Thursday, December 15, 2022

I Like Thursday #328 Sleigh bells ring....

 Welcome to this week's list of likes!

glass and feather flamingo ornament
I love ornaments and put a few on the tree this year along with the stars and lights and crystals

cute sock monkey, gifted ornaments of cross stitch and beading

can you tell I really like whimsy plus color!

cow in a little antique quilt scrap

 I Like being able to shop at Dick Blick, save my art supply list for dh to get me for Christmas. I wanted some gouache watercolor paints, some special Daniel smith watercolor tubes, and paper.

Family Santa Hat
did you know about allfreecrochet with lots of free patterns?

I like doing Crochet, and saw this pattern on a blog this week, so Now I want to make all three of us santa hats to wear on walks. They probably need chin straps because not a day goes by with out powerful winds here trying to blow Milo's ears off  pattern source

 I love my recipe for minestrone soup.... we made a big pot and have lots left over for lunches this week. this time black eyed peas and tons of fresh veg went in with fresh garlic and ginger, and spaghetti, lentils, spices.

I found new recipes for cookies to try, and tried the lace cookies. From: cookies popular for 2022 both my lace cookies and the cherry cookies are in that link:

Well, the dough just melted into big sheets, so I covered half with melted chocolate, put the other half on that making the lace sandwich, then broke them apart like "cookie brittle" 

and then I broke them into small pieces!

 Tried another new to me one, cherry slice and bake.We made a half recipe which made plenty for having fresh and freezing enough for the Christmas cookie platter too.

Milo even got some new cookies to add to his chew toy at night, with applesauce and cranberries

Milo loves them

 Of course I changed the recipe.... our rice flour was out of date so I mixed oat and almond flour, and added in some cranberries for Christmas color! Hey we all need Christmas cookies!

I've finished quilting last year's christmas blocks in large sections and am currently putting the sections together into a bed sized is the center section, hopefully more pics on Saturday's creativity post

 reading by listening

finished the House at the end of Hope street.... magical, well written and interesting cast of characters. Love this author, and reader on audio books


listening now  goes back and forth between the story of a current day woman who's husband was just killed in a car accident, and a woman long ago who saw visions and advised the king....very cool


also listening tok.... written by a monk on how to enjoy your life and feel better....also on audio from the library


watching on tv  

I watvched the cutest show with Amy Pohler and Maya Rudolph called "Baking it" with 4 celebrities baking their traditional Holiday dishes. I loved it so much then found out the rest of the episodes will be shown only on Peacock.... grrr.... but since I get Peacock free with our cable, I'll watch all of them!

We finished up some series this week, sadly, including Survivor.... sorry Amazing Race and Survivor are both done. I liked all the final 3 on race, and was quite happy with the winners. No spoilers about either show, but I loved the winner of survivor too, from the 3rd show.

Now that so many good series are over for a while, I think we'll catch up on Agatha Raisin, Virgin River, Great British Baking show, Grace and Frankie, Mrs Maisel. We watched a few Netflix movies this weekend, and as always Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries has no lack of movies. 

Our prompt this week 

is favorite Christmas songs. What's not to like? I found these songs on youtube that have the cutest videos to go with them... enjoy

OMG so cute, every bit of the cartoon creatures are felted, song by Zooey Dechanel and Ingrid Michelson... very creative

Here's the cutest rendition of I'm dreaming of a white christmas

I just love this song so much....

 Milo's Moment

Milo: I have some ornaments.... that go with Cole's ornaments, and Chelsea's ornaments but I never met them I know Mama loved them. This one is felted and I'd chew it up but who wants an angry Mama? not me.... This week I liked the snow, 

whew, tired myself out!

I liked chasing Daddy around the table. When he tries to change directions I go around the outside chairs to get him going clockwise again. ! I liked my new cookies a lot, but would eat the whole container of them if Mama turned her back! 

 I like snuggling under my blanket on the big bed at night with my head on my special pillow!


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eileeninmd said...


Love your Christmas ornaments, especially the pink flamingo. The Santa hat is cute! Milo's cookies look yummy. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Take care, enjoy your day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your soup sounds yummy, and those kind of leftovers are my favorite lunches! Cute Christmas ornaments, too - I love those whimsical ones. This week's storm was crazy in how it skipped right over us up here. I'm not a big fan of the cold, gray, and windy days we're having right now. Milo's got the right idea - stay wrapped up in a quilt!

Susie H said...

OOPS! I forgot that some folks may not have seen Survivor finale and included a spoiler. I've got to get better at sharing ... or not sharing everything! Ha! The minestrone soup sounds good as do the cherry slice & bake cookies. I didn't see a recipe for the cookies but I'll google it up. I sometimes make Cherry Bars but not a lot of takers on that one. Some don't like the coconut in it. Maybe they'll enjoy your recipe better.

Kathleen said...

Oh, your ornaments are so much fun that you showed. I love seeing all the fabulous cooking you do, and now I want to bake too....but I would eat it all! Milo curled up in a ball on his pillow and with his blanket is the best thing ever!

grammajudyb said...

Such cute tree ornaments’ I love seeing your Christmas quilt on your sewing table. Minestrone soup yum! I need to try to make that! It’s my go-to soup to order from Olive Garden. I need to learn to make it at home.

Sara said...

Love your whimsical ornaments. I also have lots of whimsy on my Christmas tree - along with lots of crystal. My tree is an eclectic mix, and it makes me happy. We watched both Amazing Race and Survivor finales too, and agree with you about liking the all the finalists. Dave and I talked last night about how much this group of survivors seemed to like each other.

Eggs and butter are on my kitchen counter this morning to reach room temp. Then I plan to bake some spritz cookies while the blizzard goes on outside.

piecefulwendy said...

The flamingo ornament has me grinning - your tree looks all decked out with those lovely ornaments! I tried lace cookies years ago and couldn't get them to work. I need to do some baking, but I'm going to wait a bit longer so we don't eat them all before Christmas Eve! I enjoy going to Dick Blick and looking at all the art supplies!

Cloudia said...

Cookie brittle is very creative! Gosh, it looks like a magical Christmas at your place.

Sandee said...

We love soup too. When it's cold outside soup is so wonderful. Yours sounds very good.

I enjoyed your cookies. Yummy.

It's always good to see handsome Milo.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

Angela said...

Your ornaments are so cute!!

PaintedThread said...

I like the flamingo ornament. Ha! I like the "fix" you did for your cookies.

Angie said...

LeeAnna - that flamingo ornament is a stunner. Such delicate feathers. I never met a soup I didn't like - we had a vegie/chicken soup tonight with home-made bread. Perfect end to a day spent on the slopes. Your cranberry Christmas cookies made me think of biscotti. I turned to hubby and said "We haven't made biscotti for a while." He paused, and said "We?"

Sorry I published my blog before I knew about the prompt - it's tough to choose a favorite Christmas song - I am a huge fan of Pentatonix - maybe "Mary Did you Know?" would be my fave if I had to choose only one!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! Oh, that glass and feather flamingo ornament is just beautiful. It must make you smile each time you see it. Aww, Milo looks so sweet underneath his nice warm blanket. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Annie said...

I love your cookies so I'm there with Milo. Your soup looks yummy too....what a good cook you are.
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looks like you've been busy. Lovely decorations. I'm feeling hungry after reading about the cookies they sounds scrummy. I've been out today so a bit late getting back to Annies. Have a good weekend. Hugs Angela xXx

Helen said...

The cookie brittle??? Yes, please!

Miaismine said...

That flamingo ornament is so pretty! I’ve not seen one before! Such cute ornaments on your tree! I was able visit a Dick Blick in person and loved it – and I’m not even an artist! LOL! Yes, allfreecrochet is awesome!
How I love making soups in cooler weather! Yours looks delicious! You sure made lemonade out of lemons with the lace cookies!
I’ve never made Mia or Chico cookies! I’ll have to try them!
Beautiful quilt!
Such cute Christmas videos!
You certainly have a lot of neat Christmas going on in your home!

Michelle said...

Awww....Milo looks so comfy all cozied up.