Saturday, May 7, 2022

sewing Saturday new to me techniques


Today's focus will be on fiber arts since I spent the better part of this week taking a workshop on  the Zen of stitch. There were 4 - 5 videos of lessons a day, only available 24 hours so it was not zen, it was a race to see and try it all.

I began to try all the stitching on all my samples if possible, to at least experience as much as possible. 

Above is my last project for the week, embroidery quilting. I turned my little object into a needle book

with a place to tuck some new needles

and am trying to decide whether to do a large stitch bold whip stitch on the edge or add beads with a blanket stitch...

We experienced things like free form improv needle turn applique

 I used a green leaf from the scrap box (green is RSC color this month) to try stitching, and adding raw fabric patches

Tried one of three shibori dyeing techniques, which I did with paint

poured the rest of the paint onto a scrap

finished shibori with green and brown

as always with any instruction, I tweak it to suit myself. For instance for the above piece, I didn't fastidiously measure, draw pen lines, hand stitch with special knots. I folded the square in half started hand stitching a half moon, then switched to a machine basting stitch to repeat across the fabric. I daubed brown paint on one side, turned it over and daubed green paint on the other, blue in corners and let it bake in the hot colorado sun (did I mention the temps are in the 90's here already?) 

we learned to weave on a piece of cardboard...not having the right supplies since we aren't given a supply list ahead of time, I used what I had, yarn

warp yarn
mid weave
my finished piece

and I'd forgotten how satisfying and calming just a tabby weave can be.This looks good on my other samples so I will see where it ends up. No worries as I learned a new technique

I practiced beaded flower embroidery, couching a thick thread by hand, button hole stitch done improv fashion, a yoyo mushroom on this piece of jeans leg.

becoming a purse

loved the white crosses
 meanwhile I was taking another workshop this week on creative practice, and she wanted us to think about what we want when we think of our own creative process...

It was hard to view and make all the lessons this week but I got through 99% of them and just hope they stick with me. I'm not showing all the work I made because I'll save the others for another day. All this computer time really strained my body, and took up much time and focus. 

as Michaelangelo said, "I am always learning" and being a craftsperson, making.

stay tuned for more!

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Turid said...

I love your little needle book. Looks like you learnt a lot.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun with those workshops! The needlework is a great way to make something out of what you made.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Wowza, LA! I like everything you tried and showed today. I’m going to try the weaving card this week.

Quilter Kathy said...

Amazing stitching! Sounds like the pace was a little frenetic!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Boy, that was a busy week, and a lot of techniques to try ;) Fun workshops, and you made lovely projects.
Thank you for sharing and linking up ;)

Sherrie said...

Love your creativity, you have some awesome pieces. I really like the Shibori piece...The art piece at the end of your piece is beautiful. Have a great day!

Kathleen said...

You are always learning and doing new and inspiring things. I love what you did. Too funny about the zen quilting not being so zen in that. you only had 24 hours…. I like classes you have forever….just in case something happens.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

what a great idea to use cardboard for a small weaving project. You have my creative mind spinning! Thanks for sharing all your lovely projects with Oh Scrap!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi LeeAnna, I'm glad that you got so much out of all of those courses. I only watched a few but made a cute little pouch. Your needle case is a great way to put your new techniques together!

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
That was a very creative and intense time !
All that effort looks super !
Thanks for sharing !
hugs, take care,

My name is Erika. said...

Funny how a class on the zen of sewing ended up being not very relaxing. But it looks like there were some cool techniques. I very much like the effect of the hand stitching, and I would love to read more about your shibori dyeing. I've played a bit with that, and the effects are great. Have a great week. hugs-Erika

sonja said...

i really like the Shibori piece. too! i love the surprise of what is revealed after unwrapping. be well

Angela said...

Wow! You were really busy!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

I'm thinking only 24 hours to watch several videos must have been really hard! Kudos to you for sticking to it and getting the most out of the lessons. The results are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.