Thursday, November 18, 2021

I Like Thursday # 271

 welcome to this week's list of things I liked! 

 the weather has been nice, odd but nicely cool and mostly sunny. We have raging wildfires again here in Colorado, (in November is just weird) 

yep from 74 to a high of 39F  and headed back up
 my mums are holding on with some support, and for pete's sake we still need to water the grass and trees! Everything should have gone into hibernation by now here!! 

love the bright turquoise of our new sprinkler!
 Sara and I zoomed this week and what fun to reconnect with her. This is social media at it's finest, bringing people together that might never meet otherwise. Joy and I squeezed in a zoom around her appt's too,.. she really brings me joy! 

watching on TV

the good doctor, new amsterdam, some holiday baking shows on Food network, a good Hallmark movie last Saturday night, dancing with the stars... I like all of them but am impressed most with the Basketball player Iman who is learning so quickly the skill of ballroom, and has such a good attitude. 

not painting and barely sewing this week as my upper back is spasming a lot. Also had 3 migraines this week... so... there's always something to like right? large or small. 

on the kitchen front this week...

I tried a recipe for egg white quiche. I have trouble digesting eggs but seem to be able to handle egg whites better.,.. we had a carton of them, how convenient for baking and I wanted something different. Can't say I have made quiche since the 70's!! 

first onions, then mushrooms and spinach, cheese and egg mixture

those are mushrooms not meat
 we had a bag of fresh spinach, mushrooms and cheddar cheese, as well as a frozen pie shell, so that's what I used. OMG the scent of frying onions is great but then add mushrooms? Heavenly!  I tend to like savory food too so I added in some basil, paprika and dried garlic to the thyme. 

for the people who wanted to make a cherry loaf from last week's post, here is my OLD recipe from a baker who's name I no longer remember on PEI Canada

our coffee maker perished this week and luckily we had a spare, bought when the first thing on the old one broke, years ago. I can't stand waste so we continued to jolly it along for several years and other broken parts until finally gave out this week.

we hardly know what to do with one that doesn't have four broken parts and doesn't pee coffee all over the counter! But I'm thrilled to have a red one, they are hard to find (unless there is one on reserve in your hall closet that is)

I tried a recipe for yeast rolls with little to no kneading.,.. (see video recipe below)

  I had two older bananas... I had yeast and flour... I tried these (watch from here or youtube)

here are mine... not as pretty as I coated them in milk before baking but a delicate hint of banana, and quite good. I left  out the raisins on purpose.

Milo said they are very good despite having a hint of banana

wha?? there are bananas in there?

 reading:  on ebook


listening to audio books


 watching on youtube... dogs able to speak to us in English! watch

finally we learn what they want... hint outside and eat are pushed a lot!

what? what was that?

Milo's Moments

Milo: Bark. Barkbarkbarkbarkbark!!! Grrrr bark!

Mama: what's up repunzel? calling for rescue from this boring house? 

Milo: grrrr.... no I saw someone three houses down come out to fetch mail... grrrr

Mama: well thanks for letting me know. I jumped right out of my socks!

Milo: you're welcome. 

Milo: I like it being colder, makes wearing jimjams fun even outside! and snuggling into the big bed with my people is so cozy... hope all doggies have a human, they are good snugglers.

yea! for paw-rents

please visit these kind folks to see their lists for the week. Let me know if you wrote a post and I'll add your link in too!


rosie and the boys nature pics 


  1. your quiche is super and I LOVE the idea with the bananas... and if even Milo gives them a oof! then they must be really good...

  2. Bananas in a yeast dough! Interesting! I’m not a yeast dough maker normally. But those look like something I could do! Your quiche looks so yummy! I think I need to go make breakfast! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Your quiche had everything I like in it. Yum!! I haven't made quiche in ages, but always had to do a "half n half" arrangement of the tasty fillings before pouring the eggs over. My husband and I don't like the same things - like mushrooms. LOL

  4. We have a snuggling dog too...he starts the night on the bed with us but often gets down to the Murphy(Sigh) bed on the floor later on. I love quiche and make it often sometimes adding canned salmon to give us a little extra nutrition. That cherry loaf recipe is a keeper; you can't beat those old fashioned recipes for baked goods.

  5. Those rolls look amazing! I love bread! And thanks for the reading ideas...I love to read! Enjoy your week.

  6. Now that's a nice bunch of yummy food stuffs and Milo seemed to agree. That Copper is a real hoot. Hey Milo, you are one heck of a good Neighborhood Watch Dog! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. I love a quiche and frequently make frittata- a quiche without the crust. Easy after work meal. Thanks for linking up.

  8. "Doesnt pee coffee" - LOL - that made me laugh!!!
    I wonder if the weird weather is causing the body aches & migraines. I've been extra 'achy" too - probably getting used to the colder weather

  9. Oh the food. My stomach is growling now.

    I always love seeing Milo. He's most handsome.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  10. My mom makes quiche often. I don't make quiche as much as I make Frittata. I had to pull out Bobbin's jackets too. Getting chilly out there. LOL Doesn't pee coffee. I will admit to having a back up coffee maker or two. Um I have a lovely red one....!

  11. Your quiche and rolls sound yummy! I enjoyed The Paris Library - just recently finished it. Milo is pretty cute in his jammies!

  12. oh yummy food! I love the idea of using a fork as a cover to make that decoration with powdered sugar! Cracked my funny bone when the bananas were weighed- what I make Banana Muffins I just smash up two overly ripe bananas- but maybe with yeast one has to be more careful? Your quiche is a great recipe- delish with spinach and onion! Cheers!

  13. I loved The Paris Library. Let me know what you think! I'm sorry to hear you haven't felt well. I seem to get headaches in waves. I'll get them for awhile and then I'll be free of them until they start up again. The quiche looks great! I'll have to remember about the banana yeast rolls. Look delicious!

  14. Those banana rolls look good - and they look light and fluffy. Milo! I dig those threads. :-)

  15. LA - the sunset/sunrise/smoke haze is lovely!!! I haven't been watching DWTS - need to get back into it! I never met a quiche I didn't like! We are nursing our coffee maker at the moment - it takes an hour to brew a pot!!! We have a spare in the pantry, just in case! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Ha, I had a spare coffee maker in the closet too! I bought it when it was on special offer, just in case our current one would give the ghost. Then a friend of mine had hers broken and was desperate for a coffee maker, so I gave her ours and we got the new one out. ah well....
    I loved the Paris Library. Let me know what you think. It must be fun listening to it rather than reading. Do they speak with a French accent?
    Your rolls look delicious! And the quiche looks yummy. I love quiches and make them regularly. I make my own short crust pastry.
    Thanks for the cherry cake recipe. I had just bought a pot of cherries.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Keep smiling,

  17. Love the sky colors...they have been fabulous this fall here too. I love that you have an extra for your coffee maker. I am glad Milo liked the rolls! They look delicious. I would eat them all at once, so I don't bake too much. I do make a quiche - but crustless - so it is more of a fritatta. Red peppers and mushrooms are my go too - not too fussy for me. Happy weekend to you!

  18. The Paris Library will be published in Finnish next spring and I have added it to my TBR list! We have also Dancing with the Stars going on on the Finnish television. It is the highlight of my week, on Sundays. Now it is already semifinal stage and three couples are equally good. Exciting to see who are the best!

  19. Your quiche sounds wonderful. I never make them, but order them if they are on the menu.

    I drink coffee 24/7, so I can't live without mine. Glad you were able to get a coffee pot and it's red, too!

    Milo looks so spiffy in his cute "sweater."

  20. Your sunset photo is gorgeous - hope it's not because of the wildfires! I also hope the smoke isn't affecting your breathing! Here in Las Cruces we are also having weird temps. I'm still watering my grass and potted plants, too! Alas, even my poor peppers are still trying to produce! I love the cover of Nantucket Threads! Milo's sweater is so cute! I'm a day or more late and a dollar short, but here I am! Take good care!