Thursday, May 26, 2022

I Like Thursday #298


welcome to my crazy world
 I'm not even going to start on the troubles in the world... instead welcome to this week's list of likes 

part of the Louise Fletcher workshop this week, I'm exploring abstract work:

including trying a portrait with unusual supplies and approaches...more on Saturday's creative post

Instagram's Favorite New Yorker Cartoons of 2021 | The New Yorker

 thank you to the friends I talked to this week, Cindy, Diane, Joy and for the first time the wonderful Kathleen at

I quilted this week but also repaired DH's torn jeans. I mended them with cut up denim, and lots of stitching, and re-hemmed them. Glad to do it honey.

After reading my post on how much I like games on AARP's site, this site sent me an invitation to visit...

and oh my gosh.... so many fun games, and I now go there when I want to escape. I love all the mahjong, the hidden pictures, the scramble words, just explore...

 Baking up a storm

peach blueberry cobbler
 we had some cool days after it went from 90's to snow last weekend, so we baked a lot of things and froze them. Okay we ate all of the peach/blueberry cobbler, and are eating the bran muffins, and quiche this week as temps head back up to 90 in the mile high. 

home made whole wheat bread becoming a veggie burger sandwich

 Our house holds heat, the ac doesn't cool the bedroom, it's always lots hotter in there because sun beats down on that side of the house all day long. So we don't use the oven more than is necessary when it's hot. 

on tv... so many shows are having finale's that I'm wondering what's left to enjoy on tv at night, so while I enjoyed all the shows this week, it's kind of sad...

 I already owned this book but like many on my art shelf, haven't really used it but now that I'm doing the Messy May prompts for May, have a renewed interest. I want to try many of the chapters

Collage, Paint, Draw: Explore Mixed Media Techniques and Materials by [Sue Pelletier]
see it here on amazon



 reading on ebook   I love this series by Ellie Alexander

listening to on audio books. It is so well read I recommend listening to it, as well as being an engrossing story


I've been painting and sewing a lot this week and watching video lessons as well as exploring on my own. Apparently even if I could take the vaccines, they are ineffective against current variants so I remain in seclusion. Sanity calls for diversions.  I take part in Kelly Blaser's free meditation/yoga/writing seminars free in May and first week of June (Sundays) and will be doing a free painting/drawing workshop starting in June. 

But for now, these videos made me happy

Here are a couple of them

are you a writer or a creative soul? I loved so much of this video, and wrote quotes in my calendar from it:


 a nanny's work is never done... we are all responsible for each other

I love this couple... I love swing dance and miss going to dances at Glen Echo in DC...

Milo's Moment

Milo: Mooooooommmmm! Don't show them that! 

Mama: sorry darling... I wanted to get a pic of the snow last weekend, when mercifully our temps went back to usual for a few days, and then noticed you! 

Milo: well, it's life and that's what we talk about here... I like that Daddy has my back when I'm occupied like this... but am worried about all this dandruff in my hairs!

Mama: oh you joker! you shook off that snow right after you came into the house, as usual. 

Milo: heh heh, don't you think that cooler weather deserves a fresh pumpkin oatmeal cookie? In fact, cookies for all my friends! 

Now sit, stay and visit these people to read what they liked this week

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Oh my, your bread and cobbler look yummy! I loved the dog and kitties video, too - so sweet. I haven't read Elizabeth Gilbert in a long time, but loved her then. I'll have to put that one on my list.

Sara said...

Baking when it's cold and snowy seems right. Whenever we had a snow day from school, I would get the urge to bake cookies or something yummy. I don't seem to get that urge these days. This spring has brought some crazy swings in weather. The derecho that hit the midwest 2 weeks ago today, just gave our area a little "brush", but hit hard 15 miles east of us.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

You are keeping busy, LeeAnna. Always enjoy your creative ventures and Milo's Moments. I watched that Elizabeth video a while ago and enjoyed it.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! Oh, that peach/blueberry cobbler looks delicious. When I was a kid, we always looked forward to the Colorado peaches and bought a crateful each August (I think). YUM!! I wonder if a reverse fan would help with the heat in your house. They have them in attics and they basically pull all the heat that rises naturally and sends it outside the house instead of the usual fan action. Oh goodness, those videos! I love the dog with the baby kitties - I wonder where the momma cat is?! And the dancing!! Fabulous. Milo and snow! WOWEE. I would have baked up a storm while it was so cool, too. {{Hugs}} a bunch. Take car. ~smile~ Roseanne

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Exploring abstract and all that baking looks great !
Snow photos in May ! I think I'll have a cup of hot cocoa !
hugs, take care,

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Thank you for keeping out minds away from the ills of the world. Your cobbler looks delicious! I always love seeing your projects. I do agree with Milo that cookies are in order!

Sherrie said...

Hi Lee Anna,
I love your drawings...that first one is really pretty. Your peach blueberry cobbler looks really yummy! Haven't read your books, but I'll be checking them out...they may go on my ever increasing TBR list. Tell Milo I didn't look at his picture very close..Have a great day!

Susie H said...

Good for you to not focus on the TX event. While horrible, there are still plenty of things to "like". I'm sorry you must quarantine but good health is definitely high on the "like list". Do you watch Survivor? I didn't care for the winner on the season finale Wednesday. Maybe I missed something!?!? haha. I hope you have a great week!

PaintedThread said...

I am totally hooked on Spider solitaire. Peach blueberry cobbler - such great tastes together! Snow!?!? That's nuts!

Kathleen said...

So many good loves and things going on here. Love your workshop pieces this week! Lincoln Lawyer is very good...finished too soon. I'm sad that so many of my shows are done, now to see what comes back in the summer season!

Angie said...

LeeAnna - we are in Grand Cayman, and it is hot! (Of course, we came for the heat, but I can't imagine turning on the oven right now ....) But your bread looks delicious. I will have to come back and watch your videos - I can always count on you to have some ready entertainment for me! Have a good weekend!

riitta k said...

You have always so much going on Leeanne! Your peach & blueberry baking must have been delicious. What a weather you have had! We have smaller fluctuations, rain yes but for god’s sake no snow!

Annie said...

You have been very busy this week. I love your artwork and your cooking looks really yummy. Milo, as always makes me smile...what a character.
Annie x

Sandra Walker said...

I saw on Diann's Instagram the snow! Yee-UCK! And then back up to 90s, wow, that's hard on a person's system. Baking is in order, yes! I've opened a new window with the solitaire site to check out, thank you. From what I hear here in Canada, the vaccines are definitely effective, and help so you don't get so ill you end up in ICU. Is the virus evolving? Yes, but researchers are constantly tweaking the vaccines and learning and evolving, and boosters (just like for our animals) are key. I am due for my 4th shot next week! I know you are not able to take the vaccine, and I totally understand, and feel for those like you, who end up isolated because of idiots who won't wear masks to protect those like you, as well as themselves, sigh.

Miaismine said...

I understand…the pain, anger and frustration can be overwhelming.
Your art (all of it) is so lovely! I’ve done a bit of experimenting, though my skills are more with needle and thread. I love how you are indeed not afraid of color!
Your cobbler looks delicious and your bread? Yummy! I finally made a decent bread in our bread machine!
If you like cozy mysteries, maybe you’d enjoy Ellery Adams’ Secret, Book, & Scone Society series?
It’s good to slowly catch up after such a long break, but fatigue remains my companion. I need to learn from our dogs and nap when I’m tired! 😊

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I apologize for being so late visiting from Friday Smiles, LeeAnna. My computer died after being hit by a lightening strike. I am finally back online.

Love your abstracts. I also love Louise Fletcher and her art.

I have a whole house AC, but added a room AC in the office to keep the computer (and me) cool in the summer. I don't bake, so no worries there.

SNOW? Yes, I remember seeing that you had snow. Poor Milo got caught in the act.