Sunday, March 7, 2021

what do you love Spirit Sunday


 I love... 

I love people who love...  someone who has passion for music, the arts, writing, space travel, history, the earth or animals... well I want to be near them. When someone expresses the best parts of themselves I want to be near them and talk to them and hear their stories...

 When you love something that can contribute to humanity or life, it shows. 

I wondered why so many people these days want to believe in the worst... make things up to hate like believing in crazy wild stories with no basis in fact. They seem miserable and unhappy

Miserable because what they stand for is not love, it's hate at it's heart. 

I watched a video by Peter Gabriel Biko, that said “You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire. Once the flames begin to catch, the wind will blow it higher.” – Peter Gabriel, Biko

If we hold fast to a heart of love, of respect, of truth and each other we can circle the world 

I thought, what if all the people who "love" took center stage for a while...

I have many passions.... I love history and want to learn all I can about it. I love art and self expression... because I like people and understanding them. I love beauty, and see beauty in lovely people who look beautiful because who they are shows through to me. 

I love elephants, donkeys, horses, and animals who choose another species to be their best friend (kind of like cats choosing humans, lol) because they go by spirit not looks, they sense safety despite looks) 

I love words so I love writing and reading, plays and poems, musical lyrics that join with notes to raise me up.

I love dance, movement to music, dancing to express myself and watching others dance too. I like the touch involved in dance, and the light in people's eyes as they feel the beat. 

I love puzzles, all kinds of puzzles because I have a great need to put order to life, and to figure out how to create meaning from chaos.

I love safety and comfort.... growing up in my adoptive family I had money but no safety. 

I love nature and science... I love trees and clean water and air, I love a colorful garden and parkland

I love new things, new magazines, new sheets, new clothes, trying new foods, new tv shows but I equally like the old or known... I often return to restaurants to get something I know I liked, or want to watch shows with plots that develop over time, or hear songs from my youth in the 70's. 

I love my dog... who doesn't always do what I expect and makes me laugh. He has a need to hear me laugh,  but along with pleasing me he has a strong need for self expression.  Never with malice, always just a need to be who he is... 

I love being married, having a life partner I've known through many lives.  I love having someone who sees me with grace... knows I mean well and wants me to be happy. I want the same for him. 

I love being around people who seek to know and enjoy others without trying to control them. 

My friends


  1. We love you post and we do feel bad for those who make themselves so miserable.

  2. Beautiful post from a beautiful person. What the world needs now is Love, sweet, Love.

  3. love the love train!! some of my faV MUSIC ARTIST FLICKER BY like JACKSON BROWNe, YoYo Ma, John Cruz, Paula Abdul...

  4. LA - you are such a special soul. Life is too short to make ourselves miserable!

  5. Such a thoughtful and timely post, LeeAnna. It’s been a miserable 4-5 years and we all need a reset. Thanks.

  6. An inspiration, this positive post :)