Saturday, May 21, 2022

creativity round up for the week


amid pieced blocks I added in an applique stem see?

This week has been full of art making and learning in many forms. I spent time in studio one working on the "growth" piece, as well as making a row (36" X 5" tall) of stems for the crocus piece. While sewing these I just look at contrast, use scraps which sometimes leads to 1/8th inch finished stems, color and line. 

I start with an idea, stems, and then let my artistic soul make the work. 

I watched several videos this week of interviews with Liz Gilbert and Ann Patchett, and jotted down quotes, but one statement resonated with me a lot. Liz admits to being very fearful, as am I (as are a lot of thinking creative smart women in America today) but says she has 1% more curiosity than fear so she creates. 

me too

I have a design wall that faces the door in my tiny studio sewing space, and see my latest projects as I walk in. This week I see two green works "growth" which has become approx 21" wide by 30" long by adding in tiny scraps one by one. The other "crocus" has become three long banners but I'm deciding how to join them. 

Both pieces made from throwaway sized scraps that to me are beautiful

see the little frogs? and that stripe?

I sew components together and put them on the wall, and often notice meaning showing up, as in the above section... to me it feels like a greenhouse, flowers and trees arounnd it, a path leading to it thru trees, the dab of red above the "Cyprus" tree finishes off the point, totally serendipity. A choice of botanical batik scraps fills in and leads the viewer to my intent, an organic piece about growth.

I realized I write, paint, cook, and sew in the same kind of additive process. If I notice while sewing an area will be short, I stop and sew in a piece (to bridge) and when I cook I taste and add in a seasoning or ingredient,  while writing I get it all down on paper, then go back and edit adding in, changing, or deleting words, while I paint I can amend a painting with ink

"FLY"  after a video by Louise Fletcher on being free with paint
as in the above painting, done as a lesson in being free with paint starting with no concept at all

I scribbled with neocolor 2 crayons, then brushed sideways with pure water on a wide flat brush which created an interesting strata. I went over with the stabilo chubby stick in black and water... then tombow markers and more water. stamp acrylic black with bubble wrap, scrape acrylic white paint with a palette knife, then at the end, add in small drawing of water lilies

It's too messy for my style but I learned what I liked doing, what I like seeing, and where to go next.

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15 Famous Quotes on Creativity » TwistedSifter

 around one painting, I added in a R. Henri quote, The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state where the art becomes inevitable. 

 yes,  my goal is to remain in a state of the possible, the "what if", all that area outside the box that holds possibility

on the other hand, DH brought me two shirts this week both of which had worn out collars. I cut one up for scraps, and saved the buttons, (16 of them!) . The other one is my favorite of his shirts
IZOD with just the right weight and color and preppiness

not wanting to let this go I thought, it's just the collar... heyyyyyy I love Irish collarless shirts what if I turned the color inward to cover the worn part, and stitched along the collar lining... and dang if that didn't work a charm. Simple and a look I love reminding me of the 1900's 

I took time out to make a monthly color block for the RSC


In recap I am taking advantage of a free workshop by a group called Messy May, with daily prompts for journaling. I started a free painting course with Louise Fletcher on Friday and that will go on for 5 days. I enjoyed listening to a brilliant author discuss creativity and overcoming life's obstacles (on youtube)

I drew countless zentangles of botanicals in my sketchbook, sewed, wrote articles, baked cakes and made dinners with ingredients to hand, and sewed for hours while listening to two books being read to me. 

It takes a lot of will power and activity  to overcome the bodily pain, the climate change to extreme heat and wildfires, the neighbors who all seem to have bought loud muscle cars and park them next to our bedroom window, the threats of gun violence and willingness of so many Americans to believe someone with a personal agenda for power,   over facts... the continuing threat of a virus that would kill me (and my allergy to the vaccine) The hate that surrounds me instead of finding the magic brought by diversity if only we could see it. I am doing my best to cope and feel at times misjudged because I get cranky and don't fit in to the  anti environment anti science people around me. Or invisible as I slowly fade away because I am an aging woman in America. 

I stand with those women who want to be treated with dignity, who want control over their bodies and to be respected for what we offer.  I feel so powerless so I turn inward and create art... for me. 

I hope you like it too.

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

1% more curiosity than fear - I like that! I always enjoy following your creative process. The crocus piece is looking really neat!

sonja said...

love the greens and purples a dancing together in cloth my head i... am painting'
becomes some thing else.. that is my fav Picasso quote

sonja said...

There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”

― Pablo Picasso

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Well done transforming that shirt ! Great idea !
The second photo, The blue piece in the middle....I spotted that blue eagle muppet character right away ! I had to go google...Sam Eagle or Sam the Eagle !
Love the art quotes :) and your creativity !
You don't stand alone ! Create art !
hugs, take care,

Frédérique said...

You are always a great source of inspiration, and creativity to me. Love the 1% ;) And I love your green pieces!
Thank you for sharing your art and thoughts, and linking up ❤

MissPat said...

Your artwork and quilting are always inspiring.
Looking at the map, it looks like you missed the worst of the snow that fell on the Denver area. What craziness - 90 degrees to accumulating snow in less than 24 hrs. I drove through numerous downpours and saw impressive amounts of lightning on my drive home from MI last night. Hairy ride, but I made it home by 10:15.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Enjoyed every bit of this post. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Sara said...

Blogger comments have been annoying lately for me too. They seem to work fine on my laptop, but when I try to use my iPad I get errors. I'm always intrigued by the layers of techniques you use and how beautifully the pieces end up.

Kathleen said...

I love the frayed collar fix...and remember those shirts well. Now I have an idea for the next one my husband discards!

Kaja said...

Your collar fix is an excellent idea, and one I am planning to copy. Your flower stems are so pretty and I love that you have mixed an applique stem in with the piecing -just a tiny detail in the whole piece, but the sort of thing you are so good at.

Ann said...

Clever idea for the collar. And it's lovely.

Angela said...

Yes, we creative women often deal with fear. I have somewhat learned to train my brain to go down the creative what if path, not the fearful one. Messy May sounds very interesting. I have been looking for a journal challenge to participate in but haven't been able to find something. I love how creative you have been!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You are so very creative. and the amazing projects you are working on are just so inspiring!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Hugs, dear friend. A creative soul is sensitive, which can be a plus (for creating) and a minus (for getting through the day). As another aging woman in America, I lift you up, as you lift me. Together we're invincible! Love your work and I found your description of creating and art so fascinating and lovely, like you. Thank you for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.