Tuesday, June 7, 2022




There is an online challenge to create art daily... on an index card with a prompt and a weekly style

this week the style is pen/pencil/marker... a line making tool and today's prompt is "root" 

I drew my from seeing a pic online... just pen and ink (pigma .05) in black. 

On the back I wrote my thoughts on roots and realized we have very shallow roots here, almost forming them "in a pot" so we can pick up and go. 


New roots being formed

My roots are airborne roots, spread around the earth to women I admire, and love, share life with, who's talents I enjoy... spreading my tendrils so that I can hold on to them when we are all so distant.

thanks y'all

Tenacious Roots... growing in rocks

I'm finding that I can do this size art each day, while having coffee, before getting dressed.

 I can also write this much daily, like a tiny journal offering of the moment. I am noticing as I go along that my daily writings are more lyrical but also personal. I would not have thought of this format myself, but now love it. 

Old roots go deep
 I've had dairies but the space seemed so limiting, even as a young girl. Somehow this is just right because I write my thoughts on that word, and the day. 

so today the prompt prompted me to think about roots, and here I am sharing with you... thank you for reading my words, and seeing my art with kindness.



easyweimaraner said...

it reminds me of something good from childhood and our farm time... ;O)

Sara said...

I love that drawing - it's kind of complex and yet kind of simple. A good thought producing prompt too. My roots are pretty deep in this general part of the world, but not necessarily in this town or this house.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Love this - your drawing is great. I like all of your thoughts on roots, too. I pulled up roots when very young and left all that I knew to start roots in a place far, far away. No regrets and now my roots are healthy and multiplying. :) x K

Miaismine said...

You’re versus trying is beautiful. Interesting. Most of our plants are in the ground but I still keep a healthy supply of potted plants. Your soul is beautiful.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Love your drawing...great rendering. I thought you always drew. Root is an interesting word. Where my fraternal grandparents lived, Elliston, Newfoundland is now called the Root Cellar Capital of the world. They grew and stored their vegetables for the winter. When I stayed with them every summer I would be sent to their root cellar to get some vegetable or other. I didn't like it...dark and dank smelling. But the potatoes would get sweeter the longer they were kept. And now I admire that growing your own and storing up for the winter thing so much.
This was just one of my thoughts that the word root conjured up. Thanks for reminding me of happy memories today.

Lisca said...

I love your drawing of the beet and its roots. But most of all I like your little reflection on roots in the figurative sense. Isn't it wonderful to have roots (even virtual ones) all around the world. You are right I think in calling them tendril rather that roots. Tendrils can go anywhere and grow very long, linking us all together.
Have a lovely weekend,

Kathleen said...

Love this...drawing and meditation on the word. Thank you for sending your roots out to share with the world.