Thursday, December 8, 2022

I Like Thursday #327 .....cookies!!!!


How I love ornaments!!!
Welcome to this week's list of likes.... starting with my bakers rack in the entry,

 which holds my very first paper pieced quilt, hand quilted with words, we wish you a merry christmas, circa about 1990. Two of my snow baby collections  my mitts made from old sweaters, Milo's xmas kerchief.

I love elephants

 I sure like the online Jacquie Lawson advent calendar.... a daily treat

imagine all these parts twinkling, people walking, toys dancing!

 ....with tons of pretty visuals, videos, games, decorations to do like trimming trees and making cookies, puzzles, so much.   

I love having lights in our tree and on the mantle,

 can you tell I like shiny sparkly? And COLOR?

I like my quilts out for the holidays

Let's talk about cookies...I like trying new recipes... and making a variety of cookies

what are your favorite holiday cookies? Which do you reach for first on a party tray? Do you make them or buy them?  Is there one you'd like to learn to make? (yes, rugalach)

sunflower butter crinkles

I asked my husband, a notorious cookie monster. He said he likes my chocolate crinkles the best but admits like me, he'd reach for an iced cut-out sugar cookie on a party tray. When we lived in the Baltimore region, Berger cookies were often on offer  with tons of chocolate icing. Or in Little Italy we always left with almond cherry topped cookies from the bakery. 

lemon cardamom crinkles
 Now that we are only eating from home, the whole cookie extravaganza falls to me... this year I have already done sugar cookies (except I rolled them into a log and sliced them) cream cheese cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip pecan, and put some in the freezer for Christmas week. Yesterday I tried two new to me recipes for lemon cardamom crinkles, and sunflower butter cookies.  lemon cardamom  peanut butter (or in our case sunflower butter)

I used to buy rugalach (love cherry especially) at Trader Joes but we don't go there now, so I must learn to make it myself. Last year I made pinwheels that tasted a lot like it. This year I hope to repeat the peppermint candy cane cookes I made last year... so good.

 tried a couple new recipes... we had a few apples to use, and made this....

It isn't exactly a cookie, but we  want to lick the dish after a serving... SO good. I Made it with whole wheat flour and it was perfect!!! Do you like gooey sweet apples and cinnamon?

I know it's about the cookie today, but I had success with cooking fish this week! woohoo!

 baked parmesan cod recipe:


Two failed cod escapades then this ( insert angels singing)  perfect. flaky inside, crispy outsides. AND I found out I can easily make my own, better tasting than store bought, tartar sauce. Mayo, relish, dab of dijon mustard, and sprinkle of fresh lemon juice. We had the other two pieces in sandwiches for lunch the next two days, toast the bun, melt cheddar cheese on half tarter on other half, warm fish under broiler while bread toasted. Best ever fish sandwiches. 


just finished 4th Ellery Adams Bay series titled, very good story well told on audio

Written in Stone - Adams, Ellery 

reading the Molly Murphy latest book by  Rhys Bowen (one of my fave authors)

Watching on TV

my friend Cindy said netflix had a good movie called The Noel Diary and it was so good. Holiday baking competition is playing on the food network, with cool contestants, challenges and judges. Still enjoying the series.... "My life is Murder" set in NZ staring Lucy Lawless, Murdoch Mysteries out of Canada, Bridgerton, Just finished the PBS series, " Magpie Murders" and it was surprising and excellent. On last episode of Miss Scarlett and the Duke (PBS) also excellent. 

Milo's Momemts

Milo here: I like snuggling back in my downstairs bed after I am FORCED to get off the big bed upstairs when I finally have it ALL to MYSELF after mama and Daddy get up. I will go outside and pee to make them happy, but then I come back in and head to this snuggly set up. I'm very Christmassy aren't I?  

Mama: now that we gave you a chair to help you get on and off the big bed, you take your time coming down in the morning.... when I get ready to go downstairs I pet you awake to let you know we're all up

Milo: oh my dog, I know. I am all warm, comfy and stretched out and you ruffle my ears.... 

Mama: I know you panic when we aren't there...

Milo: well I'm a big dog now Mama, and I'd like to sleep in sometimes

Mama: ahhhhhh I miss the days when you were excited to see me in the morning and jumped around me licking me and smiling.... 

Milo: I'll be happy to see you later, stay near! 

now please visit these people to see what they liked this week, and their fave cookies


easyweimaraner said...

we love jackie too... it has something from good old time ;O)

Michele McLaughlin said...

great post! Love your decor and Christmas quilts! Waving at Milo! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

Helen said...

I love getting a glimpse of what others have used to decorate for Christmas.

Edith said...

You might enjoy Rosemary & Thyme and The Lynlie Mysteries on Brit Box. Also Mackenzie and Dobbs was good. I’ve been enjoying that for a bit. I may go back to Acorn after a bit to catch up on Brokenwood and Agatha Raisin. You might enjoy Esté MacLeod’s free Creative Circle class she has been doing this month. I think you can still sign up if you want.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love getting out the Christmas quilts, too, and putting favorite ornaments on the tree! Your cookies look yummy. I haven't tried baking with sunflower butter, but I bet those are tasty!

grammajudyb said...

You have been baking up a storm! I’m especially interested in the sunflower butter cookie. DD is living with us now and allergic to all nuts. She would love to have sunflower butter cookies! I’m saving that link for sure!
I’m anxious to get the tree and decorate here at DS’s house! This weekend we will go to the mountains and cut a tree, if the weather cooperates! Then the fun begins!

Angela said...

I am with you on the shiny, sparkly colour!

Cloudia said...

What a pleasure to enjoy the holidays with you and Milo! I love elephants too

Rebecca Jo said...

I need to start getting ingredients to bake some cookies...mmm... & eat them all too!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Yummm, cookies. When Mama was alive, I baked persimmon biscotti, Russian teacakes, and a few other cookies to help create a Christmasy feel for her. I forgot about that.

Your oven gloves intrigue me. I spied sweaters we don’t wear in the closet this morning and wondered how I could repurpose them.

MissPat said...

Do you know about Sally's Cookie Palooza at A new cookie recipe every weekday for 10 days, plus a huge number of additional cookies on the website. There are several from this year I want to try, if I can get my act together. I've got my Christmas quilted pieces out and a few of the table top trees, but not much else. Not too cold outside, but the unrelenting gloom is enervating.

Susie H said...

Those Lemon Cardamom Crinkles sound delicious! Will print that one out to try. What a great post. Loved so many of your likes this week. I drove home from Cleveland Tuesday so I'm a bit discombobulated. Will try to get a post together this afternoon. We love cookies around here!

Sara said...

I love cod, but haven't found a really good recipe for a crust yet either. I make a wreath shaped spritz cookie most years for Christmas, and when I don't my adult children ask where the cookies are. I love an iced sugar cookie too.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! Happy Thursday to you. Love, love, LOVE the cod filets. We make our own tartar sauce, too - we add Old Bay seasoning to it. It's delicious on salmon, tilapia, cod, or a side of fries. We're enjoying the holiday baking competition also. Milo, you do look all nice and snuggly warm. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Brian's Home Blog said...

All of your decorations are sure pretty and the cookies look great, I really miss having cookies. Milo, you sure do look snuggly warm pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

PaintedThread said...

I've never heard of lemon cardamom together - sounds interesting. We've been watching My Life is Murder, too. It's been a fun show.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Fun and festive decorations at your house, LeeAnna! The cookie tray? I normally go for a plain old chocolate chip cookie first. I leave ALL the iced cookies for the other guests!

Michelle said...

I like Ellery Adams and I need to get back into reading. I have slacked off a bit. I love baking, but I don't have as many people around to bake for! lol I can't keep eating all of it. Thanks for linking up.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Will be baking this weekend (pecan sandies, Spritz & thumbprints) for the tins I make for the neighbors. I'm still deciding whether or not to make fudge this year-my recipe makes about 5 lbs. That's way too much fudge to keep around the house for me.

Annie said...

I love the look of all your cookies and am sorely tempted to make some now...but I’d eat them!! Milo really made me chuckle today.....oh to have a lie in eh?
Annie x

Kathleen said...

I am impressed by the tiny paper piecing you did as a first project! Love seeing all the goodies...I don't bake because I'd eat it ...but I love thinking about it. I used to bake but now that son is not in the house, I don't. Willhave to add your books and that series to my list to read/watch!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Milo looks nice and comfy. I always envy those people that make all sorts of cookies and serve these huge trays of assorted cookies. I'm lucky if I get 2 different types done. I love peanut butter cookies. So good!!

piecefulwendy said...

I am so behind on reading blogs! I've been having far too much fun in my sewing room. You have some tasty cookies going on in your home, but that fish recipe really sounds good! Milo looks cute and cozy under that snowflake blanket - such a cute fella!