wonderful life" is my favorite one .
love the musicals with Bing and dancers like Fred Astaire!
i love "Christmas in Connecticut" with Barbara Stanwick and good cast.
(i spent my first Christmases on east coast )

those sweet little peppers are so colorful and each one have a slightly different flavor. must try that appetizer soon!

an ophthalmologist making house calls, wonderful!
it's a wonderful life indeed!!!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I wish I knew a doctor that makes house calls. It makes more sense to have the doctor come to your house than you going to his/her germ filled office. There are so many Christmas movies out there. They're always fun to watch. Love your porcelain Christmas mugs.

My name is Erika. said...

That's scary about your hubby's eye, but great that you found a doctor that does house calls. I'm not a Walgreen's fan, but when you need meds, you go where you can get them-but hopefully faster than 30 hours. Wow, that's a long time. And nice movie list. I loved Babes in Toyland as a kid. I need to check that out again. And White Christmas and Holiday Inn are must watches.Another movie I saw a few years back based on a friend's recommendation was the Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant. It was very good. Say hi to Milo and give him a pat for me. And Happy December LeeAnna.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Wow, an eye doctor who does home visits! That’s refreshing to hear. Recently at my primary doctor’s office I overhead the secretary telling someone on the phone how the doctor has to rely on information home care nurses gather of his patients because he’s not allowed to do home visits. That’s sad so unlike once upon a time when doctors didn’t have to jump through health insurance or physician company hoops.

PaintedThread said...

I love/hate recipes that are good enough to eat right out of the pan. The price of success? LOL. I hope dh's eye improves quickly. Eye trouble can be so alarming! That's quite the collection of chicken legs, Milo.

Long ago I found that hanging onto hate was just to exhausting. I have some extended family that has hung onto their hate, and it seems like a sad waste of time and resources.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Imagine a doctor making house calls! Wonderful and sounded very necessary too. We have to treasure our eyesight. Great recipes as always. Tony and I agree Love Actually is one of our all time favourite movies. Beautiful Milo keeps busy, LOL.

My GBGV Life said...

Milo, you made us laugh with your creativity! We rarely destroy any toys at our house, they only die after years of lots of loving :) Happy Friday!

carol l mckenna said...

Oh Milo ~ so good to 'see you' ~ sweet photos of you and great post ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Michelle said...

I am impressed that you found an eye doctor to come to your house. That is wonderful! Milo is looking good :) Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

Kathleen said...

SO glad your husband had his eye attended to. Milo is brutal with toys, as all good poodles are! Love his tracks in the snow. Glad your eyes were attended to, also!

Annie said...

Sorry I'm so late visiting this week. I had another busy day with sewing yesterday then was on Grandparent duty afterwards.
We watched the new Christmas film called Spirited last night...loved it.
Annie x