Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Writings and Stories


Stay Curious

"stay" makes me think of being still, but curious is all movement. 

Our minds use curiosity to explore and grow and move forward. 

My curiosity often leads to art... the great "what if?" (what if I painted that? what if I tore the edge, then set it on fire? what if I sewed two colors next to each other? what if I added orange peel to that cake? )

curiosity leads to growth and knowledge... my poodle is immediately by my side if I look down at anything intently... sometimes insinuating his head between me and what I am viewing. 

connection is strong among the curious

curiosity... what do you see in the clouds? that tree's bark? as a child I played with my mothers junk jewelry and each one became a living entity that interacted with the others. A towel dropped on the floor made nooks and crannies for the jewelry to live in like a condo. I wrote stories, made up games, talked for my dolls, made up scenarios. I wanted to be Sally on the Dick Van Dyke show and be funny and write jokes with my pals. 

Curious.... I am curious to know about the people who gave birth to me and the families they probably went on to have... do I look like anyone? 

I will stay curious... it's a part of my life taken for granted for so long

even now I am curious as to will anyone read this and what do they think??? 

(written by LeeAnna Paylor for the poets and storyteller's link party prompt "stay Curious" )

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  1. I am delighted that you noticed the contrast between the two words! I plan to stay curious for as long as I possibly can too.

  2. I have been following the 10% Happier meditation app and one of the constant suggestions is to be curious about what is happening right now. What sensations are occurring in your body, what sounds are surrounding you, what smells do you sense?
    There are several parents in the neighborhood who regularly walk with their young children and they let the child stop and look and poke at things and talk to them about what they are seeing. It's wonderful to see them let the child 's curiosity determine the pace they are walking.
    Curiosity is such a part of creativity, too. What happens if I do this, if I place this fabric, shape, color here? Curiosity is a wonderful thing. It's too bad so many people abandon it as they hurry through their days.

  3. I wanted to write like Erma Brombeck when I was young. You can call me nosey or you can call me curious.

  4. I love that you list so many kinds of curiosity and creativity, and show such links between the two.

  5. Love this contrast of the two words "stay" and "curious". It enhances our understanding of curiosity when it is viewed in this way.

  6. I wanted to be a skit writer for variety shows. Curiosity is what makes an artist, that you definitely are.

  7. This is an interesting read. I love being curious, and it is so interesting how different people are curious about different things. Have a great weekend. hugs-Erika

  8. "Our minds use curiosity to explore and grow and move forward." I totally agree with that.

  9. Oh, do stay curious! For curiosity will lead you to places strange and wonder-filled, and nudge you to produce more art.